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Firebox recently asked me to take part in their Valentines Day campaign which is all about 'taking a risk' with your gifts which sounds super exciting right? For the campaign Firebox sent out some goodies to me some which belong on the 'take a risk side' and others which are perfect for those who like to 'play it safe'. I just wanted to point out the gifts from the 'taking a risk' side do have swear words on so if you aren't into that thing please feel free to stick past this post!

Firebox How To Speak Emoji Love

Playing it safe: 
When you click on the playing it safe part of the website you are greeted with a range of cute things like unicorns, bears and other types of adorable gifts like chocolate, candles and even Marshmallow Vodka (need to get some of that in my life, right?) It's the perfect selection of gifts for anyone in your life and not just the females as you can get cushions with your other halves face on as well as a variety of different alcohol and some books. I like Firebox for the reason that their gifts are always so unique and the chances are unless they are an avid Firebox shopper the recipient won't have the gift. I was kindly sent the 'how to speak emoji love' which I assume is a follow on from their book 'how to speak emoji which I got my mum for Christmas. Just a tip if you do buy them that book be prepared for long strings of emojis which you have no idea what they mean *I'm looking at you mum* but it's a great laugh for anyone who loves emojis.

Take A Risk With Firebox

Taking a risk: 
I've got to admit when I was taking a look at the 'taking a risk' page I was having a good giggle, featuring anything from swearing mugs to edible anus chocolates, yep that's a real thing! The gifts from the taking a risk side are definitely not your ordinary Valentines presents. I have to say if you're not a fan of swearing or crude things maybe not for you, but I think most men would appreciate the gifts on here, I mean you can get a book of big boobs and jeans that make you have a bigger bum, hello *most* mens dreams! There a few gifts on the page which I want, hello Tinder nightmares sounds like a great book along with the chocolate starfish, yum! I was sent some swearing lollipops which made me giggle, although I did leave off one of the ruder ones as I know some of my family read this blog, oops. But gotta love sharing love through lollipops right? Finally is the swearing mug, I think the F word makes a fabulous adjective and it should be used more!

I hope this has given you some out of the ordinary advice for Valentines Day, p.s. if you're single you can totally buy all of this stuff for yourself because I know I would. 

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  1. Pahaha these are amazing! I haven't shopped on FireBox in years, but I'll defo be heading back to check their range out. Also - edible anus chocolates?! LOLOLOLOL - life made!

    N xxx

    Lovelaughslipstick x