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When recently at some gigs I had the inspiration for this post, I was sat on the balcony area of one gig and below me were so many happy fans of this band and the same with all around me, everyone was singing and dancing and there was just something amazing about being in that moment with those people. So much happiness around one thing and it's not often you are in a room with 2000 odd people who share a similar love to something as you do. Whilst in that moment you feel completely different like the world outside of that arena doesn't exist and it gives you a sense of freedom. It's been a few years since I've been able to attend gigs because of my anxiety so I thought I would take it easy by sitting on the balcony and I ended up having a better time than I ever thought. You are so close to those you sit in your bedroom listening to, and the band whom I saw was Sum 41, a band who haven't done a tour since I was 15 years old and I have wanted to see them ever since, and it finally happened. I felt insanely blessed to be a matter of meters away from Derek Wibbly and the rest of the band. Even one of the support acts who was Frank Carter climed up on the balcony so I was less than a metre away from him which was SO insane. 

Going to gigs was always the thing I spent my money on growing up, my friends would spend theirs on clothes and I'd be organizing my next gig whether it be a small gig or an arena tour if a band I loved were touring, I HAD TO GO! There was one time, my best friend got gig tickets to Green Day who of course I've loved my entire life and they sold out within a matter of minutes and I was SO gutted, until my dad came home one day and whipped out these two Green Day tickets which I had no idea he had even bought, that was one gig I will forever remember because it was so special to me. I've seen All Time Low and You Me At Six more times than I can count on both hands which is totally amazing as I've seen them grow from the smallest tours to sell out arenas which as a fan makes me insanely proud of them. 

On the 13th of February I was finally able to see a band I've wanted to see for SO long but they went on a hiatus, and I was gutted. But at 21 years of age I was finally able to fulfil that dream, knowing every song that they played along with being able to take the HUGE step and stand in the crowd, and although I had a panic attack and had to leave I did it, for that bit of time I overcame my anxiety and it was due to that band and the promise to be meters away from them.

Do you go to many gigs? 

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