26 January 2016

Creating The Perfect Shoedrobe | Fashion

When planning this post I first thought about doing it in a wishlist style but then changed my mind and thought I'd do something a little different. I decided to create for you lovelies my perfect shoedrobe (instead of a wardrobe it's made from shoes) highlighting the styles of shoes and my dream shoes which would make up my shoedrobe, I'd love to know what your shoedrobe would consist of and why!

The Work Out Shoe:
Since I've been going to the gym, my perfect shoedrobe definitely includes a pair of gorgeous workout trainers I think having the right gear is part of the inspiration. I love these Nike Shoes as they're bright and fun, and if you can't have fun workout gear then what's the point! JD offers some beautiful girly choices of workout shoes, which are always from amazing brands. The ones featured in the picture are these (find similiar here)..

The Evening Boot:
I love boots, I literally wear them for most things, I love these Boots from New Look, as they're simple to wear, have height which I totally need. Look great with just about anything from a little black dress to a pair of jeans and a nice top and can dressed up for an evening or even dressed down in the day with a skirt and some leggings, I love the idea of being able to dress up and dress down an outfit with a simple change and these boots definitely help this.

The Casual Boot:
Everyone needs a casual boot in their collection, perfect for pairing with jeans and coat throughout the winter months, I love these tasselled boots from Jones Bootmaker as they're a lovely colour and easy to style up or down.

The Day Shoe:
Walking around a lot and fancy something comfy? Vans have that extra comfort and always look amazing, I love this particular style of Vans as it's girly, comfy and the perfect style to wear with my jeans or a skirt, and makes a simple black outfit a bit more stylish and fun. Cloggs (Similar here) do a variety of styles and colours of Vans at a reasonable price.

The Heel:
Everyone needs a pair of heels in their wardrobe right? It's just something you have there, whether you wear it or not. I have loads of heels, I never bother to wear them on a night out because, ow pain much? But I love to have them lying around in case of the odd occasion I decide to wear them. New Look have a fab selection of heels of all different shapes and sizes. 

The Expensive Shoe:
You've gone out and treated yourself to a pair of shoes you've always wanted, problem is their too expensive for you to warrant wearing in case you ruin them. The pair pictured are £795 and there is no way I'd want to wear those out and about in case I scuffed them or spilt something on them.

*Contains Product Samples

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