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I am slowly but surely becoming a HUGE fan of painting my nails and it doesn't even look like it was done by a five-year-old anymore *impressed face* and with my new skill means I need even more colours for my collection. I was kindly sent the Retro Revival collection from Essie and with the collection comes six relaunched beautiful colours. The idea behind the collection is to go back to where Essie first started and share some of their previous beautiful colours along with fitting in with celebrations. I decided I would share my thoughts about all six colours which of course meant to wear all six colours hence why this review has been a long (ish) time in the making. 

P.s. can I just say these bottles are adorable, love the little star details? 

Essie Retro Revival

Essie Retro Revival
L-R Bikini With A Martini, Starry Starry Night & Life Of The Party 

Bikini With A Martini:
I think Bikini with a Martini has to be one of my favourite shades of the collection if not my favourite, first off it's a pretty pink and of course I happen to love everything pink! Although the colour isn't as bright as it is in the bottle, it still makes a beautiful light pink shade. Perfect for wearing on the beach or when you want a more subtle nail look. It's perfect for adding glitter on top of as well if you fancy going a bit more 'out there' with your nails. 

Starry Starry Night:
I honestly love this shade SO much more than I thought I was going to, at first I assumed it was going to a bit of nail glitter but it turns out its a full-blown beautiful blue colour with glitter particles in the polish. When I applied it I was starstruck with the colour, it's amazing for wearing on a night or if you fancy something darker. I found out Starry starry night originally came out almost 20 years ago and they've brought it back, which I think is super cool as I would never of known about the colour otherwise. 

Life Of The Party:
A totally desirable red, not a dark or bright red but it is a perfect red all the same, it's definitely the perfect party shade as it looks so classy and the red just goes on so easily and has a long lasting power. I am in love with the shine this colour gives after it has been applied and I would happily wear this shade all year round. 

Essie Retro Revival
L-R Sequin Sash, Cabana Boy, Birthday Suit. 

Sequin Sash:
The colour Sequin Sash isn't one I would usually go for as it looks a little pale compared to my usual colours (bright and stand out) but I do really like it. More of a simplistic shade and it takes a few coats to build up the colour but all the same it does make a really pretty shade and I would totally wear this a job interview. Plus the glitter looks gorgeous within the colour.

Cabana Boy:
Again not usually a colour I would reach for, but I actually ADORE this shade it's probably high up there with Bikini with a Martini and together they look fabulous also, doing alternative nails. I love this for everyday wear as it looks elegant and pretty but not too in your face, I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good grey for their nails. 

Birthday Suit:
This shade wins the best name and had me smirking at the title. As you can tell from the bottle it is a nude shade hence why it goes so well with the name birthday suit, another colour I wouldn't usually reach for but its perfect for anyone who loves nude nails and although they're not really my thing I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for simple, beautiful looking nails. 

Which is your favourite shade? 

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