The Jeans Weekender | Fashion

I've wanted to post this post forever but I kept getting busy with university, and being ill and then Christmas so it's taken me so long to finally get around it finishing it, so I apologize for this! The post is in collaboration with Asda and their Jeans section at George. The idea behind the post is create outfits for an entire weekend based around the same pair of jeans, my idea would be to create a look for Saturday Day, Saturday Evening and Sunday and even though they involve the same pair of jeans the outfits are completely different. Everything featured on this post is available to buy at Asda now or it was in the past. I would love to know your favourite look and if you like to style jeans up also?

For Saturday if I go out I like to keep it casual with a pair of jeans and a tee, my wardrobe is always overflowing with tees so I try to go through them on the weekends. When I go shopping I like to take a big bag to put stuff in that I buy so I thought this oversized black bag would do the job perfectly. Finally the outfit is finished with a simple pair of pumps which are perfect for keeping your feet comfy whilst having a long day out, I used to wear boots or heels but walking around for hours on end, hurt my feet way too much.

This outfit is for Saturday evening, I love it because it's still pretty casual but can be dressed up with certain items. I am a huge fan of long checked shirts and they make me feel comfortable and I thought this shirt was a perfect pairing for the jeans so I decided to put them together. You can make the outfit a bit more glam with over the knee boots as they make any outfit look more dressed up and finally a smaller over the body bag to keep your purse and phone in.

 As Sunday is a day for chill, if you are forced to go out for anything, effort is kept to a minimum with an oversized black tee, and warm cosy hoodie and a pair of fluffy socks. Easy to put on and perfect to chill in whilst watching Netflix in the afternoon. If you are planning on eating a lot I would recommend switching out the jeans to tracksuit bottoms!

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