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This week is a week all about Valentines Day on Dungarees & Donuts, and for those of you who hate it or think it's commercial rubbish I apologize for this week in advance and next week normal service will resume. For those of you looking for Valentines Day Gifts this gift guide may be the perfect tool for you and most of the things featured are budget friendly and like the title says they're all cute *well I think so anyways*. Most of the gifts in this gift guide are from Sellers on the website Bouf, if you don't know about Bouf it's made up of lovely things from different sellers over the UK, it has a massive variety of products from quirky chairs to lovely little mugs and most importantly lots of chocolate goodies! Without further ado bring on the gift guide:

Cocoapod Personalized Chocolate Box: 
I found the amazing company who made the beautiful box of chocolates above through Bouf who I mentioned above. I spoke to the lovely director of the company who sent me an image of what my finished box would look like and I was over the moon and when it arrived in the post it literally looked like the photo too except edible. With personalized chocolate boxes ranging from £6.75 to £22.50 you can pick what you want them to say and also what colours and flavours and the website shows you how your box will look. You can pick where each chocolate goes and what flavours you put in there. I can totally confirm the chocolates taste INSANELY beautiful and I totally am saving them for treats for myself. I decided to get the Olivia Loves You to share with you guys as I love you all! *Cringe Alert* 

Krispy Kreme Valentines Day Range: 
You didn't think I'd do a Valentines Day gift post without mentioning one of my favourite companies, did you? Krispy Kreme always does a seasonal range, and for Valentines Day they released these adorable heart-shaped Lady Bird and Bee ones which I do apologize got a bit mashed on the way home. The bee doughnut is filled with chocolate and the ladybird with strawberry, and they are the perfect gift for your friends, family, other half or even to take a dozen to work and get some brownie points. At £10.95 for an assorted dozen, you can pick yourself up some of these cuties along with some other Doughnuts or for £15.00 you can get an adorable Valentines Day box which has the cutest ring Doughnuts in too (check it out here).

You Complete Me Mug: 
Another fab company found through Bouf called Tea Please and you can check them out here, who make amazing mugs of pretty much anything from the cute one pictured about to personalized ones and pretty much everything in between. The mugs cost around £9.85 but there is so much choice and you can get some of them personalized giving them that extra special love touch. Even if you don't fancy something Valentines Day related they have other gorgeous mugs for you to pick from so everyone can treat themselves to a great 'tea' mug! If you fancy treating yourself to this mug you can do find similar here..

Swarovski Necklaces

Swarovski Necklaces: 
These necklaces are the more pricey part of this gift guide but for what they are they are still totally reasonable, these two beauties came from Joshua James who are a stockist of some amazing brands and you've probably heard me mention them before in a few other posts like this one. The two necklaces in the photo are the clear crystal heart pendant and the clear crystal small heart. Both perfect treats for your other half for Valentines Day and both under £80 which compared to a lot of other necklaces from high end brands I'd say is a pretty good deal. If your other half is girly I'd say this one of the perfect presents for her. Just a quick tip, the pendant looks smaller in the photo than it is in real life so if you purchase this don't be surprised at how big it is.

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  1. I adore the mug, it's so sweet :) unfortunately I know my boyfriend wouldn't appreciate it, maybe I'll have to drop hints :D x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter