My Favourite Pokemon Characters #1 | Lifestyle

Something I don't think I have mentioned before much if at all on my blog is my love for Pokemon, ever since I was younger I have been in love with Pokemon. I used to collection cards and had a HUGE collection (until my mum put them in the bin) but about a year ago I ended up falling in with playing the games again and I went out and bought Omega Ruby and Pokemon Y which I completed pretty quickly but I still spend many hours shiny hunting and trying to complete my pokedex on Omega Ruby. So I thought it was time that I shared my love of Pokemon with you bloggers and hope at least some of my readers enjoy to read about my favourite characters!

Pokemon Favourites

1. Sylveon 
Sylveon is so beautiful, the character itself is an evolution of Eevee which are all pretty amazing. I love the girly nature about Sylveon as she is a beautiful pink colour and looks like she is wearing beautiful hair ribbons. In my collection I have a shiny and none shiny Sylveon and they're both adorable with a fabulous set of moves- to be honest I am in love with most fairy type Pokemon!

2. Bellossom 
A beautiful Pokemon which evolved from something not to so beautiful. I love Bellossom because of her beautiful hoola skirt and the way she is super floaty and usually has a good moves set. Bellossom starts an Oddish which is kinda cute then turns into a Gulpin (ew) and then into the beautiful Bellossom. I recently got a shiny Oddish and turned it into a pink shiny version of Bellossom yay!

3. Entei 
I have a weird reason why I like Entei as he is crazy different to the rest of the Pokemon I like, the reason I like him is because he was the first Pokemon I was wonder traded and it made him special to me. Although I still have my original level 100 Entei I now also have a shiny version which is just as cool, I love them both for their set of fire style moves and they're both kick ass for battles.

4. Shinx 
I've had a Shinx in my pokemon box for a long time and although I don't usually it to battle with, I do love having one in my party and I won't let it evolve I always keep it as Shinx as it's super adorable. The colours of Shinx are super pretty and it is always pulling a cute face, aw.

5. Keldeo
I had to try SO hard to Keldeo in Pokemon as it is a rare Pokemon but its unicorn like features I knew I had to have it. Keldeo is one of my favourite Pokemon in my team and I am currently levelling mine up to 100, I have taught her a lot of fairy like moves as well as a couple of TMs so she is pretty kick ass.

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