24 April 2016

NSW with Euroffice! | Lifestyle

If you didn't already know here at Dungarees & Donuts we are stationery mad, being in love with anything from notebooks to gorgeous coloured pens to post it notes. I love to write about and use stationery. I recently was asked to take part in a National Stationery Week post with the lovely Euroffice.  I previous written a post for NSW and if you fancy a little bit of a read of that, check it out here. If you didn't already know about National Stationery Week it is a whole week about promoting the use of picking up a pen and writing and remembering that 'old fashioned' methods of writing as just as important as the current day ones and it is such an important thing that the kids of today still learn how to write the same way we did and it to continue for many years. From the dates of the 25th of April to the 1st of May stationery week will commence which as well as promoting writing and all things stationery, there will be many fabulous offers on stationery so it's the perfect time to get buying.

I was kindly sent some bits and pieces from Euroffice and I love what was sent to me, along with a variety of pens I was also sent plenty of sticky notes (my faves) and other items like tape and notebooks. It's super fun to work with companies who share the same passion for stationery which I have. I have already taken to sticking notes everywhere in my room to help me remember what posts and university work I have due. I would love to know what your favourite piece of stationery is in the comments as it's always great to find out more about a person by finding out that info! 

If you are interested in taking part in the Euroffice competition which is all about How to write a poem with some amazing prizes to be won, follow the instructions on the website and good luck!

*In collaboration with Euroffice!