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When it comes to drinking I am always the one who drinks the cocktails and the bright coloured alcohol, my friends are more beer and cider drinkers but not me, I love mixing drinks and making them look 'pretty' and fun! I was recently challenged by the lovely people at Corky's to get mixing my own drinks and make some funky cocktails of my own. For this challenge, I was sent a variety of flavours and colours to try out. In 2015 Corky's brought out a super cool edible glitter range on top of their original range which I love as it's super fun and makes your drinks look pretty. Each of their bottles are 15% and they are big enough and value for money perfect for a girls night in or you can get them out and about in the clubs. As fun as the bottles of Corky's look, it is important to remember to drink responsibly! 

Below I have created a variety of cocktails for you to try at home, some I found on the web and developed myself and others I made myself and loved. For each time alcohol is mentioned use 25ml as I forgot to add it on the recipe sheets and top it up with something else, I'd recommend lemonade for most, but if you choose to use something else you could create your own amazing cocktail! 

Before making the cocktails you will need:
  • Some funky straws
  • A bottle or three of Corky's 
  • Cocktail glasses
  • Lemonade 
  • Lots of ice 
  • Other alcohol dependant on what you are making

Blue Glitter Berry Cocktail Corky's

Violetta  Cocktail Corky's

Berrynilla Crush  Cocktail Corky's

Fruit Salad Cocktail Corky's

Let me know if you would try any of these recipes! 

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