#BedMakeover with Bed Guru | Home

I was recently another fabulous and fun challenge from the lovely Bed Guru, this time I was set to give my bed some sort of a makeover and it can be any part of the bed. The idea behind the campaign is to share what a difference a change to your bed, Bed Guru recommend adding one of their amazing headboards to your bed to give it a bit of a makeover from a variety of colours and feels it's a worthwhile investment and when I move I will totally invest in one myself! With a budget I went on my way with an idea in mind of how I can make my bed feel so much better and refreshed, my idea was to add some amazing cushions to the bed and I had seen the perfect ones in Matalan. 

The pillows I had seen a few weeks before when shopping with my mum but I wasn't able to get them as they only had the & and neither of the other letters I wanted. I decided to get myself an O pillow and Luke L pillow for our sides of the bed. I would have bought a new bed cover if I hadn't purchased loads a few weeks ago. I am loving the look of the cushions with my bedding and it just makes the bed feel more relaxing and it looks great when you go to get into it at night as opposed to the boring old pillows which lay underneath. I can't wait to move as I plan on putting fairy lights around the bed and also having my own bedside table with a cute draw and a place to store my books! 

Thank you, Bed Guru, for another amazing challenge and if you missed the last one be sure to check it out within this post! Also, feel free to let me know any tips you have come across for making over your bed/room on a budget! 

My first festival experience! | Lifestyle

Hi guys, I am in massive shock that in a matter of days it will be May, we will be a whole five months into the year. Although at the same time I am super excited about the fact that it will be May as it means it is quickly approaching festival season. I thought to kick of my festival season posts this year I would share with you my own first experience when heading off to a festival. So my first festival was Leeds Festival in 2012 and I decided to go for the day as it was very last minute, but I am glad I did. I have family that live near the festival so I decided to say with them instead of camping for this festival, I loved the line up of the Friday so I went for that day; the bands which we wanted to see included Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, All Time Low and The Gaslight anthem.

So the day was going amazingly well, we saw some of the smaller bands throughout the day which was amazing I found a new favourite Band of skulls and lots of others. I spent the day draining my money on different types of merch and food *oops* but it was so fun so I didn't really care. When it came to getting later on in the day and seeing some of the bigger bands, I got to touch the hand of Alex Gaskarth which I have forever fan girled about since.

When we were about to watch The Black Keys, we stood very near the front of the stage because we really liked them and they are known to be fun on stage so why not. That is when something bad happened, I was hit over the head with a huge two-litre bottle filled with something and I went seriously dizzy and wasn't able to stand up right anymore, so you guessed it I spent some of my first festival experience... in the medical tent. After an hour and a half they said I was good to go but as we were only staying for the day we decided to listen to Foo Fighters away from the crowd, then decided to head home. I ended up feeling ill for days, and although it affected my first festival experience it didn't put me off going back!

 Festivals are a fun and different way to listen to a variety of music and just have an amazing time to be honest and with so many popping up left right and centre you wonder where they get the generators to power all of the stages with those lights and sound! Overall I'd totally recommend going to Leeds Festival for a first one as it's so fun and very chill, p.s. you may not think it's a good idea, but it really is WEAR WELLIES. You will sink in the mud if you don't!

*Collaborative Post 

Disney Films I Will Always Love! | Lifestyle

Hi guys, I hope you're all well? I recently did a part one of this post and it went down a storm so I thought I'd share with you 5 more of the Disney Films which will always have a special part in my heart, since I was younger Disney has been a part of my life and growing up nothing has changed I still love bright colours of Disney films along with their amazing stories and their fall in love with characters there's just something magical about them. If you fancy reading part one of this post then feel free by clicking here.

1. A Bugs Life: 
Growing up I was truly fascinated with this film and spent many of my days either watching the film itself of playing my game on the play station. I love the graphics as I felt they were so amazing for their time *film student alert*. I had Bugs Life stickers everywhere and was truly in love with Princess Atta and to be her was a dream of mine! The characters in the film are so loveable and you just want to help them on their journey.

2. Toy Story 3: 
I've recently re-watched this film and in my opinion it's so fabulous and although I don't think the character stories are as strong as they are in the first two, Stinky Pete will always be one haha! I love the way the films have advanced through the times and the way that Andy still has his toys throughout all of the years, although it makes me super sad when he wants to keep Woody and he ends up getting put in the giveaway bag. I like the introduction of new characters in this film although Lots-o bear turned out to be evil.

3. A Little Mermaid:
Of course this film had to make the list, I have always loved it so much and the characters still hold true to my heart. Ariel has the most beautiful hair ever, and I've always wanted to live as a mermaid after seeing this film. I love way her hair flows in the film as it looks amazing and again super advanced for the time- I think Flounder is one of my all time favourite Disney film characters and I now have him in Tsum Tsum form yay!

4. The Princess Diaries:
A bit of a different film from the rest on this list as it isn't animated but I love the Princess Diaries and Ann Hathaway has to be one of the best actresses to play Mia. Throughout the film she develops as a character from normal girl to princess of Ginovia, teenage dreams right there! If you haven't already I'd totally recommend reading the books too!

5. The Lion King:
Totally had to make this list, it's such a fabulous film and I remember it well from when I was younger, my favourite character has always been Timon, bit of a different choice from most but he was always so funny in the film and his character was just so well written he was a firm favourite. When growing up I had a toy of him and I wouldn't let it out of my sight!

Spring Staples | Fashion

In 2016 I promised I'd start featuring more food, travel and fashion and I am attempting to do more of each, I have a couple of other fashion posts lined up for you lovely lot but today I decided to bring you something I have never done on Dungarees & Donuts which is a clothing haul. I have to admit getting the clothes to stay for the photos was a nightmare, and I did purchase another item which is a denim jacket but I am keeping that away from the photos until I have done some finishing touches to it! My style is pretty simple and usually is black, grey or white with an occasional hint of pink and if I am feeling really spontaneous it can include a red dress! I went shopping with Fii and managed to get everything on my list clothes wise and I am super happy I did (p.s. Fii is a super duper enabler, but I love her for it!) So on to the bits I picked up, I have to say it is a bit of a small haul but I left a few items out as I didn't think they were worth showing.

 Jersey Dress £12.99 H&M
I fell in love with this dress and decided to swap it for another I was holding at the time, I love the waistline on this dress as I feel it makes it look better and it is like a tee with a skirt which is perfect for my style. I love the way it feels and how easy it is to style up and down, I plan on wearing this with some boots, tights and a gorgeous denim jacket or possibly my leather one dependant on the day. It's a perfect dress to chill in but also have a night out in, win for multi-use dresses. For only £12.99 I was pretty happy with this find and I would happily buy it in the other colours that they offer.

 Jacket £29.99 H&M
I've been looking for a green jacket for a while now and when Fii said she there was a nice one in H&M, I decided I had to seek it out. I was looking around the store and stopped this gorgeous lightweight jacket and Fii said that was the one she meant *great minds think alike* for jackets I only have a black leather one and a winter coat so I decided it was time to get ready for Spring, I love this jacket because it is easy to pull on over any outfit and looks great and is an amazing fit, so win all round I'd say.  

Pizza T-shirt £6.00 Primark 
When I saw this T-shirt I knew I had to get it, with my massive love for pizza and the cute simple design I wanted it in my life. It's great to wear with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket and easy to style also great for days around the house! Totally needed another t-shirt to add to my other 50 grey ones!  

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Tee £6.00 Primark 
I have brought a few Friends tees from Primark in the past but when I saw this one I knew I needed it, with lighter material and in a great colour I think it would be perfect to tuck into a skater skirt and make a cool new outfit or of course go classic with some jeans but I am totally going to style this one up and rock out my inner 90's. 

I hope you enjoyed my mini haul and let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this! 

NSW with Euroffice! | Lifestyle

If you didn't already know here at Dungarees & Donuts we are stationery mad, being in love with anything from notebooks to gorgeous coloured pens to post it notes. I love to write about and use stationery. I recently was asked to take part in a National Stationery Week post with the lovely Euroffice.  I previous written a post for NSW and if you fancy a little bit of a read of that, check it out here. If you didn't already know about National Stationery Week it is a whole week about promoting the use of picking up a pen and writing and remembering that 'old fashioned' methods of writing as just as important as the current day ones and it is such an important thing that the kids of today still learn how to write the same way we did and it to continue for many years. From the dates of the 25th of April to the 1st of May stationery week will commence which as well as promoting writing and all things stationery, there will be many fabulous offers on stationery so it's the perfect time to get buying.

I was kindly sent some bits and pieces from Euroffice and I love what was sent to me, along with a variety of pens I was also sent plenty of sticky notes (my faves) and other items like tape and notebooks. It's super fun to work with companies who share the same passion for stationery which I have. I have already taken to sticking notes everywhere in my room to help me remember what posts and university work I have due. I would love to know what your favourite piece of stationery is in the comments as it's always great to find out more about a person by finding out that info! 

If you are interested in taking part in the Euroffice competition which is all about How to write a poem with some amazing prizes to be won, follow the instructions on the website and good luck!

*In collaboration with Euroffice!

Bring the magic back with Chamilia | Lifestyle

I am one of those people who are all for the memories and keeping hold of the good times,  I love getting keepsakes to help me remember those good times and I love things that bring me back down to earth when I am not feeling that great in myself. I've been collecting charms on a Pandora bracelet for almost a year now and it's almost full to the brim with charms from family and friends which I adore having on my wrist as it reminds me of happier times. I was recently speaking to Chamilia who have a similarly styled bracelet to Pandora (but even cuter in my opinion) and they sent me some ADORABLE charms and even a super cute bracelet. From a variety of colours you can build your own perfect bracelets, but unlike other places, Chamilia offers Disney Charms *Squeals*.

Featuring everything from the Disney Princesses to classic Disney, Chamilia has it all and I think that this is the perfect way to build up some happiness in the form of a charm bracelet. I love mine because it reminds me of being younger and features some gorgeous charms from my favourite Disney characters *bet you can't guess mine* with a variety of different charms I love the idea of being able to build my own adult princess bracelet! Even more recently Chamilia has brought Frozen charms and bracelets to light, which I think is super cool and it's a way to express your love for your favourite movies without feeling like a child as these charms are the complete opposite. With the bracelet you feel classy and like they're something to show off and I love that! 

If you're thinking of starting your own charm bracelet and LOVE Disney as much as me I'd totally recommend going with Chamilia for gorgeous and fun charms which are totally eye-catching and keepsakes of those memories you want to remember. 

Who is your favourite Disney Character? 
*Pr Samples

Catitude | Lifestyle

So I am hear today to bring you campaign #catitude which is all about dispelling the myth of the crazy cat lady and sharing how cool people with cats really are. If you know me you'll I have gorgeous cats of my own and would happily have more and more and more if I wasn't slightly allergic (okay so I am super allergic, but I want all of the cats okay?!) anybody I come across who has a cat or even mass amounts of cats is automatically cooler to me. I love cats and everything from their aura to their comforting cuddles when you're feeling down and the hilarious things they do.

Match recently did a survey for single cat owners in the UK, and found that majority of these people – especially women – felt that they might be judged negatively for owning a cat, mainly because of the "crazy cat lady" stereotype. And that's why Match launched #Catitude – to encourage people to feel confident about themselves, turning things which they aren't so confident with into something amazing that they love. Often having a lot of cats or just loving cats is referred to as crazy – especially if you're female - and weird as opposed to kind and loving, because to look after many cats you must have a lot of love inside of you. To be honest I actually think I prefer cats to humans as cats are fun, quirky and don't make you feel rubbish and they will always have time for you. What's not to love right? I have two adopted cats, Smudge and Jessie and I love them even more because of their traumatic pasts, especially Smudge who was abused as a young kitten, adopting cats makes me happy and makes me feel like you are giving them a new life of love and care, so of course this makes you a damn cool person.

I love cats and I think they're fabulous and I totally admire those with cats or even lots of cats. Having a home for animals is always a cool and amazing thing to do in my opinion.

My Favourite Pokemon Characters #1 | Lifestyle

Something I don't think I have mentioned before much if at all on my blog is my love for Pokemon, ever since I was younger I have been in love with Pokemon. I used to collection cards and had a HUGE collection (until my mum put them in the bin) but about a year ago I ended up falling in with playing the games again and I went out and bought Omega Ruby and Pokemon Y which I completed pretty quickly but I still spend many hours shiny hunting and trying to complete my pokedex on Omega Ruby. So I thought it was time that I shared my love of Pokemon with you bloggers and hope at least some of my readers enjoy to read about my favourite characters!

Pokemon Favourites

1. Sylveon 
Sylveon is so beautiful, the character itself is an evolution of Eevee which are all pretty amazing. I love the girly nature about Sylveon as she is a beautiful pink colour and looks like she is wearing beautiful hair ribbons. In my collection I have a shiny and none shiny Sylveon and they're both adorable with a fabulous set of moves- to be honest I am in love with most fairy type Pokemon!

2. Bellossom 
A beautiful Pokemon which evolved from something not to so beautiful. I love Bellossom because of her beautiful hoola skirt and the way she is super floaty and usually has a good moves set. Bellossom starts an Oddish which is kinda cute then turns into a Gulpin (ew) and then into the beautiful Bellossom. I recently got a shiny Oddish and turned it into a pink shiny version of Bellossom yay!

3. Entei 
I have a weird reason why I like Entei as he is crazy different to the rest of the Pokemon I like, the reason I like him is because he was the first Pokemon I was wonder traded and it made him special to me. Although I still have my original level 100 Entei I now also have a shiny version which is just as cool, I love them both for their set of fire style moves and they're both kick ass for battles.

4. Shinx 
I've had a Shinx in my pokemon box for a long time and although I don't usually it to battle with, I do love having one in my party and I won't let it evolve I always keep it as Shinx as it's super adorable. The colours of Shinx are super pretty and it is always pulling a cute face, aw.

5. Keldeo
I had to try SO hard to Keldeo in Pokemon as it is a rare Pokemon but its unicorn like features I knew I had to have it. Keldeo is one of my favourite Pokemon in my team and I am currently levelling mine up to 100, I have taught her a lot of fairy like moves as well as a couple of TMs so she is pretty kick ass.

Would you like to see more Pokemon realted posts?  

Soap And Glory Skincare | Beauty

I've previously done a post on Soap and Glory make-up and it went down so well I decided to do another post based around Soap and Glory but this time on their skincare. For the price their skincare costs it's insanely good and I thought you might all enjoy a bit of a write up on the three products which I've been using as part of my everyday routine. I totally will be trying out more of their face products in the near future so if you fancy me writing about them do let me know. 

Soap and Glory Skincare

Dr Spot: 
With acne pretty much over both of my cheeks and almost constantly I thought I'd give Dr Spot a go and see what it would do for my skin. For £8 I thought it was worth a gamble on as most spot products cost around that anyways. Using this gel twice for two weeks I've seen great results, the first thing I noticed though was the redness in my spots had gone down dramatically from being seriously red to barely red at all. Dr Spot also took down the sore huge spots and although some of them are still there it totally took away the size of them and removed a lot of the smaller ones, another thing I noticed with this product is that it isn't too drying on the skin, I've found with a lot of spot creams is that they leave my skin sore and dry which almost isn't even worth using the product in the first place but I didn't find this with this product. The only thing I found was the initial stinging when applied but this is very normal as some spots can be open wounds and it is going to sting applying gel to them.

Soap and Glory Dr Spot

Speed Plump Moisturiser: 
This last year I've seriously gotten into my skin care and have gone from not doing anything to doing everything which has given me massive confidence in my skin and a lot happier skin too. I have been using a variety of moisturisers from Vichy to Simple and it's hard for me to find one that I get on with well, I often find them irritating my skin more than anything. This comes in at £13.00 a bottle so not super cheap but still a fairly reasonable price as I've paid up to £50.00 in the past, so this is cheap in comparison. The claims are to give you firmer and brighter skin and be fabulous base for makeup so I did test out these claims. After using it twice a day daily for two weeks I have started to see a difference in my skin, it feels softer and looks a lot more healthy which is fabulous for me, along with my massive increase of drinking water I feel a huge improvement. As far as the base goes I won't be giving up my trusty primer but it works to keep foundation in place for a while.

Soap and Glory Speed Pump

The Fab Pore: 
I am in love with this product, I have to say it. It works wonders on minimizing your pores especially those who suffer with large ones. It also helps to keep skin less oily and also helps get rid of those pesky spots AND is also a moisturising lotion! A lot for one product right? Costing £12.00 I think it's a great price for those products which are an alternative and cost way more. I am in love with the simplicity of the packaging as it makes you feel clean and also like the product is more expensive than what it is. I didn't notice as many results as the other two but as far as my pores go, they are a lot smaller and it looks a lot better.

Soap and Glory The Fab Pore

Shop My Style | Fashion

Hi all, how are we? Today I thought I'd bring you something a little different, which is actually something fashion related. I decided to share with you a shop my style post and made some graphics of all of the pieces I would totally wear together. It's not your usual fashion post as it's not on trend, but it's made up of bits and bobs from everywhere from high street to online stores I fancied a bit of everything. Most of the things in these pictures I own or if I don't own them I own something similar, e.g. the earrings. I teamed up with the lovely Truffle Shuffle to bring you this post so a lot of the items are featured from Truffle Shuffle who if you haven't looked at before, their website is insane and features amazing things from Mean Girls to Disney! I hope you enjoy these outfits and I would love to know what you think of them. 

Pikachu Realness

Pikachu Tee is from Truffle Shuffle
Skater Skirt is from New Look 
Black Converse are from Schuh
Earrings are from Truffle Shuffle
The bag is from Jolly Chic

Fetch Fashion

Mean Girls Tee is from Truffle Shuffle
Jeans are from House Of Fraser 
Alice In Wonderland Bracelet is from Truffle Shuffle
1460 Boots are from Dr Martens 
Floozie Bag is from Debenhams 
The necklace is from Truffle Shuffle

Would you like more of these posts? 

*Contains PR samples. 

Why mental illness doesn't make you weak | Lets Talk

For the years in which I have suffered a Mental illness, I have always considered myself a weak person, a mentally weak person. The type which will cry at everything, not be able to handle stress and not being able to cope with anything that comes their way. At times yes this is the case, but when you start to deal with your illness you start to release you are actually a LOT stronger than you release you're not the weak person you once believe you were, in fact, you are the opposite. 

Being able to deal with things you never thought you'd be able to and being the person you want to be. I have struggled for a long time with self-confidence issues, hating everything that I did, hating myself and tearing my life apart from the inside out, and I realized that it was NOT the way to go about things. It's a take a long time, but the more I love myself the more I am able to function, I hate the idea of being seen as anything but strong for my mental illness. I have to deal with the added pressures on top of everyday life, with anxiety making me doubt every single thing in my life and depression making me want to give up and just cry a lot of the time or giving me little energy to do anything, and that is awful and it is hard to deal with. 

But the fact I manage to get out of bed a lot of times, make it into university and even sometimes have a social life and posting lots of new content on my blog, is something I am proud of, I feel amazed at myself for every single challenge which hits me, I fight back twice as hard and I feel proud of that and so should every single person dealing with a mental illness, although it's not physically draining like a lot of illnesses, it is by far the most taxing on my brain and takes away part of you as a person. If you are suffering from a mental illness, you need to remember you are not weak, you are one of the strongest people around and you should be damn proud of yourself. 

Mental illness does not = weak it equals strength, massive strength in fact and those who suffer with it, just like me should remember how powerful they really are and how strong and amazing you are to deal with such a big thing on a daily basis. Please don't doubt yourself and remember you are truly amazing and are doing the best you can!

Brownie Batter Doughnuts with Krispy Kreme | Recipes

I was recently sent a little box of cookery tools from Krispy Kreme along with a doughnuts card to celebrate the launch of their limited edition Brownie Batter doughnuts! Krispy Kreme launch a variety of different limited edition doughnuts throughout the year and as you may have already guessed I have a bit of a fascination with Doughnuts (I named my blog after my love for them) and have wrote about them lots of times before if you fancy a little read about my love for Krispy Kreme *click here*. Back to the doughnuts, so they are inspired by Brownie Batter and Cookie Dough which funnily enough I love so when I was asked to try out the Doughnuts of course I said yes! I was totally not disappointed either, the brownie batter doughnut was chocolate heaven and inside and out was covered in chocolate mayhem (a little tip, warming the doughnut up in the microwave tastes even MORE tasty!) The cookie dough one is so beautiful and almost as good as cookie dough itself. 

I decided in spirit of the super cute tools and my craving for brownies that I would share my favourite recipe for creating beautiful brownies with you! If you make them do let me know as I would love to see your attempts. 

You Will Need: 
  • 200g of dark chocolate; any of your choice.
  • 175g of unsalted butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 250g of caster sugar
  • 75g of Plain Flower
  • 50g of white chocolate (optional) 
How To Make: 
  1. Preheat the oven at 190 degrees, and grab a deep fill tray around 20cm and cover in butter or greaseproof paper!
  2. Next you need to break up the chocolate into squares and melt the chocolate and the butter together either do this in a bowl over a pan of simmering water or in the microwave.
  3. In a separate bowl mix the sugar and eggs together until it is thick and then to add the chocolate mixture to the sugar and eggs and stir together.
  4. The next step is to add the the flower and fold into the mixture, following this you need to smash up the white chocolate into little chunks and stir into the mixture so it is evenly distributed.
  5. Pour into the tin evenly and cook for 25-30 minutes until they are firm on top and a little more soft underneath.
  6. Finally pop into the fridge to cool until they are complete cool and then use which ever shape you wish to make them into shapes. I would totally do hearts and stars as they look adorable! 

I hope you enjoyed this little baking recipe and also if you want to get your hands on the Krispy Kreme brownie batter doughnuts you have until the 17th of April! 

Top tips for finding a job | Lets Talk

It's no secret that I recently bagged myself a job that I am super excited to start next week, when I look for a job I spend hours upon hours searching for the jobs I want to apply for and then I set up a system of how I apply for them and it gets the job done. Nobody likes applying for jobs as it is a dull and long process but there are ways to make it a more positive experience that people actually want to do. I thought I would shared my tips with you for my ways to bag an interview with that perfect job, get your CV ready and lets go!

Find your website of choice: 
With SO many different job websites around it is about finding the one which works best for you, that way when you sign up you can turn on the job alerts and your inbox won't be clogged with the same jobs over and over. The websites list the jobs which are local to yourself and you can change the radius and also search what jobs suit yourself. I'd totally recommend Indeed they are the website I always go to as it's simple as easy to navigate around.

Join an agency: 
Agencies are amazing for the fact that when you give them your details they store them until something comes up which is suited to yourself and then help you get that job. Getting work through an agency can make the job search a hell of a lot easier! There are also a variety of agencies for different jobs, for those being interested in marketing, I love Spotlight Recruitment as they are purely a marketing agency. Submitting your CV or making a call and then you are ready to go, how easy is that?

Apply, apply apply: 
It sounds totally obvious I know, but so many people don't take the time to just apply to any job that they may be interested in, applying for one job and getting that one job are VERY unlikely so it is worth having others which float your boat and getting a range of interviews set up, that way if one doesn't work out you've got plenty more options.

Spruce up your CV:
When applying for a job make sure that your CV is up to date with no errors, often that is why people don't make it through the door. Poorly written CV's can be a massive turn off for the person recruiting and also if everything on your CV seems out of date. Make sure your latest work is at the top of your CV and also you have all the relevant information ready to go like your phone number, without that how are they going to get in touch?

I hope this post is somewhat helpful to you lot and if you need anymore tips do let me know!

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National Stationery Week #NSW | Lifestyle

National Stationery Week, a week where stationery lovers can share their love for stationery. ALL WEEK LONG. To be fair I constantly share my love for stationery upon social media whether that it is in the format of a pretty new notebook, my lovely planner or some coloured pens I am in love with all things stationery. You can find me browsing the isles of Paperchase for days and looking in just about every shop that sells stationery! The idea behind stationery week is to get more people talking about and using stationery to write and do other creative things with instead of emailing and writing on the computer. This is especially important for children in 2016 as the takeover technology has happened and not as many people feel the need to write by hand, if you want to know more about it check it the post about it here

 It's important to remember as an adult you can get beautiful pens and paper and other pieces of stationery to suit your style and I love having stationery on my desk and using it make notes when I am at university or when I am planning my blog posts. In a world full of technology it is important remember where we came from and that using things offline is equally as important. Of course NSS warranted a stationery haul, so here is some gorgeous bits and pieces which are perfect for Stationery Week.

Stationery Week

Coloured pens

Colourful pens

Sheaffer Pen

Kate Spade notes

National Stationery Week are also running a competition for blogger of the year and I would love it if you could vote for me HERE.

My Glasses Collection | Fashion

For over a year now I have had to wear glasses everyday, I've always had to wear them but it only used to be when I was working on a computer or watching TV, but it is now all day everyday thing. When I first got told this I was excited as I knew I'd get to purchase a variety of different pairs for when I was wearing different things. I did think about buying contacts but for now I am okay with rocking the glasses and just like anything else in fashion you can match them up to your outfit. As I own too many pairs to feature in one post I thought I'd feature my favourite pairs and then possibly share some others with you in the future. 

My glasses collection

Specsavers Red: 
When I first purchased my glasses I went for a simple pair which were from Specsavers and they were their own brand. I went for these because the red is super standout and I love to wear glasses which create a statement, soon after buying them though I wasn't sure about the face shape so I don't wear them as often as the others but the colour is still gorgeous and I enjoy wearing them when I am wearing a lovely red lipstick. 

Specsavers Red

Karen Millen 34:
These were my second pair of glasses I invested in, I fell in love with the spikes on the frame and the beautiful pattern on the glasses. I love to wear these when I fancy something a little bit different and when I have my hair up as the spikes are on show that way. Karen Millen has some beautiful frames and some to suit all face shapes. Although these are a bit more circular than what I would usually go for I do adore these.

Karen Millen 34

Karen Millen 44:
The most simplistic pair that I own, but I decided to go for something a bit more low key. I love these because of how light they are and they are perfect for reading in bed or when you want something a bit less out there, for example at the gym. I still love these and they have a really cute pattern on the inside of the glasses and I love how these suit my face.

Karen Millen 44

Love Moschino 03: 
My newest pair of glasses are from Love Moschino and they are the most gorgeous frame I own too, with a mix of pink and black and a super cool shape which works perfectly with my face. I love the gold lettering on the glasses as it looks amazing. These are my go-to pair when it comes to picking up my glasses at the moment as I feel they are super girly and look fab!

Love Moschiono 03

Hilfger 52: 
First off how cool is that tartan frame? Another pair of red glasses but this time I think they are a lot better for my face shape as I know the previous red pair don't suit my face as well as these do. I love to wear these when I am going out at night as I think they are quite fabulous and are perfect for creating a statement, I love wearing a silver eyeshadow with these as it makes your eyes pop even more giving a perfect final touch. Another pair of lightweight glasses and a perfect addition to my collection.

Hilfger 52

Which are your favourite glasses? 

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6 things Vegetarians have to deal with! | Lifestyle

I've been a vegetarian for the majority of my life with a few breaks when I was in my teens but for the most part I've not eaten meat, for one reason I don't like meat, in fact I hate it. The taste, the smell, the texture and everything in between. Being a vegetarian and I am sure it is even worse for the Vegans out there, you get asked some weird and most of the time stupid things and also have weird things happen to you, I'll get to that in a minute. So I am super happy being a Vegetarian but us veggies aren't a different species and we aren't doing anything weird or depriving ourselves. Being a vegetarian is our choice and we don't need the weird stigma that comes with it.

First things first, I certainly do not miss meat, not in the slightest. Naming different types of meat that I am 'missing out' on isn't going to make me turn around and be like OH damn you're right, I must get some bacon now.. nope not even at all.

2.  Having a variety of meats shoved in your face:
Yep this actually happens, I understand you're enjoying your bacon sandwich but making loud noises as you eat it and then shove it my face so I can smell it does not make me want to eat it at all. So can you not put it in my face, thanks!

3. You're a vegetarian? I guess all you eat is vegetables!:
Come on guys, in 2016 do you think all vegetarians eat is just vegetables, or even better grass. The amount of times vegetarian food is referred to as go get some grass from outside, just isn't funny. There are plenty of meat substitutes around not just a plate of vegetables.

4. You must have the most boring meals without meat:
Funny enough, you can make super yummy meals without meat, either using a meat substitute or just something else, adding lots of flavorsome veggies into our meals makes them super tasty. We get burgers just like you meat eaters which are yummy and there is a huge variety.

5. Trying to be tempted to eat meat: 
No amount of talking from anyone or people letting me know what I am missing out will make me change my mind or any vegetarians for that matter. It's a life choice just like eating meat is.

There is nothing wrong with choosing to eat meat or not choosing to eat it, it doesn't make you weird or not normal or most importantly a weird hippie freak, where did that even come from? 

Don't get me wrong not all people who eat meat are like this at all, just some people and it's super annoying, I just thought I'd post this post as a bit of a joke/talk about what we vegetarians have to go through.

Handmade Burger Grand Central Birmingham | Food

If you know Birmingham at all, or have recently visited you might be aware of their new Grand Central station which opened back in September full to the brim with new shops including John Lewis and MAC and also lots of exciting new restaurants and bars and it's given Birmingham the boost that it needed that's for sure, when visiting Birmingham a few weeks back I decided to treat Luke to visit Handmade Burger Co and I thought I'd give you guys a little review. If you are interested in any of my previous visits to Handmade burger you can read about them here and here.

Handmade Burger Co Menu

When we arrived at Handmade Burger Co we were instantly greeted and offered a choice of seats as it was the middle of the day it wasn't massively busy so I can't really comment on service during busier times but whilst I was there the waitress was super lovely and helpful. We have introduced the menu and shown what is new, the problem with Handmade Burger Co is there is TOO much choice and I can never decide what I want, but I guess that's a good thing as I am usually left with zero choice being a Vegetarian and a fussy one at that.

Handmade Burger Co Table

Handmade Burger Co Menus

I ordered a Cajun Burger which is what I usually order because I am bad at being adventurous, although this time it was NEARLY a goats cheese and pepper stack but at the last minute I changed my mind and Luke ordered the Mexican burger as he said he's never had one which hasn't disappointed so maybe this was the place to try. Me and Luke usually order two portions of chips and are usually way over faced with our huge burgers and chips so went with portion between us as they are generous servings. We decided to go for the Peri Peri chips, I do usually go for Cajun chips but fancied a change *bad error* my mouth was crazy on fire when I ate both at the same time, and I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to 'spicy' food so I was nearly crying and had 4 glasses of diet coke!!

The food apart from the spicy element was AMAZING, the chips always taste so good and you can tell they're made fresh, I love the Cajun burger as there is more to it than other vegetarian burgers as they make a thick pate and lots of salad in a fresh bun, I always top my burger with mozzarella as it gives it an extra bit of flavour and I am addicted to mozzarella! Luke also loved his beef Mexican burger and was a lot less phased by the spice compared to myself and said the nacho cheese was an amazing touch and he actually had a decent Mexican burger for once, yay.

Handmade Burger Co Cajun Burger

Handmade Burger Co Beef Mexican Burger

Handmade Burger Co Peri Peri Chips

Overall as per usual I was crazily satisfied with my meal at Handmade Burger Co and will of course be going back again next time I am in Brum. 

Retro Revival With Essie | Beauty

I am slowly but surely becoming a HUGE fan of painting my nails and it doesn't even look like it was done by a five-year-old anymore *impressed face* and with my new skill means I need even more colours for my collection. I was kindly sent the Retro Revival collection from Essie and with the collection comes six relaunched beautiful colours. The idea behind the collection is to go back to where Essie first started and share some of their previous beautiful colours along with fitting in with celebrations. I decided I would share my thoughts about all six colours which of course meant to wear all six colours hence why this review has been a long (ish) time in the making. 

P.s. can I just say these bottles are adorable, love the little star details? 

Essie Retro Revival

Essie Retro Revival
L-R Bikini With A Martini, Starry Starry Night & Life Of The Party 

Bikini With A Martini:
I think Bikini with a Martini has to be one of my favourite shades of the collection if not my favourite, first off it's a pretty pink and of course I happen to love everything pink! Although the colour isn't as bright as it is in the bottle, it still makes a beautiful light pink shade. Perfect for wearing on the beach or when you want a more subtle nail look. It's perfect for adding glitter on top of as well if you fancy going a bit more 'out there' with your nails. 

Starry Starry Night:
I honestly love this shade SO much more than I thought I was going to, at first I assumed it was going to a bit of nail glitter but it turns out its a full-blown beautiful blue colour with glitter particles in the polish. When I applied it I was starstruck with the colour, it's amazing for wearing on a night or if you fancy something darker. I found out Starry starry night originally came out almost 20 years ago and they've brought it back, which I think is super cool as I would never of known about the colour otherwise. 

Life Of The Party:
A totally desirable red, not a dark or bright red but it is a perfect red all the same, it's definitely the perfect party shade as it looks so classy and the red just goes on so easily and has a long lasting power. I am in love with the shine this colour gives after it has been applied and I would happily wear this shade all year round. 

Essie Retro Revival
L-R Sequin Sash, Cabana Boy, Birthday Suit. 

Sequin Sash:
The colour Sequin Sash isn't one I would usually go for as it looks a little pale compared to my usual colours (bright and stand out) but I do really like it. More of a simplistic shade and it takes a few coats to build up the colour but all the same it does make a really pretty shade and I would totally wear this a job interview. Plus the glitter looks gorgeous within the colour.

Cabana Boy:
Again not usually a colour I would reach for, but I actually ADORE this shade it's probably high up there with Bikini with a Martini and together they look fabulous also, doing alternative nails. I love this for everyday wear as it looks elegant and pretty but not too in your face, I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good grey for their nails. 

Birthday Suit:
This shade wins the best name and had me smirking at the title. As you can tell from the bottle it is a nude shade hence why it goes so well with the name birthday suit, another colour I wouldn't usually reach for but its perfect for anyone who loves nude nails and although they're not really my thing I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for simple, beautiful looking nails. 

Which is your favourite shade? 

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