15 January 2016

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks | Beauty

It's been a long while since I've raved about any drugstore lipsticks on my blog so I decided it was time to change that. Recently I became acquaintances with these color sensational lipsticks from Maybelline and although they are a fabulous brand I didn't expect the pure wow factor that I received from them. So I thought it was only fair to do a review so you guys can appreciate the awesomeness too!

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks

The color sensational lipsticks come in at £6.99 which is a bargain price for lipstick as I am used to paying high end prices of £15.00, upwards. I do love buying cheaper lipsticks as I can buy more colour varieties and have more to match with my outfits! I am normally drawn to the pinks and reds and this was no exception but I did go for a brown also which is very unlike me but I fancied a more nude shade for when I am not feeling going all out. All the lipsticks which I picked are matte shades which I have been loving lately so I was more than to get some new ones for my collection. I went for the shades Nude Embrace, Rose Rush, Craving Coral, Siren Scarlett and Magnetic Magenta and the shade names make them even more luscious especially Craving Coral and Siren Scarlett. The lipsticks are not overly drying or hard to apply like some matte lipsticks can be, I found them simple to apply and they have a long lasting staying power *yay*. 

When applying of the lipsticks I found that they did not bleed which is a pro as a lot of cheaper lipsticks tend to bleed which ruins them for me. I also found that they did not cling to the dry areas of my lips and I found them to be a similar smell and formula to some of my matte MAC lipsticks and a perfect high street alternative. I love how bright the colours are on my lips as some can look bright in the packaging and then dull on lips but these paid off. Final thing which is the most disappointing part of the product is the packaging I find the black packaging a bit of a let down and I think they could do a lot more with this to make it more appealing to their audience. I am also happy that the shades on the bottom actually represent what is inside the tube as more than half of the times I look at the bottom of lipsticks they look nothing like what is in the tube. 

If you are looking for a new budget buy, you should totally treat yourself to one of these beauties!  

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks

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