Spice Up Your Breakfast With The Co-op | Lifestyle

I am one of those people who adores all things breakfast from beans on toast to a vegetarian full English or even a piece of cheese on toast every now and again, although I love all of those things having them over and over can be a bit boring. Today curtsy of the Co-op and their surprise package of goodies I am bringing your breakfast a makeover with some ideas which will help spice up your breakfast and give you some new life when it comes to your traditional breakfast ideas.

Go Continental: 
Have a bit of Europe with your breakfast, although croissants aren't the healthiest option in the world they are super filling and go with pretty much everything, from the chocolate spread to jam and even just a lashing of butter. Have one or two to kick start your day with a glass of fruit juice and you're set for the day to mix it up a little use different things inside your croissant. If you are one of those people who get hungry quickly finish of your croissants with a piece of fruit or even a yoghurt of your choice.

Add some chocolate: 
Everything is better if chocolate is involved, I love the idea of adding chocolate to your breakfast and the most simple way is through chocolate spread, you can add chocolate spread to almost anything, from Pancakes to Toast you can't go wrong with a good old pot of chocolate spread.

Eggs, eggs and more eggs: 
With so many varieties of eggs to choose from it's no wonder most of us love our eggs with breakfast, from poached eggs to soft boiled and beyond. You can do so many amazing things with eggs, and there are so many different recipes out there for you to trial out and see what suits you.

If you fancy finding any recipes check out the Co-op website or click this link. 

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