9 May 2016

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Over the last ten years I've been to many gigs and seen just about everyone I've ever planned on seeing from my teenage years. From Biffy Clyro to Green Day, I am lucky enough to have seen those bands I've admired for many years and feel so satisfied knowing that I've been able to see them stand in front of me and perform. Today I thought I would share with you some of the gigs which are the most memorable to me and why, hopefully you relate to me on some of the bands and have seen them too! Let me know who was your most memorable band to see live.

Sum 41:
In February this year I finally got to fulfil one of the bands which helped me through my tough teenage years and that band was Sum 41, they hadn't toured in many years so when I saw they were headlining the Kerrang Tour I knew I had to go! I had been able to go to a gig for a few years due to my anxiety so the fact I was able to sit at the balcony of this gig it made it even more special for me. I even recorded them playing my favourite song which I won't forget. I wrote a separate post on my gig experience following this which you can read here.

Green Day:
This was a gig which I thought I would never have the chance to go to as the first day they went on sale they sold out within minutes, my best friend was going and I was gutted that I wasn't going as they were my favourite band growing up. It was only when my dad surprised me with the tickets a couple of months later and told me he was keeping them a secret, I realized I was able to see them after all of this time. They did the best performance I have seen any band do to date and it made me so happy to be able to see them live.

Good Charlotte:
Reliving my teenage years back in February of this year and finally getting to see Good Charlotte as they supported All Time Low, although they didn't play as many songs as I'd of hoped to have seen, it was still amazing to get so close to Joel Madden and it made so happy to hear them play the lifestyles of the rich and famous live!!

My Chemical Romance:
Back in 2011 I got to see the amazing MCR tour when they got back together with their latest album, although it wasn't the same as one of the Black Parade tours, it was still amazing. It was great to see Gerard Way and hear him talk about the band and see his amazing new red hair.

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  1. Great gigs. I was the Kerrang Tour and the same MCR show (I also did the Black Parade in full show). Green Day I saw when they played the O2 Arena a number of years back but Good Charlotte I have thus far missed out on. But I will definitely be heading to see them at Reading Festival! x

  2. Awesome set of bands there! I definitely need to go see some more bands this year
    Sarah x

  3. Sounds like you've had been really lucky to get tickets to some wonderful gigs! x

  4. Ahh I'm so sad I never got to see MCR! I saw Good Charlotte a few years ago and they were brilliant ♥
    Loved reading this post! :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours