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Hi all, how are we? Today I thought I'd bring you something a little different, which is actually something fashion related. I decided to share with you a shop my style post and made some graphics of all of the pieces I would totally wear together. It's not your usual fashion post as it's not on trend, but it's made up of bits and bobs from everywhere from high street to online stores I fancied a bit of everything. Most of the things in these pictures I own or if I don't own them I own something similar, e.g. the earrings. I teamed up with the lovely Truffle Shuffle to bring you this post so a lot of the items are featured from Truffle Shuffle who if you haven't looked at before, their website is insane and features amazing things from Mean Girls to Disney! I hope you enjoy these outfits and I would love to know what you think of them. 

Pikachu Realness

Pikachu Tee is from Truffle Shuffle
Skater Skirt is from New Look 
Black Converse are from Schuh
Earrings are from Truffle Shuffle
Bag is from Jolly Chic

Fetch Fashion

Mean Girls Tee is from Truffle Shuffle
Jeans are from House Of Fraser 
Alice In Wonderland Bracelet is from Truffle Shuffle
1460 Boots are from Dr Martens 
Floozie Bag is from Debenhams 
Necklace is from Truffle Shuffle

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*Contains PR samples. 


  1. This was really cool, and I love seeing individual style that isn't necessarily expensive designer brand - it's more relatable in my opinion. I've recently been thinking about doing one of these and after seeing this, I think it's definitely on the cards at some point!


  2. Aaah I love that Jolly Chic bag and Mean Girls tee so much. There's literally a million Mean Girls quotes I would gladly wear on a T-Shirt!!

    Emma xx

  3. I've been wanting a Pikachu tee for a while, I really like this one and Doc Martens are my favourite footwear. Great picks! =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. I love these posts! That first outfit is so cute! x

  5. Anonymous18/4/16

    That first outfit with the Pikachu top is amazing! I love dressing quirky like that too, especially when I team a look up with my Adventure Time Dr Martens. :D

    I may have to pick up that Pikachu top veeeeery soon. :P