6 things Vegetarians have to deal with! | Lifestyle

I've been a vegetarian for the majority of my life with a few breaks when I was in my teens but for the most part I've not eaten meat, for one reason I don't like meat, in fact I hate it. The taste, the smell, the texture and everything in between. Being a vegetarian and I am sure it is even worse for the Vegans out there, you get asked some weird and most of the time stupid things and also have weird things happen to you, I'll get to that in a minute. So I am super happy being a Vegetarian but us veggies aren't a different species and we aren't doing anything weird or depriving ourselves. Being a vegetarian is our choice and we don't need the weird stigma that comes with it.

First things first, I certainly do not miss meat, not in the slightest. Naming different types of meat that I am 'missing out' on isn't going to make me turn around and be like OH damn you're right, I must get some bacon now.. nope not even at all.

2.  Having a variety of meats shoved in your face:
Yep this actually happens, I understand you're enjoying your bacon sandwich but making loud noises as you eat it and then shove it my face so I can smell it does not make me want to eat it at all. So can you not put it in my face, thanks!

3. You're a vegetarian? I guess all you eat is vegetables!:
Come on guys, in 2016 do you think all vegetarians eat is just vegetables, or even better grass. The amount of times vegetarian food is referred to as go get some grass from outside, just isn't funny. There are plenty of meat substitutes around not just a plate of vegetables.

4. You must have the most boring meals without meat:
Funny enough, you can make super yummy meals without meat, either using a meat substitute or just something else, adding lots of flavorsome veggies into our meals makes them super tasty. We get burgers just like you meat eaters which are yummy and there is a huge variety.

5. Trying to be tempted to eat meat: 
No amount of talking from anyone or people letting me know what I am missing out will make me change my mind or any vegetarians for that matter. It's a life choice just like eating meat is.

There is nothing wrong with choosing to eat meat or not choosing to eat it, it doesn't make you weird or not normal or most importantly a weird hippie freak, where did that even come from? 

Don't get me wrong not all people who eat meat are like this at all, just some people and it's super annoying, I just thought I'd post this post as a bit of a joke/talk about what we vegetarians have to go through.


  1. Oh my god number 2 AAAALL THE TIME!! I am a vegetarian because I think meat is cruel, so please don't loudly chomp on your pig in front of me as if that's going to make it want to eat it more?!
    This is spot on haha!!

    Teri-May xx

  2. Number 2 happened to me so many times when I was at college I'm surprised I didn't ram the bacon down their throat. I don't know why people think it's appropriate to shove meat in a vegetarian's face but it'll earn you a slap from me.

    Raise The Waves

  3. Yes, so much! My answer to number one is well, I never liked bacon anyway. That usually shuts them up, because these kinds of people are shocked when someone doesn't like bacon. How can I not?! Ugh.