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If you came looking for some naked people for this naked edit unfortunately you came to the wrong place BUT if you came to find out about some of Urban Decays best palettes then you definitely have come to the right place. It's no secret that Urban Decay are one of my favourite brands and I love to share their amazing products with you lovelies, and after sharing a pic of my favourite palettes from UD on instagram and it being so popular I thought I'd write a post to go with the picture talking about my favourite palettes. Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to buying the Gwen Stefani Palette yet so that is my next purchase, let me know what is your favourite palette from Urban Decay? P.s. I also know that all of the palettes that are featured are not from their Naked collection but it was a catchy tittle and I thought it fit well.

Urban Decay Naked Edit

So the palettes featured in the picture are:

  • The Naked Smoky
  • Naked 2
  • Vice 4
  • UD Beauty With Edge
  • Naked 3 

If you are looking for bright colours you need the Vice 4:
The Vice 4 is full to the brim with pretty shades from bright pink to glittery gold there is something in the palette for everyone, I love this palette as it involves me creating lots of bright and eye catching looks. The Vice 4 is perfect for this time of year as some of the colours are darker and perfect for creating winter looks like the three greens within the palette.

If you are looking for the perfect smoky eye you need The Naked Smoky: 
Okay so that's a bit obvious that the palette is used to create smoky looks, but with the variety of brown and black shades within the palette you can create a range of different styled smoky looks and the shimmery shades in the palette mean that you can make the looks a lot less harsh than just using dark shades.

If you are fussy when it comes to shadows you need the Beauty With Edge palette: 
The reason you need this palette when it comes to being fussy is the fact that you can pick any shades which you want and create your own palette from dark shades to bright colours whatever shadows you like to wear you can compile your perfect palette from scratch.

If you want all of the pinks you want the Naked 3: 
I love the Naked 3 for all of the beautiful pinks which are in the palette and you can create some serious draw dropping looks with the huge variety of colours in the palette. If you are more of a fan of darker shades I am not this palette is for you, but if you love experimenting with the pinks and creating girly looks go for this palette

If you like a mix of shades go for the Naked 2: 
Out of all of the palettes I have to admit this is my least reached for palette as it just contains things that others already do, like a range of pinks and browns which is just like two of the other palettes which I already have. If you aren't a fan of bright colours or dark eyes this might be perfect palette for you to dig your claws into!

Urban Decay Naked 3
 The Naked 3 Palette

Beauty with an edge Urban Decay
The Beauty With An Edge palette with my three shade choices. 


  1. I have the naked 3 palette and I like it but I definitely want the naked 2 palette x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. Love the sound of all of these products. Especially the smokey eye palette xx

  3. Love my Naked 2 but have to save still in love with the original! xx