23 March 2016

When brands/PRs do it right with bloggers | Lets Talk

It's been in recent months when I've seen an amazing amount of brands and PR's treating bloggers as they deserve to be treated, with payment and offering great campaigns to work on which to me always makes me happy as a blogger, there's nothing worse than being emailed 20 times a day asking to share something for free with a possible RT on their social media to 150 followers (that really happened).

Today I am talking about those brands who go out of their way to find out about your blog and email you with your actual name instead of  Donuts which is what I get a lot. So what I've thought about whilst running my own blog, if a PR emails you with respect, asking for your ideas, telling you about things they enjoy on their blog, then bloggers are more likely to work on projects with smaller/no budgets because the people actually put the time in to talking to you first and taking you seriously.

Co Op Twitter Tea Party
One of the boxes sent by the Co Op 

Previously I've worked with brands/PRs who I spent ages working on a post for, even for free in the past and then popping up the post, tweeting about it then you send the link to that person and they never reply. In my opinion that is bang out of order. Even if a PR doesn't have time to read your post a simple thank you wouldn't go a miss, respect should be a mutual thing and brands should totally take the time to thank you as it is a lot of work creating that perfect post, they don't just pop up on our bloggers all shiny and written up, we do that.

So on to the good stuff, I have a few PR companies who keep in touch, follow me on social media and give me fabulous feedback on each post I do for them, some examples of this are the Together Agency, Fetch Fm and Brands 2 Life. Without the lovely managers of the accounts there wouldn't any of this so I just wanted to put a special thank you in this post to Emma who has her own blog Emma's Blog who is always so lovely and makes me smile and another to the lovely Viki who I've been working with for a while now and she always sends over lovely feedback and comments.

Another shout out to a brand who I always find do it right are the Co Op, with their amazing surprise food packages with all of the thought gone into them, it always makes me smile when one arrives! The brand make sure that you receive your package and also put on fabulous Twitter chats, like the #TwitterTeaParty they did a few weeks back. Keep up the good work Co Op you are fab!

Remember treating bloggers with respect can go along way, but also remember we can't always work for free as sometimes we are earning our living from our blog and money makes the world go round!