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If you're in the UK you'll probably be aware that this weekend is a Bank Holiday and being the end of May most of us like to crack out the BBQ have some beers in the sun and enjoy the time off work. Today with the help of the amazing Ocean Finance I am bringing you a post on some recipes you can have come rain or shine (because you know in the UK BBQs usually end in rain...) and the recipes I am including will mostly be vegetarian. I think the key element to a BBQ is colour and also fun, whether that involves some bright coloured food, plates or just having a good time that's what BBQs are for and of course 'simple' food ideas. Today I'll bring you the recipes for you rainbow skewers, chunky pasta salad and orange fizz. All of them are simple and only take a matter of minutes to prepare! I hope you enjoy the recipes along with the gorgeous pictures (of my very student styled BBQ). 

Rainbow Skewers 
You will need:

  • Plenty of coloured veg- all coloured peppers, red onion
  • Meat (if wanted) Salmon or Chicken make good choices
  • Mushrooms and plenty of them
  • Skewers 
  • Seasoning- garlic and chill make a good option for this. 
Okay, so the idea behind this is it's simple and easy to create, whether you cook on the BBQ or in the oven these make really tasty veggies to accompany any main meal. If you are making them indoors you don't have to use the skewers you can simply pop them into a baking tray with garlic cloves and some olive oil and then you'll have another version. If you are looking to make these BBQ style follow the instructions below!

  • Cut up a load of chunky vegetables (easy enough right?)
  • This is optional but you can leave them in a bowl filled with oil and spices so they marinate and become extra tasty, or if you're in a hurry you can just cook them like this on the BBQ.
  • Pop them onto a skewer and take them out to the BBQ
  • Cook them on the BBQ by turning them over for about 5-7 minutes (meat will probably need longer than this)
  • Enjoy! Either on the stick or on a plate.  

Chunky Pasta Salad

You Will Need:

  • Peppers 
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce 
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Beetroot 
  • Pasta 
  • Mayonnaise
  • Salad Cream
  • Croutons

This is perfect for everyday lunches as well as an extra at a BBQ, for this you need pasta I can't really tell you how much as it depends on how much you plan on making but around 400g is a good amount for 5-6 people.

  • Let the pasta cook in a pan of salt water for around 10-20 minutes (dependant on the pasta) if possible cook the pasta waaaay in advance so it's cold and ready to go, also boil some hard boiled eggs and also let these cool. 
  • Cut up all of the veggies, keeping them big and chunky, perfect for this recipe. For the lettuce just cut it up like you would normally. 
  • Get a big bowl and stir the veggies into the dry cold pasta until mixed then add the egg which will have been cut into chunks similar the veggies. 
  • Finally, add lots of mayo and for every 3 spoons of mayo you use, add one of salad cream, it makes a totally amazing extra. 
  • Once stirred together, top the salad with some chunky croutons and you're ready to serve. 

Orange Fizz
This one is a non-alcoholic refreshing soft drink and should totally be served into the coolest rainbow glasses which you can get from Tiger! Along with the other colour items like plates and jugs, totally worth checking them out for all of your BBQ supplies!

You Will Need:

  • Fresh orange juice (either from the carton or can be made using fresh oranges and a blender!)
  • Lots and lots of ice
  • Lemonade 

  • To make this you need a massive jug (similar product here) and start by popping lots of ice in the jug and leaving it in the fridge to get extra cold.
  • Following this if you are making orange juice in the blender, I would recommend peeling some large oranges and popping them into the blender, if not you can crack open your cartons of juice and pop them into the blender also. 
  • Once your oranges are blended, add the ice from the jug and blend again! This makes it extra cold and gives it a bit of texture.
  • Following this add a 1/4 lemonade to 3/4 orange to get the best taste but of course you can play around with this dependant on what you have/want. 
  • Top with a little umbrella and you're good to go!

Thank you to the lovely Ocean Finance for working with me on this amazing post and I hope you're prepared to host an awesome BBQ this bank holiday!
Olivia Jade


  1. The looks so tasty! I'm really looking forward to the bank holiday :) Sophie x

  2. I am SO excited that we are due to have nice weather this weekend, so we can actually have a BBQ.

  3. see im rather excited for bbq season although im not a bbq fan i love the salads and jacket potatoes xx

  4. I am at a festival all weekend so I am hoping that it stays dry and nice weather. The veggie kebabs look yummy x

  5. I love summer BBQs, I hope the weather holds up for us this year. Veggie kebabs are my fave - especially with some halloumi.

  6. I love BBQ's but the weather here is awful, I can't wait to get heBBQ out and start eating out in the garden.