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I haven't met many people who don't LOVE cats! With their adorable little faces and the sweet things they do and also the fact they're always great for cuddles. I have had my cat smudge for a long time, possibly even 10 years now and I couldn't imagine life without her. The way she can make my day by strolling into a room, the way she has the sweetest broken meow and the fact that she was abused in her previous family makes me SO sad and has left our poor kitty with the smallest stump of a tail.

When we first got Smudge the first thing we did was get cat insurance for her as she was quite a jumpy little cat and we found her very quiet and she seemed to get ill a lot so we wanted to make sure she was covered for everything. Thankfully after she settled in she hasn't had to go to the vets much. It's most recently in 2014 when we got our second cat Jessie, another adopted cat who was living with my mums friend but needed a bigger place to go. With Jessie she is the opposite to Smudge, she was lively and loud and does the funniest things and isn't scared of anything which I love about her.

At first my cats didn't get on at all and it was a scary time as we didn't want to wake up and find either of them badly hurt or even worse, so we had to keep them separated for a while but eventually they got used to each other and even cuddle close which we are super lucky about as the chances are they may never have gotten along. I do feel that pets complete a family as they are always so loyal and keep me smiling. Although I don't live at home anymore, I still make regular visits to see my cats *coughs* .... my family too of course. I hope to one day when I have my own home have lots of cats running around as I love the idea of adopting animals and I wouldn't change them for anything.

It's totally important to make sure that your pets are well looked after and kept happy and maintained well. Since I've moved out I've got a dwarf hamster but they are lot harder to look after than a cat although they require less attention they are a lot more difficult to let roam around!Especially mine as it likes to hide under the sofa (what a nightmare). I miss having my cats around everyday as they kept me smiling on bad days and are always great to hug!

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  1. I'm glad Smudge and Jessie get on! It's sad leaving them behind when you move out (and the family too obviously). Hope your dwarf hamsters keep you company!


  2. I'm glad smudge and Jessie get on now! It's always hard when you move out, I mean I missed my guinea pigs like crazy when I went to uni. Your cats sound utterly adorable though, I love their personalities xx