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If you can’t set off on a holiday or work trip without a stash of your favourite gadgets in tow, keep reading. Here, we take a look at three must-have accessories for all tech-loving travellers. Whether you’re gearing up for a summer getaway or preparing for a work journey, you’ll want to pack these extras.

1. Protective cases to guard your gadgets

It’s all too easy to drop or scratch your favourite tech, especially when you’re travelling. The best way to protect your beloved gadgets is to invest in high-quality cases. By choosing well-designed cases made from robust materials, you can avoid a whole host of tech-related troubles. You should be able to pick out the perfect products online. For example, you can visit specialist websites like Tuff-Luv to find Apple tablet cases and a range of other protective products that feature device fixing mechanisms. These cases, which are available in materials including leather, faux leather and tweed, hold your equipment in place and stop it getting scratched, scuffed and generally damaged.

2. A power bank

Whether you’re making calls, watching videos, taking photos or doing anything else on your phone or tablet, it’s easy to run the batteries down - and when you’re travelling, it can be tricky to find recharging points. By taking a power bank with you, you can ensure you don’t run out of juice while you’re on the move. There are a wide range of models to choose from in different shapes, sizes, capacities and prices. Ultra-capacity versions may be able to charge your phone 10 times or more, but it’s important to consider portability too. Especially if you want to pack light, it’s probably best to steer clear of bulky, heavy designs. 

3. Noise cancelling headphones

When you want to drown out chatter on public transport or quieten the sound of air conditioning systems on planes, noise cancelling headphones could be the answer. If you’ve got the room in your luggage, you could opt for luxurious on-ear designs, but if you’re short on space, there are plenty of compact in-ear versions to choose from too. These handy pieces of tech allow you to experience impressive sound quality at much lower volumes than regular earphones - helping to protect your hearing. As an added bonus, they can double us as earplugs if you want to get some rest.

Travel-friendly accessories like these can enhance your trip and help you make the most of your tech while you’re away from home.

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  1. I really love my noise cancelling headphones. They are perfect for the plane, I always find it noisy and then I can watch the films in peace.