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It's that time again when New Years resolutions come into play, and although some people do somehow manage to keep their resolutions most people set unrealistic goals that end up failing a few days into January. Some manage to keep their resolutions going a bit longer even into February which is impressive by all means.

 I like the idea of change but I know a lot of expectations come with a resolution and how disappointed you get when you fail at it. Last year I set two resolutions the first being to eat healthy and start fitness which is what most people go for, and I actually managed it for four months before slowly falling back into my old eating habits which I have to admit I was a little bit gutted about. Secondly to be a vegetarian again and I am actually still sticking to that which is one I find very easy as I led a pretty vegetarian diet anyways.

So this year, I don't plan on making any resolutions as it's just extra pressure on myself that I don't need, instead I am going to set myself some reasonable targets I want to reach at some point, it may not happen this year it may take years but the list is there for me to work my way through, and this makes me happy. I was considering sharing the goals with you lot, but I think it would feel better for me if I kept them to myself. I will let you in one of them though, and that one is to find out what career path I want to take as I finish uni in May and still have no idea where to go from there *argh* so hopefully I can set my mind to finding out where I want to go career wise. OH and of course I'll be attempting to work out at some point this year, but not in January as it's my birthday and that means going out for meals and eating cake so...

Happy new year folks! 

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  1. I don't make resolutions anymore either because I made them year after year and they always failed! I think when there's that much pressure you throw yourself into resolutions too hard when it needs to be about balance for it to be sustainable! Xx
    Call Me Amy