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It's Wednesday which means it's hump day and also my weekly chat with you guys, if you don't already know this for about a year now on Wednesdays I use it as a today to talk to you guys whether it just be lengthy post or something about an important issue you'll find it on Wednesdays in the past I have spoke about the misconceptions of sexual abuse, idolization .v.s. obsession and lots of other things and I find it useful for myself and also my audience love reading the posts as I break down common misconceptions and help people to understand things better *my twitter poll said so*. With all that said today I am going to write a bit of a different post and hope you enjoy the style, I am going to state first that I am not meaning to be offensive and that I don't mean everybody who goes to the gym does this. Without further ado, today's post is: people I don't understand at the gym.

The ones who wear a face full of makeup: 
First point, I totally understand people come from places with makeup already on, and I understand that and I am totally not talking about those people. I am talking about the ones who you see in the changing rooms applying lipstick, doing their eyebrows, foundation and then going to work out. Doesn't it just end up all over yourself when you sweat? 

People who stand in huge groups: 
It's super awkward when you want to use a machine or the machine next to someone when a group of around 6 lads is stood around it talking and admiring the 'birds' at the gym (I heard that said) and half of the time they are not even working out they're just standing around. 

Men who think the weights are just for them: 
Please tell me this happens at other gyms? When I go in the weights section without my boyfriend I get some weird looks like what is she doing here?! From the guys and they often point and stare which is totally rude, I can want to work my arms and legs out without getting stared at!

Those who go the gym to pull: 
I thought the gym was a place to work out put apparently it is a place to pull? I was speaking to my friend who said her cousin only goes to the gym to give boys her number, which seems like a waste of money if I ever heard of one plus when I go to the gym I end up a sweaty gross mess and nobody wants to pull that!

That person who is ALWAYS on their phone: 
Whilst working out you can always that person who is just stood chatting on their phone REALLY loud, why do people even need to have a full length conversation in the middle of a busy gym i'll never know. 

I hope this post was a good laugh as that was what it was intended for! 


  1. Oh noooo! I'm hoping to start the gym soon but the thought of people staring at me or not being able to get on the machines I need because of big groups freaks me out! I think I will stay in classes until I'm a bit more confident.

  2. The gym I went to sounds totally different from yours! People just got on with what they needed to do and left! You got the occasional hogging of one of the machines, but that was about it. I agree about the whole make up thing - what on earth is the point!?

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