Catitude | Lifestyle

So I am hear today to bring you campaign #catitude which is all about dispelling the myth of the crazy cat lady and sharing how cool people with cats really are. If you know me you'll I have gorgeous cats of my own and would happily have more and more and more if I wasn't slightly allergic (okay so I am super allergic, but I want all of the cats okay?!) anybody I come across who has a cat or even mass amounts of cats is automatically cooler to me. I love cats and everything from their aura to their comforting cuddles when you're feeling down and the hilarious things they do.

Match recently did a survey for single cat owners in the UK, and found that majority of these people – especially women – felt that they might be judged negatively for owning a cat, mainly because of the "crazy cat lady" stereotype. And that's why Match launched #Catitude – to encourage people to feel confident about themselves, turning things which they aren't so confident with into something amazing that they love. Often having a lot of cats or just loving cats is referred to as crazy – especially if you're female - and weird as opposed to kind and loving, because to look after many cats you must have a lot of love inside of you. To be honest I actually think I prefer cats to humans as cats are fun, quirky and don't make you feel rubbish and they will always have time for you. What's not to love right? I have two adopted cats, Smudge and Jessie and I love them even more because of their traumatic pasts, especially Smudge who was abused as a young kitten, adopting cats makes me happy and makes me feel like you are giving them a new life of love and care, so of course this makes you a damn cool person.

I love cats and I think they're fabulous and I totally admire those with cats or even lots of cats. Having a home for animals is always a cool and amazing thing to do in my opinion.