13 April 2016

Why mental illness doesn't make you weak | Lets Talk

For the years in which I have suffered a Mental illness, I have always considered myself a weak person, a mentally weak person. The type which will cry at everything, not be able to handle stress and not being able to cope with anything that comes their way. At times yes this is the case, but when you start to deal with your illness you start to release you are actually a LOT stronger than you release you're not the weak person you once believe you were, in fact, you are the opposite. 

Being able to deal with things you never thought you'd be able to and being the person you want to be. I have struggled for a long time with self-confidence issues, hating everything that I did, hating myself and tearing my life apart from the inside out, and I realized that it was NOT the way to go about things. It's a take a long time, but the more I love myself the more I am able to function, I hate the idea of being seen as anything but strong for my mental illness. I have to deal with the added pressures on top of everyday life, with anxiety making me doubt every single thing in my life and depression making me want to give up and just cry a lot of the time or giving me little energy to do anything, and that is awful and it is hard to deal with. 

But the fact I manage to get out of bed a lot of times, make it into university and even sometimes have a social life and posting lots of new content on my blog, is something I am proud of, I feel amazed at myself for every single challenge which hits me, I fight back twice as hard and I feel proud of that and so should every single person dealing with a mental illness, although it's not physically draining like a lot of illnesses, it is by far the most taxing on my brain and takes away part of you as a person. If you are suffering from a mental illness, you need to remember you are not weak, you are one of the strongest people around and you should be damn proud of yourself. 

Mental illness does not = weak it equals strength, massive strength in fact and those who suffer with it, just like me should remember how powerful they really are and how strong and amazing you are to deal with such a big thing on a daily basis. Please don't doubt yourself and remember you are truly amazing and are doing the best you can!