20 January 2016

Deactivating Facebook | Lifestyle

Sitting at my PC, and I have the following tabs open: Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Gmail, Instagram and my blog. For me those are the usual tabs I have open when I am sat at my desk doing work, but there is something about one of those tabs that is making me unsure and I think it is bringing a level of uneeded toxicity into my life. That tab is Facebook, whenever I go on Facebook I scroll down my feed countless times like most people do, occasionally comment on things, like things and chat during group chats which of course is the norm right? Unlike other social media I use such as Twitter and Instagram I find less of a positive vibe and more a negative one, when I comment something on twitter I'll receive lots of kind messages and replies whereas Facebook tends to be more rude comments or ignorance which I don't enjoy.

I do have thoughts maybe it's because it's people I know in real life so they say what they want during those conversations but I love the fact on other social media you get tons of lovely things from strangers who gain nothing from sending those nice things to you. Uploading a new picture to Twitter or Instagram a flooding of comments come in, such as you are so pretty, love your new glasses, you rock and on Facebook I get a few likes and no comments. I am not saying I expect everyone to comment on everything I do, but it just seems less worth it and like I shouldn't bother anymore. Scrolling down my news feed I find constant sharing of sad videos, horrible images and just things I really don't want to see which instantly puts a downer on my day, and I just think I hadn't of been on Facebook I never would of seen it. I am considering deactivating to see how many people get in contact when I am no longer available via Facebook it will be an interesting experiment that's for sure.

I am curious to know your thoughts on Facebook and if you still use it or never have done? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Facebook is a funny one as bad as it is I seem to ignore my feed jump on groups on there instead and then get off. I deleted the app from my phone because it's just another distraction. I think the problem with Facebook is we tend to compare our lives to the people we know and jealousy can creep about sometimes when in actual fact we need to remember that people tend to only talk about the great things in their life. I say all social media in moderation xx

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  2. I love that you have wrote this post! I gave up using Facebook about 2 and a half maybe 3 years ago for this reason, and moved to Twitter with no friends and it felt great! I still don't have anyone I know on my Twitter now. After a while on Twitter I told a girl I was in it and she joined me on it and we spoke now and again and later found out she and her brother had been making fun of things I was posting, nothing rude just general pictures you see posting everyday, well that day I blocked her and changed accounts and have only recently began talking to her again but only really in passing, shortly after I blocked her, I checked her profile and saw she had began posting the things I as posting, These people are nasty jealous cows and are only trying to make their self feel better by bringing you down, best move I ever made and I'm so glad I found the blog community and nice people who don't make other people feel like that. It made and still makes me shy to express myself and I don't post a lot because of it. Anyway delete Facebook, it's for the best 👍🏽
    Pauline x

  3. I really really do not like Facebook. I deactivated mine a long time ago and do not miss it one bit.


  4. I had a similar conversation with someone yesterday about this. I am seriously contemplating unfollowing everyone, so I still have it to stay in touch with people who creat events (it is great for invites), but take away all the negativity. I can't remember the last time I posted something on it. I love how strangers are more positive than my actual friends

  5. I've been tempted to deactivate my Facebook for a long time too - the only thing holding me back is that my sports team uses it to share updates and complete roll calls. I don't like using it and like you, often feel as though it's bursting with negative videos and images. I don't have the messenger or main app on my phone anymore which already feels so much nicer - especially as I haven't felt inclined to check it since deciding not to download them! I feel much happier sticking to Twitter and Instagram :-)

  6. I absolutely despise Facebook but I can't get rid of it due to my business page! I did deactivate it briefly a few months ago when I was in a bad place mentally, and I felt so much better for it. Now I just try to not use it so often/only go on there for my business page. But it is odd how Facebook seems to be the most toxic of all the social media - although I find Tumblr to be just as bad.
    Saph xx