My first festival experience! | Lifestyle

Hi guys, I am in massive shock that in a matter of days it will be May, we will be a whole five months into the year. Although at the same time I am super excited about the fact that it will be May as it means it is quickly approaching festival season. I thought to kick of my festival season posts this year I would share with you my own first experience when heading off to a festival. So my first festival was Leeds Festival in 2012 and I decided to go for the day as it was very last minute, but I am glad I did. I have family that live near the festival so I decided to say with them instead of camping for this festival, I loved the line up of the Friday so I went for that day; the bands which we wanted to see included Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, All Time Low and The Gaslight anthem.

So the day was going amazingly well, we saw some of the smaller bands throughout the day which was amazing I found a new favourite Band of skulls and lots of others. I spent the day draining my money on different types of merch and food *oops* but it was so fun so I didn't really care. When it came to getting later on in the day and seeing some of the bigger bands, I got to touch the hand of Alex Gaskarth which I have forever fan girled about since.

When we were about to watch The Black Keys, we stood very near the front of the stage because we really liked them and they are known to be fun on stage so why not. That is when something bad happened, I was hit over the head with a huge two-litre bottle filled with something and I went seriously dizzy and wasn't able to stand up right anymore, so you guessed it I spent some of my first festival experience... in the medical tent. After an hour and a half they said I was good to go but as we were only staying for the day we decided to listen to Foo Fighters away from the crowd, then decided to head home. I ended up feeling ill for days, and although it affected my first festival experience it didn't put me off going back!

 Festivals are a fun and different way to listen to a variety of music and just have an amazing time to be honest and with so many popping up left right and centre you wonder where they get the generators to power all of the stages with those lights and sound! Overall I'd totally recommend going to Leeds Festival for a first one as it's so fun and very chill, p.s. you may not think it's a good idea, but it really is WEAR WELLIES. You will sink in the mud if you don't!

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