Why I LOVE gigs | Lifestyle

When recently at some gigs I had the inspiration for this post, I was sat on the balcony area of one gig and below me were so many happy fans of this band and the same with all around me, everyone was singing and dancing and there was just something amazing about being in that moment with those people. So much happiness around one thing and it's not often you are in a room with 2000 odd people who share a similar love to something as you do. Whilst in that moment you feel completely different like the world outside of that arena doesn't exist and it gives you a sense of freedom. It's been a few years since I've been able to attend gigs because of my anxiety so I thought I would take it easy by sitting on the balcony and I ended up having a better time than I ever thought. You are so close to those you sit in your bedroom listening to, and the band whom I saw was Sum 41, a band who haven't done a tour since I was 15 years old and I have wanted to see them ever since, and it finally happened. I felt insanely blessed to be a matter of meters away from Derek Wibbly and the rest of the band. Even one of the support acts who was Frank Carter climed up on the balcony so I was less than a metre away from him which was SO insane. 

Going to gigs was always the thing I spent my money on growing up, my friends would spend theirs on clothes and I'd be organizing my next gig whether it be a small gig or an arena tour if a band I loved were touring, I HAD TO GO! There was one time, my best friend got gig tickets to Green Day who of course I've loved my entire life and they sold out within a matter of minutes and I was SO gutted, until my dad came home one day and whipped out these two Green Day tickets which I had no idea he had even bought, that was one gig I will forever remember because it was so special to me. I've seen All Time Low and You Me At Six more times than I can count on both hands which is totally amazing as I've seen them grow from the smallest tours to sell out arenas which as a fan makes me insanely proud of them. 

On the 13th of February I was finally able to see a band I've wanted to see for SO long but they went on a hiatus, and I was gutted. But at 21 years of age I was finally able to fulfil that dream, knowing every song that they played along with being able to take the HUGE step and stand in the crowd, and although I had a panic attack and had to leave I did it, for that bit of time I overcame my anxiety and it was due to that band and the promise to be meters away from them.

Do you go to many gigs? 

Updated MAC collection | Beauty

As some of you may know I am a HUGE fan of MAC lipsticks, so much prettiness and a huge variety of colours which all smell amazing. In the summer last year I did a MAC collection post which you can read here and although I am missing a few colours from my last collection *moving house meant misplaced makeup* I have managed to get my collection up to 14 (two came after I wrote this post, damn) but here is my most recent MAC collection and I hope you enjoy it. 

My MAC collection

The pretty pinks: 
These three pinks are super easy to wear, perfect for days at work or going out in the evening. Three very different shades with Vegas Vault, Plumful and Saint Germain, I love the shades because of the finish as much as the colour Lustre and Amplified leave a stunning shine on your lips and make the lipsticks appear to be extra glossy. If you fancy reading a review on Saint Germain you can here.

MAC pretty pinks

The Nudes: 
The two latest editions to my collection are nude colours, I decided it was time to see what the 'hype' was about and went for two colours in the shades Viva Glam II and Twig. I have heard lots of amazing things about Twig so I decided to go for it and it was a super choice as it's such a simple colour to pull of yet, looks insane. Secondly Viva Glam II although I've only wore this shade a few times I still think it's super pretty and although isn't bright like what I am used to it's perfect for those days when I am feeling 'no makeup'. Both of the lipstick finishes are Satin which means they are long lasting and give an opaque finish.

MAC the nudes

The stand-outs: 
My three favourite lipsticks from my collection, Up The Amp, Heroine and Royal Matte which are all known to be quite daring and out there, but I love those types of shades. Royal Matte being a blue matte shade (I've never worn blue before, but I freakin' love it!) Herione is a dark purple a perfect step into purple lipsticks as it's not too out there but still is beautiful and very purple. Finally Up The Amp which I feel is more of a light purple and is an amplified lipstick so totally different to the other two. Up The Amp is very pigmented and it lasts for hours upon my lips which makes me super in love with it. I will always reach for Herione if I don't know which other lipstick to wear as it always makes me feel fierce and fabulous.

MAC the stand out shades

The brights:  
The first MAC lipsticks I purchased were bright colours and I am super happy I have them in my collection although I can't wear them much at the moment as I feel they are more for spring I love them all and think they're perfect for those who love bright colours and pretty pinks. Starting with the colour Im-passioned a beautiful amplified pink shade perfect for those who are looking to make a statement and the lipstick is super long lasting so perfect for those nights out. Next is my first VIVA glam lipstick, in a bright pink and I was slightly swayed by the fact it was from Miley Cyrus a super pretty pink similar to Im-passioned with a similar finish too. Next is Candy Yum Yum, a perfect pink for those who prefer MAC shades, and although I am hit and miss with MAC I do enjoy this shade on occasion. The final lipstick of my brights collection which is pictured is girl about town, I've seen many people wear this and it looks fab so I went for it, another amplified shade which looks crazy beautiful on and lasts all day, one of my favourite pink shades. One that was photographed was Relentlessly Red and I decided to mention this one because it's a Retro Matte which is a different finish to all of the others pictured a Retro Matte lipstick is similar to the matte with it's drying power but it supposed to give you the look of 50's lipsticks and make you feel stunning.

The Brights from MAC lipsticks

What colours do I need next? 

Haulin' With Octer | Lifestyle

One of my favourite past times is shopping, I can't help but wander on a variety of websites online daily from fashion, to the latest lipstick and even to the Disney Store. I am forever going shopping into cities and buying lots of cute things for my ever growing collection, so today I thought I would bring you a mini haul from the website Octer. If you don't know about Octer they are a fashion start up but offer lots of other goodies from a variety of websites like House Of Fraser, Boots and John Lewis. On their website you can find a variety of products from MAC lipsticks to the some pretty cool homeware goodness. I think my next purchase from Octer will be this gorgeous denim jacket which I've been eyeing up! I hope you enjoy this mini haul and I am sure there will be plenty of other purchases as far as this site is concerned.

Ariel Pop Vinyl

My first choice on the website when I found they sold Pop Vinyl's was this gorgeous one of Ariel! Lately I've taken to a new collection from Tsum Tsum's (as well as those too) and started on my very own pop collection after being inspired by Stacey and her HUGE collection. The lovely Ariel is the second in my collection and I went for her as she is my favourite Disney princess, with that gorgeous red hair. I love the Pop Vinyl although Ariel is considerably smaller than the lovely Sadness but I am assuming that is something to do with her tail.

Violetta MAC lipstick

Next is another collection of items I am in love with and that is MAC lipsticks, I've been collecting them for around two years now and I am more into the dark colours at the moment such as purple and blue so this is the perfect addition to my collection. It reminds me of Violetta but it's an amplified lipstick which just happens to be my favourite finish for MAC. I love that Octer works with House Of Fraser who stocks MAC. Big thumbs up from me. 

Kate Spade Note Pad

 The final item of my haul is a gorgeous note pad from Kate Spade, I've wanted something from Kate Spade for ages and nearly brought a bag from her collection in the states two years ago and didn't and I wish I had as I love all of her stuff. I've wanted to get some purchases from her homeware collection so I am happy that this was on the site. Although it's a little smaller than what I imagined I am love with and it's perfect for little notes on my desk.

I can't wait to shop on Octer again, and I hope it inspires you to check them out! 

*Pr Samples

When brands/PRs do it right with bloggers | Lets Talk

It's been in recent months when I've seen an amazing amount of brands and PR's treating bloggers as they deserve to be treated, with payment and offering great campaigns to work on which to me always makes me happy as a blogger, there's nothing worse than being emailed 20 times a day asking to share something for free with a possible RT on their social media to 150 followers (that really happened).

Today I am talking about those brands who go out of their way to find out about your blog and email you with your actual name instead of  Donuts which is what I get a lot. So what I've thought about whilst running my own blog, if a PR emails you with respect, asking for your ideas, telling you about things they enjoy on their blog, then bloggers are more likely to work on projects with smaller/no budgets because the people actually put the time in to talking to you first and taking you seriously.

Co Op Twitter Tea Party
One of the boxes sent by the Co Op 

Previously I've worked with brands/PRs who I spent ages working on a post for, even for free in the past and then popping up the post, tweeting about it then you send the link to that person and they never reply. In my opinion that is bang out of order. Even if a PR doesn't have time to read your post a simple thank you wouldn't go a miss, respect should be a mutual thing and brands should totally take the time to thank you as it is a lot of work creating that perfect post, they don't just pop up on our bloggers all shiny and written up, we do that.

So on to the good stuff, I have a few PR companies who keep in touch, follow me on social media and give me fabulous feedback on each post I do for them, some examples of this are the Together Agency, Fetch Fm and Brands 2 Life. Without the lovely managers of the accounts there wouldn't any of this so I just wanted to put a special thank you in this post to Emma who has her own blog Emma's Blog who is always so lovely and makes me smile and another to the lovely Viki who I've been working with for a while now and she always sends over lovely feedback and comments.

Another shout out to a brand who I always find do it right are the Co Op, with their amazing surprise food packages with all of the thought gone into them, it always makes me smile when one arrives! The brand make sure that you receive your package and also put on fabulous Twitter chats, like the #TwitterTeaParty they did a few weeks back. Keep up the good work Co Op you are fab!

Remember treating bloggers with respect can go along way, but also remember we can't always work for free as sometimes we are earning our living from our blog and money makes the world go round!

#SleepNiceBeNice With Bed Guru | Lifestyle

A couple of weeks back I was asked if I wanted to take part in an AMAZING campaign which was being run by the lovely Bed Guru. The idea behind the campaign was to participate in getting more sleep because more sleep equals better mood therefore nicer, I am always trying to go out of my way to be nicer to people so I thought this would be the perfect challenge to take part in. Along with the brief I was sent some gift vouchers to help be nicer to people along the way. Now I am here to tell you what I managed to achieve with more sleep and how being nicer costs nothing and can make someone feel a lot happier.

My first challenge was getting my sleeping pattern sorted out, I love to sleep a lot but I can often finding myself going to bed late at night like 2am and then not waking up til 11am or even 12pm, which is a total waste of a day. It took a few days to manage to be able to sleep at a reasonable time and I still found waking up early at first but it became habit after a few days. Next I took to Twitter to share some positive thoughts with others, whether I know them or not I decided to compliment people with the hashtag #BeNicer the idea being it links with the campaign and also helps others to be nicer. I set a challenge to my fellow tweeters to take the challenge to send three nice tweets to people they've not spoke to and I believe some others took the challenge. Like I said earlier in the post it takes nothing to be nice to others, I spent a good few hours sending lots of lovely messages to others and I hope I managed to make their day a bit better.

Next I treated my boyfriend to a Starbucks, he is always at work so when he gets time off I like to treat him, I thought it would be a nice to treat to sit down and have a bit of a chat and a lovely coffee to go alongside. He really appreciated the treat and it was nice to spend some time together!


Other nice things I decided to do include taking my friend out for a Nandos, it was so fun and we got to have a proper catch up, although I have now decided I will never get my burger medium spicy again- I was almost crying! I also aimed to compliment and smile at lots of random strangers in my town, although I probably looked creepy to some of them most of them appriciated the sentiment which made me feel better. I also took another friend out for food on a different day which I know she really enjoyed. My final good deed is still to come as I plan to use my last voucher to take my mum to see a film she really wants to see but she hasn't had a day off work yet. The #SleepNiceBeNice is one of my favourite campaigns I have taken part in and I want to thank Bed Guru again for giving me this chance and reminding me how easy it is to be nice.

Having Easter Fun | Lifestyle

My favourite thing about Easter is the fact that it brings families together for that one day, similar to Christmas but less about giving and receiving and more about having a good day. The perfect thing about Easter is the fact that you get spend the day chilling, eating and most importantly with your family, yay! I decided to bring you a post which is all about the fun things you can do on Easter and the best part is that they are all within your own home, even better right?

Film day:
A film day is always the perfect way to have a chilled out day and turn your front room into with lots of goodies like popcorn, make your movie day even better by watching films on a new Panasonic 4k TV, with beautiful bright picture and even better for that cinema effect. I'd recommend spending the day watching some fabulous chick flicks or even some films which involve Easter or even bunnies (my favourite animals, woo) some suggestions for your film day could be:
  • Hop (how cute is this film!)
  • One of the Peter Rabbit films (or all of them if you fancy!)
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory (hello chocolate overload)
  • Or even a newer film: Pieces of Easter (well worth checking out)
I love baking around or on Easter as there are so many amazing recipes for you to make, from chocolate crispy nets, to an Easter styled cake there are so many fun and creative ones to make. If you get too much chocolate you can even get creative with that and make something chocolate related. Good Food have a fabulous selection recipes for you to pick from. 

Egg Hunt:
This has got to be the best part of Easter right? I may be twenty one but I am NEVER too old for an Easter egg hunt, it's all the fun of finding the chocolate and then even more fun to eat the chocolate. I've seen so many kits around full of little eggs perfect for hunts. 

I am so obessed with craft at the moment, I can't stop going into Hobby Craft for all of the perfect Easter essentials along with items for my scrapbook, before Easter an awesome idea is to stock up on fun craft things and spend the day creating lots of cute things, or even create your own Easter memory book! 

I hope these ideas help and I would love to know how you are going to spend your Easter!

* A collaborative post 

Instagram Loves | Lifestyle

Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope you're all well. Today I am bringing you a post I haven't done before on my Instagram favourites. I've always had a love hate relationship with Instagram and have gone from it being my favourite social media to barely using it, it's been a roller-coaster, I am in love with instagram and I love finding new profiles which I find so amazing and inspirational, I thought I would share with you my favourite five and if you enjoy this post I will happily share more with you as I have 100s of favourites! I just wanted to state all of the photos in this post come from the persons Instagram and they're not mine in anyway, I just wanted to share their amazing work with you.

A Tiny Mew:
A Tiny Mew is produced by the lovely Tori, who is one of the sweetest ladies around, her Instagram is filled to the brim with tattoo designs, tattoos and other cute things like Toris' personal style and other bits and bobs. I love her Instagram because I love seeing about her tattoos and all of her beautiful drawings and I just find it amazing to look through and it always inspires me.

Forever Yours Betty:
Another fab lady, with bright orange hair and a beautifully themed Instagram which I am always gawping over. With beautiful orange themed photos, matching her personal style it makes me happy to have Betty pop up on my time line. She posts everything from fashion to food, Betty is a must on your follow list.

Kayley Mills:
One of the cutest blogs I follow, with lots of super amazing art done by Kayley herself from portraits to cute cards this Instagram has it all. I am instantly drawn to the bright theme going on with Kayleys' Instagram, from bright flowers to other lovely things she is totally a lady you need to follow and also get her to draw a gorgeous portrait for you!

Vix Meldrew:
One of the sweetest ladies I've ever met, her blog and instagram fill me with joy, I adore to read her posts as they're always so honest and her instagram captures such an element of beauty. From selfies, to beautiful food and drinks I am in total envy of Vix and would happily live her life as it looks so glam. If you don't follow this lovely lady, you totally need to!

Who do you love on Instagram? 

People I don't understand @ the gym | Lets talk

It's Wednesday which means it's hump day and also my weekly chat with you guys, if you don't already know this for about a year now on Wednesdays I use it as a today to talk to you guys whether it just be lengthy post or something about an important issue you'll find it on Wednesdays in the past I have spoke about the misconceptions of sexual abuse, idolization .v.s. obsession and lots of other things and I find it useful for myself and also my audience love reading the posts as I break down common misconceptions and help people to understand things better *my twitter poll said so*. With all that said today I am going to write a bit of a different post and hope you enjoy the style, I am going to state first that I am not meaning to be offensive and that I don't mean everybody who goes to the gym does this. Without further ado, today's post is: people I don't understand at the gym.

The ones who wear a face full of makeup: 
First point, I totally understand people come from places with makeup already on, and I understand that and I am totally not talking about those people. I am talking about the ones who you see in the changing rooms applying lipstick, doing their eyebrows, foundation and then going to work out. Doesn't it just end up all over yourself when you sweat? 

People who stand in huge groups: 
It's super awkward when you want to use a machine or the machine next to someone when a group of around 6 lads is stood around it talking and admiring the 'birds' at the gym (I heard that said) and half of the time they are not even working out they're just standing around. 

Men who think the weights are just for them: 
Please tell me this happens at other gyms? When I go in the weights section without my boyfriend I get some weird looks like what is she doing here?! From the guys and they often point and stare which is totally rude, I can want to work my arms and legs out without getting stared at!

Those who go the gym to pull: 
I thought the gym was a place to work out put apparently it is a place to pull? I was speaking to my friend who said her cousin only goes to the gym to give boys her number, which seems like a waste of money if I ever heard of one plus when I go to the gym I end up a sweaty gross mess and nobody wants to pull that!

That person who is ALWAYS on their phone: 
Whilst working out you can always that person who is just stood chatting on their phone REALLY loud, why do people even need to have a full length conversation in the middle of a busy gym i'll never know. 

I hope this post was a good laugh as that was what it was intended for! 

Things I'd Do If I Won The Lottery | Lifestyle

Hey lovelies, how are we all? It's been a while since I've brought you a list post so I thought I'd change that today, the post I am bringing you today is all about the things I'd do if I won the lottery, I love to do these types of posts as it makes you inspired to achieve your dreams and be able to get the things you want. I have done similar posts in the past but I have plenty of things I'd include in this list so hopefully you all enjoy reading it. I'd love to know in the comments what you would get/do if money was no object!

Get a new car:
Isn't this everyone's dream if they won the lottery? Go out and purchase one or maybe three new cars, and by new I mean brand new and they can be any car you've ever dreamed of and you can walk away with the brand new car without any finance agreements and that beauty is then yours! Yeah there's one little thing with that when it comes to myself, I need a license first..

Buy a huge house:
Of course this is the dream, a Pinterest worthy house with white surfaces, huge rooms and lots of storage space as well as 4 bathrooms and a walk in wardrobe.. now I really am dreaming. But it would be a fabulous dream, I'd also buy my family houses too as they totally deserve it. I totally haven't already planned this out on Pinterest or anything.

Get invisalign on my teeth: 
A bit of a different one for you, but if you know me well you'll know that I had braces for many years and you're probably wondering why I now want invisalign right? Well after I had my braces off and was told to wear my retainer for many years to come, I didn't listen and now my bottom teeth have returned to their original state. So if I'd won the lottery I'd totally invest in my teeth and I already know the place I would get it done because I've heard so many great things about Hampstead Orthodontist. Who doesn't want the perfect white and straight smile?

Donate to lots of charities: 
I am one of those people who is forever wanting to sign up to all of charities around, from cats to giving money to homeless people or helping those in need. I honestly feel so upset and often end up in tears because I want to do more to help and I can't afford to. This would be one of my first tasks as a billionaire.

Share the love with my friends and family:
I'd love to be able to spoil my friends and family with gifts and helping them out of the debts, it would be an amazing thing to do. Because they've all helped me out so much in my life I would love to repay the favour and help them out back!

All of the make-up, clothes, bags and shoes:
This is probably most bloggers dreams, getting any bags you want and get tons and tons of pairs of shoes along with the amount of beautiful make-up you could buy. The best part is you can invest in designer which would be so cool!

Go on many holidays: 
Who wouldn't do this if they won the lottery? I'd love to do this- I could totally deal with many holidays to America uh hello Disney land and I of course would take my friends and family too.

Start a business: 
This would be a total dream, to be my own boss and I could set up my own social media agency with amazing talent and fabulous offices and be able to create the best website. Yeah ... I'm thinking a bit ahead of myself right?

I would love to know what you would buy! 
*Sponsored Post. 

Cocktail Creations With Corky's (18+) | Lifestyle

When it comes to drinking I am always the one who drinks the cocktails and the bright coloured alcohol, my friends are more beer and cider drinkers but not me, I love mixing drinks and making them look 'pretty' and fun! I was recently challenged by the lovely people at Corky's to get mixing my own drinks and make some funky cocktails of my own. For this challenge, I was sent a variety of flavours and colours to try out. In 2015 Corky's brought out a super cool edible glitter range on top of their original range which I love as it's super fun and makes your drinks look pretty. Each of their bottles are 15% and they are big enough and value for money perfect for a girls night in or you can get them out and about in the clubs. As fun as the bottles of Corky's look, it is important to remember to drink responsibly! 

Below I have created a variety of cocktails for you to try at home, some I found on the web and developed myself and others I made myself and loved. For each time alcohol is mentioned use 25ml as I forgot to add it on the recipe sheets and top it up with something else, I'd recommend lemonade for most, but if you choose to use something else you could create your own amazing cocktail! 

Before making the cocktails you will need:
  • Some funky straws
  • A bottle or three of Corky's 
  • Cocktail glasses
  • Lemonade 
  • Lots of ice 
  • Other alcohol dependant on what you are making

Blue Glitter Berry Cocktail Corky's

Violetta  Cocktail Corky's

Berrynilla Crush  Cocktail Corky's

Fruit Salad Cocktail Corky's

Let me know if you would try any of these recipes! 

Jelly Belly The Best 10 Flavours | Food

I was recently asked by the lovely team at Jelly Belly if I wanted to review a selection of goodies, their idea was to review their 50 box by sharing my top 10 flavours with you out of the 50 on offer, I decided this would a fun and different way to review them so I took them up on their offer. Within a few days a huge box of goodies arrived at my door and I dug into the box accidentally shaking up the 50 flavoured box of jelly beans so before I could take the pictures I had to sort them out back into their flavours, it took FOREVER. Once it was finally done I took some gorgeous pics and sat down with my friends to try some of the amazing flavours and although not all of them were my cup of tea, most of them were. I just wanted to add as a side note these are vegetarian and gelatine free, yay! 

What I love most about these jelly beans is the fact that the flavours taste exactly like what they are supposed to, which can often be a good idea until you play Beanboozled (if you've played that game you'll know exactly what I mean) uhm who wants to taste dog food and vomit? Not me that's for sure! But the flavours totally capture the essence of what they are supposed to be, I love eating the sweet flavours as it feels like you are actually eating that flavour! 

I have decided to work down the list from 10 to 1 sharing my top ten favourites, so continue to the end of the page if you fancy reading all about my faves! 

Jelly Belly 50 Flavoured Box

Jelly Belly 50 Box of Flavours

10. Berry Blue 

9. Cherry Cola 

8. Vanilla 

7. Very Cherry 

6. Tutti Frutti  

5. Red Apple 

4. Orange Sherbet

3. Strawberry Daiquiri 

2. Bubblegum 

1. Candy Floss

What is your favourite flavour of Jelly Belly, jelly beans? 

*Pr Sample

Weight Loss Made 'Fun' | Lifestyle

Weight loss are those two words which most people dread, the loss of junk food,  the banning of snacking and it means actually doing exercise *groans*. Me being me, hated doing all form of exercise until I joined the gym and I am constantly trying to find new fun ways to make weight loss interesting and keep me motivated with it at the same time. I thought I'd share with you a few tips with how I keep weight loss fun for me and I hope it helps you too.

New Shoes:
This is one of my biggest motivations, everytime I loose a significant amount of weight e.g. drop a dress size, or loose a stone I treat myself to some new gym related clothes/shoes. My latest one was this beautiful pair of trainers which are from JD Sports and keep me motivated to go to the gym as I love to wear them! I also like to treat myself to some new work out clothes when I am feeling out of love with the gym as it instantly makes me fall back in love.

There are so many different apps there which help with weight loss whether it be a calorie counting one like My Fitness Pal or an exercise app like Fitstar which helps plan work outs in the comfort of your own home, and is perfect for those who don't have the money/time/accessibility of a gym. Dependant on what you are looking to do there is most probably an app which suits that.

Recently I was speaking to my friend Chantel on twitter about my portion sizes and she pointed me in the direction of these cool measuring tools for spaghetti, spaghetti is one I always struggle to get the portion sizes right, from unicorns to a horse it gives you portion sizes for your gender and for a 'extra large portion' if you are interested in getting one of these in your life you can do from Amazon.

Keeping track:
It's sounds really lame, but keeping track of the weight loss on your wall with bright colours keeps people going, seeing a reminder of how much you've lost and using pics to show yourself how far you've come, with weekly size reminders of places where you've lost weight and where you need to work on always keeps me on track as well using pics of people who I find inspiring and it reminds you, you can do it!

Get Fruity With Cracker Drinks | Lifestyle

I recently approached by the people at The Cracker Drinks Co and asked if I would like to receive a box of goodies from them, and of course I said yes whilst I was awaiting arrival of the goodies I was super excited and couldn't wait to see what was inside. When the box arrived I took no time with getting stuck in and photographing the contents before some of their lovely drinks. I hope you enjoy learning a bit about Cracker Drinks and also what was in my mystery box. 

The Cracker Drinks Co launched in 2005 with the aim for creating the highest quality fruit drinks with the best taste, the drinks are all natural and don't include any of the 'bad' stuff. In the box I was sent two flavours of drinks to try still and cloudy lemonade and apple raspberry and sloe. With each drink being under 90 calories per serving it makes it even more appetising to those wanting to eat and drink better. In the box it also came with some ideas of other drinks you can make with the drink like strawberry and mint lemonade, which I must add sounds perfect for a summers day and super refreshing. 

Still And Cloudy Lemonade: 
I love still lemonade, it always makes me think of fresh products and a healthier version of fizzy lemonade and a lot more flavoursome also. I am one who is forever getting a glass in a restaurant to make my drink choices more interesting than just a glass of water. When I tried the cloud lemonade from The Cracker Drinks Co, I was super impressed to say the least. I served the drink with ice and a wedge of lemon and it gave me all the feels. The drink is super more ish and refreshing and perfect for those who enjoy quite a strong lemon taste (like me). I would totally add this a treat for my weekly shop as it is healthy and still manages to keep my sugar cravings at bay. 

Apple, Raspberry and Sloe:
With apple and raspberry being two of my favourite flavours I knew I had to try this one, and although I didn't know what Sloe was (berries usually found in hedgerows in England) I decided to go with it, and although I didn't enjoy it as much as the lemonade it is still a super refreshing and flavoursome drink perfect for those who prefer fruit juices with berries in. Also available to make another drink called Raspberry fizz which sounds insanely beautiful and pretty. 

Now on to the goodies in the box, which two of I completely forgot to photograph *face palm* when I opened the box I was greeted with a shower jelly from lush, which instantly had my attention. I know the shower jellies leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed which was an amazing tie in with the drinks as that's how they make you feel. As well as the Refresher jelly being a zingy treat just like the still and cloudy lemonade. Next in the box was a large purple glass like a cocktail glass, which I feel is perfect for enjoying your drink just like a cocktail in the summer in the garden or just on a Friday night as part of a detox. Following this I found three beautiful straws (if you didn't already know I actually collect paper straws) these also go perfectly with the cocktail element of the drinks and a amazing addition to the glass. The final two items which were in the box were the face massage mini mitt from Soap and Glory and a Nail block to make your nails in a better condition, although I don't know why these are in the box as they don't fit the theme I am happy enough with them anyways as I am after a new face mitt!

You can buy The Cracker Drinks Co at all supermarkets and many restaurants too. 

My Hair Care Essentials #3 | Beauty

A while back I did #1 and #2 of my hair care essentials and have now changed up my hair routine and added some amazing products in which are totally worth raving about so I thought I'd share them with you,  I thought you might enjoy reading about the staples that I use on my hair everyday or almost everyday at least. If you want to read part one and two you can do by clicking here and here. Let me know what your hair care essentials are as I am always on the look out for better condition hair!

Got2b mind blowing express dry styling spray: 
This styling spray is beyond amazing and does lots of different things for giving you the perfect blow dry, including drying your hair quicker and giving you heat protection which of course if you use heat on your hair a lot is SO important. I've had the bottle ages and it took me a while to try but since I've started using it I haven't stopped. The time in which it takes my hair to try has been halved with this spray and when your hair takes almost 30 minutes to dry this is a total saviour. I find this also helps to get rid of some of the knots in my hair which form quite a lot as I have thick hair.

 Got2b Beach Matt Texturizing Spray: 
I love this product firstly because it smells SO good when you apply it and always reminds me of being on a beach and although I usually have straight hair I love to apply this spray to give my hair a bit more a boost and more volume and it also makes it stay styled a lot longer than without. I love the bottle and it lasts for ages, this is my second bottle and I am addicted to using it. Perfect for those who like to create beach waves or curls in their hair too.

Wet Brush: 
I'd honestly recommend one of these babies to anyone who hasn't got one and anyone who has thick hair as it's a nightmare to get through thick hair with a normal brush, this paired with my Tangle Teezer are perfect for maintaining my mop and getting through all of the knots. I love this brush because it helps to get them out without the pain and then any which are left over I give a good brushing through with my Tangle Teezer. There are so many different shapes of this brush and different sizes too, would totally recommend this paddle brush though, total lifesaver.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture: 
This is the biggest hair saviour in my life at the moment and it is fair to say it makes a massive difference to keeping my hair in good condition. After dying my hair a lot to keep it bright I need to take extra care when it comes to conditioning and keeping it in tip top shape, along with another Aussie conditioner I use this twice a week for three minutes and it leaves my hair feeling so smooth and full of moisture which it often lacks when I dye my hair a lot. I am happy with how long a bottle lasts if used twice a week as you don't need a lot as it goes through your hair pretty well, I love the way my hair smells after use too, the boost of Macadamia really helps!

What are your hair saviours? 

Lush Spring Collection | Beauty

If you read my blog often or you know me quite well you'll know I am obsessed with Lush when a new collection comes out I have to have at least SOME of it, but most of the time it ends up being it all. The lovely PR team at Lush sent me out some bits from their Spring collection which was such a fabulous surprise as I was going to place my own order. A few of the products I bought when I was in Lush Oxford street but they fit the theme so I thought I'd show them in here too, I previously did a Lush haul if you fancy a read. A little side note before you read the post, YES I AM IN LOVE WITH THE CARROTS, they are too cute ok?

Lush Spring Collection 2016

For each product I decided to include a mini review/ info on the product so you know a little bit more about what you are buying. The products which are included in the picture are:

Flowering Tea:
I was a little confused when I dug this out of the box as I didn't know what it was at first, I was pleasantly surprised to find it out is a bubble bar, with the cutest packaging I've ever seen. The Flowing Tea bubble bar is reusable for many baths and having string on the product makes it super easy to run under the tap to create a mystical bath of bubbles. Inside the bubble bar there is some gorgeous blue cornflowers, turning your bath into one steamy hot cup of tea. If you aren't a fan of floral tea like scents I'd this one isn't really for you. Flowering Tea comes in at £4.95 which for a reusable bubble bar is pretty decent.

Rose Bombshell:
I've had this bath bomb a few times already as I picked some up when I visited Lush Oxford Street as they look super adorable and smell fabulous. I wasn't a huge fan of the little petals that fell into the bath as I felt it made it look a bit dirty and ruined the essence of the bath bomb but other than that I love the way it reacted and the colours it produced and how beautiful the scent was as it was released slowly into the bath. This bath bomb costs £3.95 which is one of their more affordable products.

Lets start by saying, HOW CUTE IS THIS? I am in love with how sweet this little ladybird is and I kind of don't want to crumble him up, *sad face* you can save him for a few baths by breaking him up before running the bar under the tap and that way he lasts even longer. The smell of this bubble bar isn't something I am used to myself, but it's unique and enjoy the scent more than I first thought I would. The Ladybird bubble bar is £3.95 which is a bargain for the amount of baths you can get out of it.

Bunch of Carrots:
On to my favourite of all of the products, and one of my all time faves it is the Bunch Of Carrots. I am pretty sure in previous years all of the carrots have been all orange but this year Lush have gone with a different theme making them pink, orange and purple which in my opinion is a super pretty colour combination. You can use the carrots on their own for their individual smells or all three together for one beautiful smell concoction With the beautiful scents of lemon, grapefruit and buchu. This bubble bar does cost a little more at £6.25 but the product is a lot longer lasting and can be used as three separate products.

Bouncy Bunny:
I hadn't heard anything about this product until it arrived on my doorstep, when I opened the pot the bunny literally jumped out onto my side and although it was a bit messy it when I saw it laid out I fell in love, my room was instantly hit with a beautiful orange scent which made my whole room smell amazing, freeze this for an amazing shower soap and use as it is for a bubble fest and create some beautiful orange memories. The Bouncy Bunny costs £3.95 for the pot it is in, you can reuse this product and if you make it into a soap it can be used many times.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow: 
Last but not least the beautiful somewhere over the rainbow soap, I've seen so many pictures of this floating around Instagram and everytime I think wow. Dependant on where the soap is cut depends what colours you get of the soap the part I received was yellow and pink which I am happy with as pink is always my go to colour. This soap leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed after every single use which is a bonus. The scent of this soap I find it to be quite a fruity and fun scent which is super hard to explain but the scent is not overpowering and you'll love it as your new bath companion.

Lush Spring Collection 2016

Lush Spring Collection 2016

My Trip To London | Travel

Hi all, I hope you're having a fabulous day! Today I am bringing you a post from my recent trip to London (dependant on when you're reading this post, depends how recent the trip was) I tried to take as many pictures as I could because I always find London super overwhelming but I love reading posts with lots of pictures so I thought I'd do that for you guys, if you hate picture heavy posts this one might not be for you! The lovely people at Ocean Finance provided me with £50 to have a chill out so I decided I would use the money on making my London trip as enjoyable as possible, spending the money on shopping and a meal out. If you fancy reading more about my trip keep reading below.  

First stop in London was to an Eds just outside of Euston as we were both super hungry and then the next stop was to my boyfriends mums house in East London where we were staying, and we visited his family throughout the day, before we decided to get Takeaway in the evening where I was AMAZED by the amount of choices on Just Eat being from a small town where Just Eat is made up of 6 places it was cool to have so much choice. We had a pretty chill night on our first evening saving our energy for the second day, which we had a day full of shopping and other fun stuff.

On the second day, we first went to Tottenham court road to visit their amazing Primark which I've heard good things about and I was not disappointed, spending a huge chunk of money literally 10 minutes after arriving. Following this we took a wander down to Oxford Street and spent many hours there, shopping and more shopping oh and having a cake stop and a bit of a munch. After this we went to M&M world, and I of course bought lots of M&Ms. Following this I met the lovely Vix from Vix Meldrew and I left my boyfriend and we went off for cocktails, we had 2 for 1 cocktails for a few hours and chatted about all things blogging, makeup and boys which was great. I've been chatting to Vix for a long time so it was great to finally put a face to the name. Following this me and Vix met Lalia from Tape Parade who is also super duper lovely and exactly how I imagined her and we went down to Convent Garden for a bite to eat in The Diner. The whole night was full of giggles, and lots of chatting and a couple of milkshakes too. I had the most beautiful veggie hotdog and a stack of pancakes! 

On the final day before we went home we visited Camden Town via an Uber and I ended up in MAC along with lots of other cute shops and markets, I had such a great time in Camden as I've been many times before I kind of know my way around, we had a bite to eat and then got the tube back to Euston before getting our two hour train journey home. I had so much fun in London and I hope you had just as much fun reading about it, now for the pictures! 

Dunkin Donuts

The Little One

American Sweets Heaven



Lush Oxford Street

Lush Oxford Street

The Train Driver

M&M World

Cocktails in The Slug And Lettuce

Hot dog in the diner

Lalia and Liv

Lalia Liv Vix

Camden Cereal Cafe