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It's been a fair while since I've taken to a Lush shop, and actually bought enough to create a haul post for you lot, I think the last time was in the summer and if you fancy checking that out you can do here. I decided as it was my birthday when I went to Lush that I would treat myself and purchase those things I've wanted to get for a while and also some new purchases from the valentines day collection. I hope you enjoy this haul and let me know if you plan on purchasing any of these goodies.

Lush The Comforter + Rockstar soap

Lush Fun 2016

First I grabbed myself a bottle of The Comforter as I've wanted it for ages but never been able to justify £10 on shower gel, but I just went for it as it smells Lush (haha no pun intended) and also it has been raved about by every single blogger I know so I thought it must be amazing. Next I went over to the soaps and wanted to buy a huge chunk of them all, but decided to get a small (ish) block of Rockstar which is pink and smells so girly, so perfect for me. Following this I had to get myself some FUN which I have also been lusting after for SO long, but again when I didn't have money I couldn't justify spending that amount. I went for the Rainbow Fun as I couldn't decide on just one colour and they look amazing together in a packet so I was drawn in, it wasn't until the end when I got to the till that I saw the reduced Christmas Fun that I decided to treat myself to that one as well, can't go wrong for £2.50 right?!

Lush Bath Bombs

Finally I treated myself to some bath bombs and bubble bars, and I was super excited to see that the Valentines Day range was in store, yay. The bath bombs which I picked up are 'Intergalactic', The Experimenter and Lover Lamp which I have tried before except of course Lover Lamp which is new, but I couldn't resist that cuteness when I saw the little hearts on the side, I am super excited to see what it does! The two bubble bars which I purchased were the 'Unicorn Horn' and Creamy Candy, although they put up the price on the Unicorn Horn from previous years, it drew me in with its pretty colours and beautiful scent that I had to purchase it. I went for the Creamy Candy bubble bar as it's simple and cheap perfect for those smaller baths when you're not feeling like going all out.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I picked up from Lush, I would love for you to leave your recommendations in the comments below so I can get them in my next haul! 


  1. My new favourite product from Lush is The Comforter Bubble Bar, it has such a sweet scent but it's lovely xx


  2. I need to get to lush stat and grab me some rock star soap and a few unicorn horns ^_^ did you make anything with your fun soap ;)? C

  3. I find Lush quite overwhelming - my sense of smell is really questionable and it all just comes across as a wall of smells - I rely on posts like this to make my decisions for me! I'll have to pick up some bath bombs on my way back from London tomorrow!


  4. I'm the same as Elena, I never know where to start and I don't have a bath so I get so confused. The shower cream sounds awesome, need to give that a go.

    Sarah <3

  5. This is a pretty good haul! I adore the fun bars as I find them incredible - they are most definitely fun and unique! All the bath bombs and bubble bars you got are gorgeous looking! Photogenic for sure xx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Ooh what a nice little haul! I love intergalactic ��

  7. I've never actually bought anything in Lush, because I'm the worst blogger ever, but that unicorn horn looks so cute!
    - Emily from http://www.emilyunderworld.co.uk ♡

  8. I am so bossed with lush stuff at the moment! I spent 7 hours in the queue online on Boxing Day to pick up so many bath bombs for like next to nothing!

    Love this post :)