Valentines Day With Debenhams | Lifestyle

As you may notice, most Valentines Day gifts and campaigns are aimed at women and it always seems to be less of a deal for men and although I do understand why, as most don't woo over the romance element and the mush like women do it should still be a day which is celebrate by both parties meaning the men deserve a gift guide too, with the help of the lovely people at Debenhams I have put together a gift guide of easy gifts to purchase at the click of a fingers and all can be bought without leaving the house. I have decided to keep this gift guide budget friendly as I know not everybody can afford lots of money at Valentines Day as people are still getting on their feet from Christmas. Although as a side note Debenhams has some amazing fragrances and watches for men if you are looking for a more high end piece. Apologies I know not everyone loves Valentines Day but I do so I have decided to have a week of it on my blog!
1. Experience Day:
Something a little bit different than the normal present but all the more fun, I love the idea of giving someone an experience for a present rather than a gift they are likely to buy themselves, the idea of them getting to experience something out of the ordinary. From driving experiences, to posh meals and even indoor sky diving there is something for everyone.

2. Comedy Books: 
Debenhams offer an amazing range of books, including a huge range of cookery books, knowledge books, but mostly they offer comedy which are my favourite books to receive as presents . The book featured is the F in exams book which you can purchase here and it is full of laughs, perfect to bring a smile to a loved ones face. Some other titles which I have seen which would make perfect gifts are: Older, Wiser, Sexier and Laugh on the loo if they have a toilet sense of humour which I know my boyfriend does.

3. A Beard Trimmer: 
My other half seems to think my razors are perfect for his face and tends to use them all up which is a total nightmare, so I think a beard trimmer seems in order. Not the most fun gift of all I have to admit but still a useful one and it leaves out the mush element and I am sure you're partner if they don't already have one will love this gift.

4. Something Unique: 
This is the perfect gift for somebody who has everything and also someone who appreciates the comedy element in presents. A fish and chip tool kit which is wallet sized made me do a double take to check it was a legit thing? The good news, it totally is. I would totally buy one of these for my purse for future emergencies!

5. A Wallet: 
One of the more boring gifts but again a totally appreciated one, if you partners are as bad as mine when it comes to buying a new wallet this is the perfect gift, mine will wait until it snaps in half before buying a new one so a treat of a new wallet seems like the perfect suggestion, obviously if your boyfriend is very into buying wallets, it may be a bit pointless.

Just because you haven't gone all out mushiness on these gifts doesn't mean it's too late, don't forget to add love in the card and why not buy a HUUUGE box of chocolate to go with. 

* A collaboration with Debenhams