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It's not often I speak about my love for Disney on my blog, so I decided it's time I changed that as I know a lot of my readers are avid Disney fans like myself and previous Disney posts have gone down super well with my readers so I hope this is no different. Today as you can probably tell from the tittle I am going to be sharing with you, my top 5 Disney films currently, I decided to go with my current favourites rather than all time favourites as it would be too difficult to sum up my favourites in a list of 5 so that's probably a post for another time.

My top 5 disney films

1. Inside Out
Isn't this film just insanely adorable? From about 5 minutes in I was totally hooked on the cuteness of the film, and I fell in love with the characters and found myself gravitating to sadness as I see a lot of myself in her. The vibrant colours of this film make it all that more appealing to me, and it brings an element of colour to my dark days, despite having watching this film many times over it still draws me in everytime and of course the build up of whether the emotions will be put back in order again throughout kept me on my toes!

2. Monsters Inc
Always a favourite and always will be, and this is one of my feel good movies on a bad day so much colour again and happiness is radiated throughout the film. I think a hug from Sulley would be beyond lovely as he's SO fluffy aw. The story throughout keeps me wondering what the outcome is and how adorable is Boo? Kinda gutted she wasn't in the Monsters University as it is a prequel.

3. Big Hero 6 
All the cuteness and tears throughout this film, there was at least 3 times I was welling up during this film and I couldn't handle how much love Baymax had the film throughout. The plot kept me on my toes and it was such as easy to watch and loveable film with amazing characters, still gutted about Tadashi *sobs*.

4. Toy Story 2 
There is something about this film over the other 2 that makes it special to me, I am not sure if it was the fact I watched it like 50 times a week growing up or the fact that the characters feel like they're at their best in this film. I have so much love for Rex in this film he's so sweet and friendly and of course I was always drawn to Jessie as she was the main girl character.

5. Finding Nemo
I am sooooo excited for the release of finding Dory that I have rewatched this film and re fallen in love, I can't believe how young I was when this film came out feels like a lifetime ago. Nemo is such a loveable and cute character and I just wanted to hug him throughout! P.s. just keep swimming!

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