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The series that is on everyone's lips, Making A Murderer. The series came out on December 18th and nearly everyone has watched it and I can't say I blame them, I am one of those people who have watched it. I am trying not to include too many spoilers in this post only things which are well known and splattered all over the web, Usually this would be a pat on the back for the producers for creating such a well watched series, which people are obsessed with watching in record time, with millions of views. But this is actually someones life and it's real so the reason it's SO popular is because people want to know the truth about what happened to Steve Avery after being wrongly framed and spending 18 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit, and being convinced he was framed (which in my opinion he totally was) after getting off one crime less than two years later ending up in jail for a second one which again seems like a total framing which is disgusting and horrible case of injustice. Since the series kicked off, there has been over 400,000 signatures on a petition to free Steve Avery and his nephew Brandon Dassey which I totally think should happen.

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So the reasons why you need to watch Making A Murder:
  • If you love crime documentaries or series' this will be one for you and it's ten episodes of constant attention grabbing footage.
  • You get hooked and keep watching (with most people watching all ten episodes in 2 days!)
  • Shows how corrupt the police can be, which gets your mind thinking.
  • Again you spend the whole time without breaking the focus
  • To loose your voice- you spend SO much time screaming at the TV in anger, you pretty much are guaranteed to loose your voice. 
  • Although you may cry at some point *like I did* it's worth it, as it gives you all of the feels.
  • STEVE AVERY IS SO ADORABLE and it breaks my heart what he has been through.
So there are just a few reasons why you need to watch Making A Murderer, and if that isn't enough to convince you, go google his case and you'll be totally hooked. 

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