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If there is one thing I've noticed in more recent years is the amount of people who get work done on their teeth, whether it be braces, whitening treatments or even getting replacement teeth. Which got me thinking as to why it is that more and more people are getting work done on their mouth, with a bit of research online I got some answers for this. The first thing I noticed in a lot of the answers is people saying the fact that their smile is often the first thing that is noticed, and if you have a great smile people are likely to remember that.

With dental treatments easy as ever to get more and more people are aiming for the perfect smile, I am lucky because when I was 14 I had braces which totally transformed my smile (read more about my story here), which I have to admit leaves me often smiling for the sake of it and it's been a long time since I had them off. When you're an adult you don't have the option to get free braces so you have to pay for them yourself, but the perks of this can include having clear braces.

The Centre For Advanced Dentistry Yorkshire not only offer braces but a large amount of whitening treatments as well as other ways to fix your smile and the reason so many dentists are opening up lately is they are high in demand. Yorkshire Dentistry also state: "A simple smile allows you to do many things; if you don’t smile you cannot laugh, sing, speak publicly, or even get married." As I know not everyone can afford to go to a dentist for treatments, although those of you who can, it's SO worth it. I am going to share some tips for getting whiter teeth at home and hopefully this improves your confidence and gives you the urge to smile!

Tip One:
Use Baking Soda with toothpaste, you can buy toothpastes which are made up of baking soda or you can create your own mixture to use at home, the baking soda helps to remove the plaque allowing teeth to appear visibly more white. 

Tip Two: 
Purchase a whitening kit, there are so many on the market and many within budget. It depends on what you are looking for and the starting point of your teeth to how white they will become with these treatments but they will still work to some extent regardless. 

Tip Three: 
Apple Cider Rinse- although I've never personally tried this one I saw it recommended on the internet, apparently rising your mouth with apple cider on a nightly basis can help improve the whiteness of your teeth although it doesn't give you as great results as other things it can still do amazing things.  

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