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Hey lovelies, how are we all? It's been a while since I've brought you a list post so I thought I'd change that today, the post I am bringing you today is all about the things I'd do if I won the lottery, I love to do these types of posts as it makes you inspired to achieve your dreams and be able to get the things you want. I have done similar posts in the past but I have plenty of things I'd include in this list so hopefully you all enjoy reading it. I'd love to know in the comments what you would get/do if money was no object!

Get a new car:
Isn't this everyone's dream if they won the lottery? Go out and purchase one or maybe three new cars, and by new I mean brand new and they can be any car you've ever dreamed of and you can walk away with the brand new car without any finance agreements and that beauty is then yours! Yeah there's one little thing with that when it comes to myself, I need a license first..

Buy a huge house:
Of course this is the dream, a Pinterest worthy house with white surfaces, huge rooms and lots of storage space as well as 4 bathrooms and a walk in wardrobe.. now I really am dreaming. But it would be a fabulous dream, I'd also buy my family houses too as they totally deserve it. I totally haven't already planned this out on Pinterest or anything.

Get invisalign on my teeth: 
A bit of a different one for you, but if you know me well you'll know that I had braces for many years and you're probably wondering why I now want invisalign right? Well after I had my braces off and was told to wear my retainer for many years to come, I didn't listen and now my bottom teeth have returned to their original state. So if I'd won the lottery I'd totally invest in my teeth and I already know the place I would get it done because I've heard so many great things about Hampstead Orthodontist. Who doesn't want the perfect white and straight smile?

Donate to lots of charities: 
I am one of those people who is forever wanting to sign up to all of charities around, from cats to giving money to homeless people or helping those in need. I honestly feel so upset and often end up in tears because I want to do more to help and I can't afford to. This would be one of my first tasks as a billionaire.

Share the love with my friends and family:
I'd love to be able to spoil my friends and family with gifts and helping them out of the debts, it would be an amazing thing to do. Because they've all helped me out so much in my life I would love to repay the favour and help them out back!

All of the make-up, clothes, bags and shoes:
This is probably most bloggers dreams, getting any bags you want and get tons and tons of pairs of shoes along with the amount of beautiful make-up you could buy. The best part is you can invest in designer which would be so cool!

Go on many holidays: 
Who wouldn't do this if they won the lottery? I'd love to do this- I could totally deal with many holidays to America uh hello Disney land and I of course would take my friends and family too.

Start a business: 
This would be a total dream, to be my own boss and I could set up my own social media agency with amazing talent and fabulous offices and be able to create the best website. Yeah ... I'm thinking a bit ahead of myself right?

I would love to know what you would buy! 
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