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If you follow me on Twitter, you may be aware that I've recently started re watching Americas Next Top Model (you're probably already thinking what does this have to do with colour, am I right? But stay with me) and in one of the episodes in Season 12 they do a challenge about how colour effects your brain and how you can portray different emotions within yourself when colours are involved. With a lovely campaign from Calibre called 'A campaign of colour'  I was on my way to being inspired about all things colour and started to do some research of my own as well as enjoying the infographic sent over.

When I was growing up my mum always used to refused to let me have a blue room as she said it makes the room colder which is something that your brain makes you think, the room isn't actually colder. So with this inspiration in mind, I wanted to look up some information on what different colours mean to our brains and share with you what my favourites are and why I'm happy about that. I hope you enjoy this different style of post on the blog today, let me know your thoughts.

So when looking up different colours I found that the colour blue is associated with being cold but I guess that was pretty obvious when we are younger we draw all cold things with the colour blue (rain, ice etc) but it is also seen to be a colour of calmness but then again also sadness. Whereas orange is seen as a colour of warmth, happiness and even stimulation and is used a lot in advertising and where happiness is concerned.

My least favourite colour is green which are far as what is means should mean that I love it, as it's associated with nature, calmness and all things pure and good. Which makes sense of why when you blend a load of good stuff up it turns into a lovely pure green colour.

On to my favourite colours, and a bit more about them in terms with me:

I love pink, it's always been my favourite colour and I believe that is because it is known as being girly. From pink lipstick, to pink rooms I love anything pink and I love all shades of pink and I am always drawn to something pink before anything else; some other meanings of pink are romance and calmness. Gotta love Valentines day for all things pink and love related, and I hope one day to paint my office a lovely pink colour.

The colour Yellow is often associated with optimism, warmth and happiness (I learnt this on the ep of ANTM, and obviously Googled it too) I love yellow and pink together and although some people would see them as bright and stand out colours and very garish I find them inspiring and would love to see them both make more of an appearance in my workspace.

What is your favourite colour? 

*Collaborative post

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