22 February 2016

Paperchase Haul | Lifestyle

If you know me well, you'll know my favourite shop of all time is Paperchase, with all of the pretty notebooks, massive amount of coloured pens, even bigger amount of cards and lots of other cool stuff like rubbers, bags and now even a fitness range it's not wonder it's my favourite. If you are a stationery addict like me and you haven't heard of Paperchase you are seriously missing out! I have more notebooks than I can count on fingers and toes combined but I still have a serious thirst for even more! I recently did a haul for you lovelies and thought I'd show you what I got, in this post I am featuring some of their new and amazing fitness range which is no longer available to buy. As part of my haul I did get some Stationery goodness, which includes rubbers, a watermelon pen and also a recipe file. 

The recipe file is perfect for me at the moment as I am loosing weight and looking for new recipes all the time so it just seems perfect to store them inside and also develop your own recipes, I am forever printing out recipes then misplacing them which is annoying for when you want to make them again. With pretty pink pages and inside and lots of folders to insert your own recipes or things which you've printed out, this is the perfect companion for any budding chef or just anyone who loves cooking and baking really. 

Next in my haul is the amazing fitness range which I mentioned earlier in this post, along with a gorgeous solar system thermal cup which is amazing for keeping my coffee warm on the go, but it's also so cute and would perfectly for decorative purposes. As part of their fitness range, I picked a water bottle, a makeup bag, a flask and a lunch box and although I probably won't use the flask very often it's so cute and I love the play on words which it includes. The water bottle is perfect to go to the gym with and it keeps me motivated throughout my workout whenever I am feeling like I am lacking that key motivation. The lunch box is perfect for my packed lunch or when I am going out and about and I fancy some snacks, it's the best way to stay healthy when you're out in case of naugty snacking.  

The final part of my haul consists of a cute watermelon pen, which is perfect for keeping in my bag and it's chunky so won't get lost within the reems of other stuff in my bag *cough* receipts! To top it all off I picked a cute pack of erasers of animals, I love these things and always buy them but never use them. But they make adorable decoration and I have to admit I've bought all of the donut ones I've ever seen as they are too cute to miss out on. I love the panda the most and he's got centre placement on my desk!

 Do you love Paperchase as much as me? 

*Contains PR samples 

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  1. yep I want everything!!! I love Paperchase. Fab post as always gorgeous xox