Spring Staples | Fashion

In 2016 I promised I'd start featuring more food, travel and fashion and I am attempting to do more of each, I have a couple of other fashion posts lined up for you lovely lot but today I decided to bring you something I have never done on Dungarees & Donuts which is a clothing haul. I have to admit getting the clothes to stay for the photos was a nightmare, and I did purchase another item which is a denim jacket but I am keeping that away from the photos until I have done some finishing touches to it! My style is pretty simple and usually is black, grey or white with an occasional hint of pink and if I am feeling really spontaneous it can include a red dress! I went shopping with Fii and managed to get everything on my list clothes wise and I am super happy I did (p.s. Fii is a super duper enabler, but I love her for it!) So on to the bits I picked up, I have to say it is a bit of a small haul but I left a few items out as I didn't think they were worth showing.

 Jersey Dress £12.99 H&M
I fell in love with this dress and decided to swap it for another I was holding at the time, I love the waistline on this dress as I feel it makes it look better and it is like a tee with a skirt which is perfect for my style. I love the way it feels and how easy it is to style up and down, I plan on wearing this with some boots, tights and a gorgeous denim jacket or possibly my leather one dependant on the day. It's a perfect dress to chill in but also have a night out in, win for multi-use dresses. For only £12.99 I was pretty happy with this find and I would happily buy it in the other colours that they offer.

 Jacket £29.99 H&M
I've been looking for a green jacket for a while now and when Fii said she there was a nice one in H&M, I decided I had to seek it out. I was looking around the store and stopped this gorgeous lightweight jacket and Fii said that was the one she meant *great minds think alike* for jackets I only have a black leather one and a winter coat so I decided it was time to get ready for Spring, I love this jacket because it is easy to pull on over any outfit and looks great and is an amazing fit, so win all round I'd say.  

Pizza T-shirt £6.00 Primark 
When I saw this T-shirt I knew I had to get it, with my massive love for pizza and the cute simple design I wanted it in my life. It's great to wear with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket and easy to style also great for days around the house! Totally needed another t-shirt to add to my other 50 grey ones!  

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Tee £6.00 Primark 
I have brought a few Friends tees from Primark in the past but when I saw this one I knew I needed it, with lighter material and in a great colour I think it would be perfect to tuck into a skater skirt and make a cool new outfit or of course go classic with some jeans but I am totally going to style this one up and rock out my inner 90's. 

I hope you enjoyed my mini haul and let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this!