Having Easter Fun | Lifestyle

My favourite thing about Easter is the fact that it brings families together for that one day, similar to Christmas but less about giving and receiving and more about having a good day. The perfect thing about Easter is the fact that you get spend the day chilling, eating and most importantly with your family, yay! I decided to bring you a post which is all about the fun things you can do on Easter and the best part is that they are all within your own home, even better right?

Film day:
A film day is always the perfect way to have a chilled out day and turn your front room into with lots of goodies like popcorn, make your movie day even better by watching films on a new Panasonic 4k TV, with a beautiful bright picture and even better for that cinema effect. I'd recommend spending the day watching some fabulous chick flicks or even some films which involve Easter or even bunnies (my favourite animals, woo) some suggestions for your film day could be:
  • Hop (how cute is this film!)
  • One of the Peter Rabbit films (or all of them if you fancy!)
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory (hello chocolate overload)
  • Or even a newer film: Pieces of Easter (well worth checking out)
I love baking around or on Easter as there are so many amazing recipes for you to make, from chocolate crispy nets to an Easter styled cake there are so many fun and creative ones to make. If you get too much chocolate you can even get creative with that and make something chocolate related. Good Food has a fabulous selection recipe for you to pick from. 

Egg Hunt:
This has got to be the best part of Easter right? I may be twenty-one but I am NEVER too old for an Easter egg hunt, it's all the fun of finding the chocolate and then even more fun to eat the chocolate. I've seen so many kits around full of little eggs perfect for hunts. 

I am so obsessed with craft at the moment, I can't stop going into Hobbycraft for all of the perfect Easter essentials along with items for my scrapbook, before Easter an awesome idea is to stock up on fun craft things and spend the day creating lots of cute things, or even create your own Easter memory book! 

I hope these ideas help and I would love to know how you are going to spend your Easter!

* A collaborative post