8 April 2016

My Glasses Collection | Fashion

For over a year now I have had to wear glasses everyday, I've always had to wear them but it only used to be when I was working on a computer or watching TV, but it is now all day everyday thing. When I first got told this I was excited as I knew I'd get to purchase a variety of different pairs for when I was wearing different things. I did think about buying contacts but for now I am okay with rocking the glasses and just like anything else in fashion you can match them up to your outfit. As I own too many pairs to feature in one post I thought I'd feature my favourite pairs and then possibly share some others with you in the future. 

My glasses collection

Specsavers Red: 
When I first purchased my glasses I went for a simple pair which were from Specsavers and they were their own brand. I went for these because the red is super standout and I love to wear glasses which create a statement, soon after buying them though I wasn't sure about the face shape so I don't wear them as often as the others but the colour is still gorgeous and I enjoy wearing them when I am wearing a lovely red lipstick. 

Specsavers Red

Karen Millen 34:
These were my second pair of glasses I invested in, I fell in love with the spikes on the frame and the beautiful pattern on the glasses. I love to wear these when I fancy something a little bit different and when I have my hair up as the spikes are on show that way. Karen Millen has some beautiful frames and some to suit all face shapes. Although these are a bit more circular than what I would usually go for I do adore these.

Karen Millen 34

Karen Millen 44:
The most simplistic pair that I own, but I decided to go for something a bit more low key. I love these because of how light they are and they are perfect for reading in bed or when you want something a bit less out there, for example at the gym. I still love these and they have a really cute pattern on the inside of the glasses and I love how these suit my face.

Karen Millen 44

Love Moschino 03: 
My newest pair of glasses are from Love Moschino and they are the most gorgeous frame I own too, with a mix of pink and black and a super cool shape which works perfectly with my face. I love the gold lettering on the glasses as it looks amazing. These are my go-to pair when it comes to picking up my glasses at the moment as I feel they are super girly and look fab!

Love Moschiono 03

Hilfger 52: 
First off how cool is that tartan frame? Another pair of red glasses but this time I think they are a lot better for my face shape as I know the previous red pair don't suit my face as well as these do. I love to wear these when I am going out at night as I think they are quite fabulous and are perfect for creating a statement, I love wearing a silver eyeshadow with these as it makes your eyes pop even more giving a perfect final touch. Another pair of lightweight glasses and a perfect addition to my collection.

Hilfger 52

Which are your favourite glasses? 

*Collaborative post