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Longest post title ever right? Sorry about that! I did something recently which I thought I'd never have the guts and motivation to do but I am super glad I am doing it because it needed to happen. If you haven't already guessed from the post title that thing was joining the gym, being the shy and body conscious person I am I never thought I'd have the balls to do it, BUT I am so glad I have done it. Recently a chain of gym I've wanted to go to finally opened in my town and it had an amazing opening offer on that I could hardly refuse and with the possibilty to cancel at any time I thought no harm done right? My first session was daunting and I thought I wouldn't go back but I did go at a busy time so I didn't let that put me off, I decided to try again the next day at a later time and sure enough it was quiet and the perfect time for me to go.

I love fitness clothing and that was another factor which motivated me to getting working out again, after investing in a lot of work out clothing over the last couple of years then not using it I decided it was time to get working out again. One of the biggest reasons I joined the gym of course was to loose weight, I am so unhappy with my weight right now and I knew healthy eating alone wasn't going to fix this weight gain so I decided to take the plunge, kick myself up the arse and join the gym. I am planning on doing posts regularly about my weight loss and also what I do at the gym, as I thought it might be helpful for those beginners just like myself who want to loose weight. I am still braving going to one of the classes, in case I can't keep up or I get stared at *big fears of mine* so for now I am just working out alone but I hope one day in the future I will get there.

I thought as a perfect addition to this post I would share some amazing quotes with you, to keep you motivated or to get you up and going! Let me know what quotes you live by:

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