2 March 2016

My Trip To London | Travel

Hi all, I hope you're having a fabulous day! Today I am bringing you a post from my recent trip to London (dependant on when you're reading this post, depends how recent the trip was) I tried to take as many pictures as I could because I always find London super overwhelming but I love reading posts with lots of pictures so I thought I'd do that for you guys, if you hate picture heavy posts this one might not be for you! The lovely people at Ocean Finance provided me with £50 to have a chill out so I decided I would use the money on making my London trip as enjoyable as possible, spending the money on shopping and a meal out. If you fancy reading more about my trip keep reading below.  

First stop in London was to an Eds just outside of Euston as we were both super hungry and then the next stop was to my boyfriends mums house in East London where we were staying, and we visited his family throughout the day, before we decided to get Takeaway in the evening where I was AMAZED by the number of choices on Just Eat being from a small town where Just Eat is made up of 6 places it was cool to have so much choice. We had a pretty chill night on our first evening saving our energy for the second day, which we had a day full of shopping and other fun stuff.

On the second day, we first went to Tottenham court road to visit their amazing Primark which I've heard good things about and I was not disappointed, spending a huge chunk of money literally 10 minutes after arriving. Following this we took a wander down to Oxford Street and spent many hours there, shopping and more shopping oh and having a cake stop and a bit of a munch. After this we went to M&M world, and I, of course, bought lots of M&Ms. Following this I met the lovely Vix from Vix Meldrew and I left my boyfriend and we went off for cocktails, we had 2 for 1 cocktail for a few hours and chatted about all things blogging, makeup and boys which was great. I've been chatting to Vix for a long time so it was great to finally put a face to the name. Following this me and Vix met Lalia from Tape Parade who is also super duper lovely and exactly how I imagined her and we went down to Convent Garden for a bite to eat in The Diner. The whole night was full of giggles, and lots of chatting and a couple of milkshakes too. I had the most beautiful veggie hotdog and a stack of pancakes! 

On the final day before we went home we visited Camden Town via an Uber and I ended up in MAC along with lots of other cute shops and markets, I had such a great time in Camden as I've been many times before I kind of know my way around, we had a bite to eat and then got the tube back to Euston before getting our two hour train journey home. I had so much fun in London and I hope you had just as much fun reading about it, now for the pictures! 

Dunkin Donuts

The Little One

American Sweets Heaven



Lush Oxford Street

Lush Oxford Street

The Train Driver

M&M World

Cocktails in The Slug And Lettuce

Hot dog in the diner

Lalia and Liv

Lalia Liv Vix

Camden Cereal Cafe