11 April 2016

Top tips for finding a job | Lets Talk

It's no secret that I recently bagged myself a job that I am super excited to start next week, when I look for a job I spend hours upon hours searching for the jobs I want to apply for and then I set up a system of how I apply for them and it gets the job done. Nobody likes applying for jobs as it is a dull and long process but there are ways to make it a more positive experience that people actually want to do. I thought I would shared my tips with you for my ways to bag an interview with that perfect job, get your CV ready and lets go!

Find your website of choice: 
With SO many different job websites around it is about finding the one which works best for you, that way when you sign up you can turn on the job alerts and your inbox won't be clogged with the same jobs over and over. The websites list the jobs which are local to yourself and you can change the radius and also search what jobs suit yourself. I'd totally recommend Indeed they are the website I always go to as it's simple as easy to navigate around.

Join an agency: 
Agencies are amazing for the fact that when you give them your details they store them until something comes up which is suited to yourself and then help you get that job. Getting work through an agency can make the job search a hell of a lot easier! There are also a variety of agencies for different jobs, for those being interested in marketing, I love Spotlight Recruitment as they are purely a marketing agency. Submitting your CV or making a call and then you are ready to go, how easy is that?

Apply, apply apply: 
It sounds totally obvious I know, but so many people don't take the time to just apply to any job that they may be interested in, applying for one job and getting that one job are VERY unlikely so it is worth having others which float your boat and getting a range of interviews set up, that way if one doesn't work out you've got plenty more options.

Spruce up your CV:
When applying for a job make sure that your CV is up to date with no errors, often that is why people don't make it through the door. Poorly written CV's can be a massive turn off for the person recruiting and also if everything on your CV seems out of date. Make sure your latest work is at the top of your CV and also you have all the relevant information ready to go like your phone number, without that how are they going to get in touch?

I hope this post is somewhat helpful to you lot and if you need anymore tips do let me know!

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