3 February 2016

Being On Medication | Lets Talk

I have been wanting to write a post similar to this for a while but it has taken me this long to get the balls to do it, in case people think differently of me or something? But I decided it's a topic which needs to be talked about so I am going to do that myself. That topic is being on medication and more to the point, medication for mental illness, the post today will cover the fact that medication does NOT change who I am, and that there are so many different types of medication out there so if you haven't found one which works for you yet, there's time and lots of different types to try.

So first off I wanted to started with my own personal struggles with medication, when I went back to the doctors in 2014 to get diagnosed with depression again I was put on the medication which I was previously on and I knew it didn't work for me but I was too scared to say anything but they did put me on the highest dosage after a while so I assumed this would change things, it didn't. After 4 months I finally came clean to my boyfriend and told him that it wasn't working for me and he said he had thought as much as I didn't seem improved in my mood at all. So I went back again and they put me on a different medication, building up the dosage and I was on this for 8 months and I got on with it really well or so I thought, mentally it did help but I didn't release it was damaging my eye sight, I'd get crazy migraines everyday and could barely see at points so after assuming it was my glasses I went back to the opticians who told me it was the medication and I needed to come off it ASAP so that's what I did, this was only before Christmas so I did spend a lot of time over Christmas on a downer coming off the medication. I was given medication which I feel isn't right for me again by a doctor who isn't my usual one and he seemed very short tempered so I just left it and started this medication.

 I am currently getting in a better place mentally and hopefully won't need medication forever but I want people to know that using medication to help with your moods or anxiety is never a bad thing. I am currently seeking more professional advice for my latest digonsis with mental health which I hope I am able to talk about on the blog at some point in the future, maybe not this month or even in a few months but I am hoping I can. Accepting help and talking medication isn't a bad thing and can honestly change your life and help you get yourself together in ways which you wouldn't be able to without. Also accepting the help of the medication doesn't mean you will forever be on these medications, one day you can possibly come off of them and be able to cope with them. This was another very personal post from me, but I did it with good reason in the hope that I am able to help others with their struggles.

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  1. It really pisses me off that people think differently of you when you tell them you take medication to target mental illness! They just assume it changes who you are as a person which it really doesn't. I rarely tell anyone about it now.