11 January 2016

My Top Winter Lipsticks | Beauty

If you've been reading my blog for a while or know me in real life you'll know I am obsessed with dark lipsticks especially purple ones and I have so many lipsticks I decided it was time for another insight into my draw of lipsticks and what colours I love to wear during the winter months. Although this post does say lipsticks there is one lip stain to go with them because I love it so much and it's such a lovely red. I would love to know what you think of my choices and if you would wear any of these colours? 

GOSH matte lipstick in shade Plum: 
I adore this shade firstly because it's a deep purple and secondly because it has an amazing price tag, I love all GOSH lipsticks as they are an amazing price for the quality and they last ages once applied which I can find not always the case with drugstore lipsticks. Although I haven't always been a fan of matte lipsticks I am starting to grow into them and I am always reaching for this shade when I go out in the day. It's an easy to shade to pull of as opposed to some of the shades in this list and it's a great purple lipstick to start with if you are unsure about purples.The smell of the lipstick smells similar to the MAC ones so another bonus right?

GOSH lipstick in Plum

MAC Herione: 
This is hands down my favourite lipstick ever and I wear it throughout the year, but it's a perfect shade for winter a bit brighter than the previous lipstick by GOSH but still a lovely purple all the same, another matte lipstick and the one that made me fall in love with matte lipsticks. I find winter lipsticks always tend to be matte for some reason which I am starting to love. I don't find this lipstick drying at all which is good as some MAC matte lipsticks can be. I have to say this lipstick lasts all day and looks as good at the end of the day as at the start and I find myself hardly using any of it when I apply it so it's well worth the money.

MAC herione lipstick

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot pepper:
Although this lipstick is completely different from my other picks in the fact that it is bright red, it is another Matte choice, the difference between this product and the others is it is a lip stain. You apply the lip stain like lip gloss and after a few seconds it dries to your lips just like a lipstick and has a massively long staying power, I do often like to apply gloss on the top of this as it gives you an extra luxurious feel but without is just as great. This is a bright red so maybe not for those who are scared to pull of a bright lip colour, but perfect for those who fancy a challenge.

Wet N Wild Coffee Buzz: 
Now although you can't buy this one in the UK I thought I would add it to the list as it's such a gorgeous favourite of mine and it actually looks black in the picture but it's actually a dark Maroon on the verge of being brown which is a little different from the others but still awesome all the same. Another matte lipstick, and not as long lasting as the others but still really pretty and looks amazing if you like dark lippies.

Wet N Wild Coffee Buzz

For some reason the picture of the Milani lipstick went missing but I thought I would still give it a mention in this post, the shade which is picture in the top photo is sangria and is a similar shade to Herione, but doesn't smell quite as nice and has a less longer staying power but at the same time it's still amazing for those winter days and a fixture in my handbag.

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