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Hey all, I hope you're all feeling amazing today! So I thought I would bring you a bit of a different post and I hope you enjoy it, in 2016 I am all about saving money as this is my final few months of university and I have no idea where I'll be after uni so it's important I don't go completely broke. I love shopping there's no denying it, it's one of my favourite past times and gives me a lot of pleasure so that's why I thought I would show my favourite way to shop on a budget and that is through an amazing website called Ali Express which is basically a Chinese Ebay in English with some seriously good deals floating around. I was introduced to this site by the lovely Fii (who if you fancy checking out you can do here) and after looking into the site and doing some research myself I found some amazing things, even cheaper than Ebay including things like shoes, camera film and even some makeup items!

Similar to Ebay you have to be wary of who you buy from, how long it will take to arrive, and what the item is actually like so for the first few purchases I would recommend just buying little things which you aren't in a hurry to receive as sadly items can take up to a month to arrive. My first purchase was a cute Baymax bag which I couldn't find but I thought I would show you some cute ones anyway. You can use the easy search filters at the top including price, where you want it to ship and even from along with things like free shipping and finding out the best results first. Once I found I could trust the website I started making more purchasing including random 3am ones which I am still receiving now! I found things on the website which I have paid a HUGE mark up on in other places which makes me super sad but I am happy I can now get even better deals. I think the best deal I have found upon Ali Express is 50 shots for my Instax 8 camera for £25.00 and it arrived in a matter of days, completely perfect when you can pay upwards of £20.00 for 20 shots which is a bit of a nightmare especially when you love taking pics and people get a hold of your camera and use them up.

Finally I just thought I would show you a few cute pieces I've found whilst shopping around on the website in case you fancy getting your hands on any of them! Including cute stationary all under a pound with free shipping including stickers, pens and sticky notes, how cool!

Would you shop on Ali Express? 
Olivia Thristan

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  1. YAY! I love aliexpress! I've even purchased some of my wigs from there! ngl, you'll always get burned somehow in a way or another, no matter what site you go on... but hey! It's learning and finding out that can make it just a little bit more fun!
    p.s. BAYMAX BAG YES!