28 February 2016

Feel Better With Holland And Barrett | Lifestyle

 It's always at the start of the year when people decide to make changes to their lifestyle, whether that be to lose weight or just to live a healthier lifestyle from one time to another we have probably all tried something along those lines. It's now quickly approaching March, and I can't believe we are going to be into the third month of the year already. Recently the lovely people at Iprospect got in touch about a campaign they were running with a company you've probably all heard of Holland and Barrett. If you don't know who Holland and Barrett are, they are a company who specialise in vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements (in other words, all of the good stuff you need).

Holland And Barrett Chia Seeds

The idea behind the campaign is to follow a meal plan which a nutritionist has written for a week and then to make long-lasting changes to your diet to make you feel better on the inside and even work towards other goals like losing weight. I was sent a huge variety of products including Chia Seeds, Nakd Bars, Manuka honey and plenty of other stuff. The first thing I had to do with the plan was to change some of the meals so they fit my vegetarian lifestyle as the original was for meat eaters.

My thoughts on the plan: 
The plan provided so many different snack alternatives which were super healthy which I loved to try out as I am usually one of the people who ends up snacking on crisps and other unhealthy alternatives. I was over the moon to find out that one of my favourite meals was included in the plan, spaghetti bolognese and I even got to make double portions for the day after, win! The things I found hardest about the plan were the fact that it include a lot of dairy or dairy substitutes and I am not a huge fan of dairy/milk so I wouldn't include those into my daily life. But I found some new products which I can use in other things like Chia Seeds and Cacao Power and as well as some very tasty snacks. I found it fairly easy to stick to and I would take the outline of this plan and make it more me, but include lots more healthy products into everyday as I found it made a huge difference to my energy levels and the way I felt everyday.

Holland And Barrett Cacao

Future ideas: 
For future ideas I had the idea after looking through Pinterest is to get some cacao powder to make protein balls out of and these make amazing snacks before or after the gym as they're full of energy and taste pretty good too. I like idea of cooking with coconut oil instead of regular oil as it's a healthier alternative and also tastes yummier. For one of the meals included in the plan coconut oil was used and made the meal itself 100x more tasty which is what people who want to loose weight want as a lot of 'diet' food is seen to be boring and bland. I will definitely be including cashew nuts into my daily diet as they are fab for a snack and are hardly any calories. Finally I found some amazing on the go lunch plans on Nic's Nutrition site and if you fancy checking that out you can do here.

Holland And Barrett Curly Cashews

Nakd Bars

While taking part in this experiment I found myself lots of new healthy and fun ideas to include into everyday life, what do you want to make healthier in your life?