28 March 2016

Updated MAC collection | Beauty

As some of you may know I am a HUGE fan of MAC lipsticks, so much prettiness and a huge variety of colours which all smell amazing. In the summer last year I did a MAC collection post which you can read here and although I am missing a few colours from my last collection *moving house meant misplaced makeup* I have managed to get my collection up to 14 (two came after I wrote this post, damn) but here is my most recent MAC collection and I hope you enjoy it. 

My MAC collection

The pretty pinks: 
These three pinks are super easy to wear, perfect for days at work or going out in the evening. Three very different shades with Vegas Vault, Plumful and Saint Germain, I love the shades because of the finish as much as the colour Lustre and Amplified leave a stunning shine on your lips and make the lipsticks appear to be extra glossy. If you fancy reading a review on Saint Germain you can here.

MAC pretty pinks

The Nudes: 
The two latest editions to my collection are nude colours, I decided it was time to see what the 'hype' was about and went for two colours in the shades Viva Glam II and Twig. I have heard lots of amazing things about Twig so I decided to go for it and it was a super choice as it's such a simple colour to pull of yet, looks insane. Secondly Viva Glam II although I've only wore this shade a few times I still think it's super pretty and although isn't bright like what I am used to it's perfect for those days when I am feeling 'no makeup'. Both of the lipstick finishes are Satin which means they are long lasting and give an opaque finish.

MAC the nudes

The stand-outs: 
My three favourite lipsticks from my collection, Up The Amp, Heroine and Royal Matte which are all known to be quite daring and out there, but I love those types of shades. Royal Matte being a blue matte shade (I've never worn blue before, but I freakin' love it!) Herione is a dark purple a perfect step into purple lipsticks as it's not too out there but still is beautiful and very purple. Finally Up The Amp which I feel is more of a light purple and is an amplified lipstick so totally different to the other two. Up The Amp is very pigmented and it lasts for hours upon my lips which makes me super in love with it. I will always reach for Herione if I don't know which other lipstick to wear as it always makes me feel fierce and fabulous.

MAC the stand out shades

The brights:  
The first MAC lipsticks I purchased were bright colours and I am super happy I have them in my collection although I can't wear them much at the moment as I feel they are more for spring I love them all and think they're perfect for those who love bright colours and pretty pinks. Starting with the colour Im-passioned a beautiful amplified pink shade perfect for those who are looking to make a statement and the lipstick is super long lasting so perfect for those nights out. Next is my first VIVA glam lipstick, in a bright pink and I was slightly swayed by the fact it was from Miley Cyrus a super pretty pink similar to Im-passioned with a similar finish too. Next is Candy Yum Yum, a perfect pink for those who prefer MAC shades, and although I am hit and miss with MAC I do enjoy this shade on occasion. The final lipstick of my brights collection which is pictured is girl about town, I've seen many people wear this and it looks fab so I went for it, another amplified shade which looks crazy beautiful on and lasts all day, one of my favourite pink shades. One that was photographed was Relentlessly Red and I decided to mention this one because it's a Retro Matte which is a different finish to all of the others pictured a Retro Matte lipstick is similar to the matte with it's drying power but it supposed to give you the look of 50's lipsticks and make you feel stunning.

The Brights from MAC lipsticks

What colours do I need next? 

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