What I got for my 21st Birthday | Lifestyle

From my Whatsapp group, to the lovely bloggers on twitter this post was request a numerous amount of times so I thought it was only fair I shared it with you lot. I wanted to state I was well and truly spoiled due to it being my 21st Birthday and I usually wouldn't receive as many gifts as what I did this year. All of the gifts I received were super special to me and I loved every single one. Little bit of a disclaimer, please don't see this post as me bragging. I am simply sharing with you all of the amazing goodies which I got, like a haul basically. I hope you enjoy this haul and if you want to know about anything in more detail feel free to let me know in the comments. 

For my birthday I did get some Birthday money and I bought these awesome books I've been lusting after for a while, I am currently stuck into Leave Your Mark and it's insanely good, full of tips and useful advice. I am planning on doing a review on them both once I've finished them.

Birthday Cards:
Is it just me who REALLY appreciates Birthday cards?! I love the fact that someone has taken the time to write a message to you, and that feels really personal and often lasts a lot longer than a Birthday present, I tend to keep my favourite 5 cards every year and keep them for the future. I love looking back at cards from years ago, always makes me smile.

Sweet Stuff:
I was originally just going to write sweets for the tittle but it turns out it is mostly not sweets, in the photograph anyways. I got an awesome popcorn pan which I am yet to use but it looks super fun and the packaging caught my eye. When me and Luke visited an American sweet shop in Birmingham I found some of my favourite chewing gum which Luke purchased for me, along with some mini nerds. Finally in the photograph is an adorable hotdog phone case from Paperchase, I love 'out there' phone cases.

Before Christmas my mum told me she wanted to get me something special for my 21st and asked me if I had any ideas, I've wanted a Michael Kors watch for ageeees so it seemed the obvious fit. The watch caught my attention because of it's big watch face, and the beautiful rose gold colour *blogger cliche much?* It is a great way to keep something special for a long time.

My Grandparents also bought me some beautiful charms, for my bracelet including a 21 charm and a floral clip and I love them both and they also treated me to a beautiful tiara ring which I have been wanting for a while and finally got and it hasn't left my finger since (unless the gym and showers count, then it has). My best friends Sophie and Kee brought me a gorgeous charm which I wasn't expecting and was so overwhelmed with how nice it was that I nearly cried. The final charm on my bracelet was from my uncle who gave me some money, and I decided it would be worth while me buying another charm as a keepsake for my 21st, this again isn't photographed but it is a beautiful cat bowl with an diamond encrusted fish bone inside of the bowl. Perfect gift for any cat lovers!

Workout Clothes: 
Another present from Luke was some beautiful workout clothes including these beauties from Pink Soda who are a company who sell their stuff in JD it reminded me of the Victoria's Secret PINK clothing but I actually preferred this! The colours go really well together, and it gives me the freedom to be even more creative on the bottom half.

Make Up: 
Of course some Make-up was going to make this list, I completely forgot to photograph the Kiko liners which were popped inside of the Make Up For Ever box, but I got 3 amazing colour liners. Along with two MAC lipsticks in the shades Viva Glam II and Plumful. I also got a lovely Nars setting powder and a MAC foundation which I didn't have at the time of photographing. Finally an amazing set from MUFE, which you can see pictured and includes mascara, eye-liner and waterproof makeup remover. 

I hope you enjoyed this Birthday haul, I love reading them so I hope you do too! 


  1. You got some amazing stuff for your birthday, I've been meaning to catch up on my reading too. (:


  2. You got such cool stuff for ur birthday!! I love Mac lipsticks and Girl Boss is such a good book!!