#SleepNiceBeNice With Bed Guru | Lifestyle

A couple of weeks back I was asked if I wanted to take part in an AMAZING campaign which was being run by the lovely Bed Guru. The idea behind the campaign was to participate in getting more sleep because more sleep equals better mood, therefore, nicer, I am always trying to go out of my way to be nicer to people so I thought this would be the perfect challenge to take part in. Along with the brief I was sent some gift vouchers to help be nicer to people along the way. Now I am here to tell you what I managed to achieve with more sleep and how being nicer costs nothing and can make someone feel a lot happier.

My first challenge was getting my sleeping pattern sorted out, I love to sleep a lot but I can often find myself going to bed late at night like 2am and then not waking up til 11am or even 12pm, which is a total waste of a day. It took a few days to manage to be able to sleep at a reasonable time and I still found waking up early at first but it became a habit after a few days. Next, I took to Twitter to share some positive thoughts with others, whether I know them or not I decided to compliment people with the hashtag #BeNicer the idea being it links with the campaign and also helps others to be nicer. I set a challenge to my fellow tweeters to take the challenge to send three nice tweets to people they've not spoken to and I believe some others took the challenge. Like I said earlier in the post it takes nothing to be nice to others, I spent a good few hours sending lots of lovely messages to others and I hope I managed to make their day a bit better.

Next, I treated my boyfriend to a Starbucks, he is always at work so when he gets time off I like to treat him, I thought it would be a nice to treat to sit down and have a bit of a chat and a lovely coffee to go alongside. He really appreciated the treat and it was nice to spend some time together!


Other nice things I decided to do include taking my friend out for a Nandos, it was so fun and we got to have a proper catch-up, although I have now decided I will never get my burger medium spicy again- I was almost crying! I also aimed to complement and smile at lots of random strangers in my town, although I probably looked creepy to some of them most of them appriciated the sentiment which made me feel better. I also took another friend out for food on a different day which I know she really enjoyed. My final good deed is still to come as I plan to use my last voucher to take my mum to see a film she really wants to see but she hasn't had a day off work yet. The #SleepNiceBeNice is one of my favourite campaigns I have taken part in and I want to thank Bed Guru again for giving me this chance and reminding me how easy it is to be nice.