Staying Healthy In The Winter Months | Lifestyle

Winter can often be a time where our motivation levels are at their lowest, and the temptation to indulge is often at its highest. This can often be caused by the darker nights and colder weather. However, it's vital that you keep your exercise regime on track during the winter. Otherwise, you risk undoing all of the progress that you made in the early parts of the year. If your motivation to stay healthy is falling, make sure you follow these tips to help you get through it.

Look at YouTube videos
If the dark nights and poor weather are putting you off going outside, then why not look at some video workouts on YouTube? You don't even need to leave the house for this, and you can often use items you have lying around to complement your routine. There are millions of workout videos on YouTube, and some even come from the finest personal trainers in the industry, meaning that you're sure to find an exercise style that suits your fitness level.
Go ice skating
This is a great way of embracing everything that winter has to offer. You can also bring the kids along. It's estimated that ice skating burns as much as 387 calories per hour for an average-sized woman who is travelling at normal speed. This is an incredibly high amount, and you'll have a lot of fun doing it, too. What's more, with Christmas not too far away, you can expect to see ice rinks popping up all over the country so you won't have to travel too far to get your fix.
Enjoy a luxury boot camp
What better way to escape the cold weather than by jetting off to some of the finest locations in Spain and Portugal and taking part in a fitness and nutrition boot camp that's lead by some of the finest trainers in the industry?  Not only will you take part in inspiring, fun and challenging exercises, but you will also have access to a vibrant, healthy menu that is sure to get your taste buds tingling. All of these activities are set against some of the most stunning coastlines these countries have to offer. Keeping fit in the winter can often be a chore, but this will not be the case if you book one of these retreats through Prestige Boot Camp.
Change your clothes

If you're still using the same shorts and t-shirt combination in the winter that you used for jogging in the summer, then it's no wonder your motivation levels are dipping. Your summer clothes are not designed to handle the harsh winter elements, so make sure you buy some clothes that are. Under Armour is a great base layer to fit underneath a fleece, so why not add to your look with a pair of sports leggings with some shorts on top of that? Finish the whole thing off with a good pair of gloves and a hat. If you're well prepared to handle anything that winter throws at you, outdoor activities like jogging will seem less daunting.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide For Students | Seasonal

Happy Friday all, I am back from my blogging break and I am finally able to bring you a gift guide! I've been wanting to bring you a whole variety of gift guides but with some circumstances, it has not gone my way. Today I am bringing you a last minute Christmas gift guide or students and all of the gifts that I am featuring in this gift guide can be ordered up until the 20th if not longer dependant on the site. These gifts are perfect for any students that you have in your life, whether that be your friends or a family member there is something for every student!

Unicorn Tears Gin:
Okay so we are talking about students and alcohol, it's pretty much a given right? Although this has a little bit of a twist on it, it's 'actually' unicorn tears, and tastes pretty good too! This amazing gift comes in a gorgeous bottle and is available from Firebox for £39.99

Drinking Games: 
Firebox offer an amazing range of drinking games perfect for any student including the student fave, Never Have I Ever and also F**K the game! Both games are a party starter and great for getting of any awkward tension.

Cards Against Humanity:
Similar to the drinking games above, but this is on a whole new level of card game. Cards against humanity is offensive and not for the light-hearted. It's rude, amazing and slightly horrific at the same time. It's known as the party game for horrible people. It is available to purchase on Amazon and there is also now many expansion packs.

Travel Mug: 
Going to uni in the mornings is something most students dread, and to make matters worse when you're in a rush and haven't had time to grab a morning coffee, it can't get much worse! Sass and Belle have a range of gorgeous travel mugs, perfect for making a coffee in and taking with you on the go! My favourite is their 'time to go' mug for £11.00

Master Pan:
I've been eyeing up this pan for such a long time because it's so genius. Saves on washing up and allows you to cook up to 5 things at once. It's really that simple. Perfect after a night out for cooking a full English, then easy to wash and saves on washing up. Purchase from Men Kind for £59.99.

I found this awesome website called Skate Hut who offer so many amazing things and is the perfect website for some last minute ideas for students, including gorgeous back packs, clothing, skateboards and even pogo sticks *throw back much*. I am so in love with their amazing range of Hype bags perfect for carrying those books around the campus.

*Post contains press samples

Taking A Break With Chicago Town

Being the spotlight all of the time is hard work, celebrities know this better than any of us. Your every move is scrutinised and you're expected to be perfect all of the time. Recently I've heard of a few 'celebrities' having a chill night in with Chicago Town, and I thought you guys might like to hear all about it. Chicago Town are massive fans of having a good time and especially with it being so close to Christmas and the fact they've just released a NEW chocolate pizza. Oh and the fact they still have an amazing competition running for you to win some awesome shades and other cool prizes! (I wrote a post about it here).

 So how to take a break from the stress which is surrounding life in the run to Christmas? First things first, head to your local Supermarket and pick up a range of the Chicago Town pizzas, they have everything from deep dish to mini microwave pizzas, which are cooked in a matter of minutes at home and taste just like takeaway pizzas, also grab yourself a range of drinks, popcorn and then invite your friends over. Next get yourself on Netflix, and find an awesome series to watch, I totally recommend Black Mirror or Ru Pauls Drag Race, dependant on what you enjoy. Then get cooking up those tasty treats, as well as pouring yourself a drink or ten. Finally, take some awesome selfies in your new shades which you can win instantly with special packs of Chicago Town. Also post the selfies online to win more prizes or even go old school and take them with a Polaroid-like I did here.

 Now for the thing you've all been waiting for I assume, those celebrities with enjoying some chill time with Chicago Town. Sorry to break it to you, they are actually lookalikes, but awesome ones at that, and the videos are so funny and worth a watch if you fancy it, check out 'Simon Cowell' and 'Rhianna' below.

*Post in collaboration with Chicago Town, but all words my own as I adore their pizzas and their always fun marketing campaigns.

Colleague Gift Guide | Seasonal

Hi all, how are we? Big apologies for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. It has been a mix of a dissertation writing, being super busy and just lacking motivation to post at all. I have had a variety of gift guides half finished in my drafts for a few weeks so I decided to publish some of them before it is too late. Starting with a colleague gift guide, I feel like a relationship with a colleague is a bit of a strange one, although you are friends and spend a lot of time together; often you don't really know that person well. Most workplaces often will host a secret Santa which is great for getting a gift for those who you don't know too well and saves you having to buy everyone gifts. I decided to put together some ideas of where to get your presents for your colleagues.

L'occtaine has some amazing ideas from skin care, soaps and even gifts for him including fragrance. Another fabulous thing about L'occtaine is their gorgeous gift sets, and you always know they're gonna be great quality. Their gift sets start from £5.00.

One of my favourite websites for quirky gifts and also on a budget too. Iwoot have an offer on stocking fillers at the moment which is 3 for £15 and 6 £25 which is perfect for anyone looking to buy stocking fillers, or gifts on a budget.

I love Firebox for shopping for gifts because they just have everything; and it's all so random! They even sell an already wrapped present for your secret Santa, which I think is genius. The only decision you have to make is box 1, 2 or 3.

8 Reasons Winter Beats Summer | Lifestyle

I'm pretty sure it's not even officially winter for a while yet, but I decided to write this post anyways. I am a huge fan of winter for many reasons, I considered doing this post for autumn but I saw so many around I decided to hold off for a while and then write a post. So I am actually a huge fan of Autumn/Winter for many reasons so I decided to share 8 of them with you today, hopefully some of you can relate to these and those of you who prefer summer I'd love to hear some of your reasons below in the comments! I hope you enjoy this post, Happy reading.

1. I can cover up! 
I love wearing leggings and lots of layers so this is the perfect time of year to do so. During the summer you cannot wear layers without looking odd and having to show your body is a no in my books. 

2. Sweat 
As a person who pretty much sweats constantly summer is a no go for me, I pretty much have to wear a pair of shorts and tee or a dress not to sweat. 

3. British Weather
In summer we never know what we can wear as it is sometimes boiling and other days still freezing, we can't do the whole summer wardrobe as it gets used like 5 times a year and it's totally not worth it.

4. Holidays
I am a winter person for the fact that the BEST holidays are in Winter, hello Halloween and Christmas! 

5. My Birthday
My birthday is in the winter, so that always makes me a huge fan of the winter. Although sometimes I do wish I had a summer birthday. 

6. Jumpers
Who doesn't adorable buying lots of fluffy and oversized jumpers? I know I do! I love to be able to wear lots of simple outfits and wearing jeans or leggings with them and still looking adorable. 

7. Boots 
My favourite type of shoe is a boot, and I cannot stand the summer months where I am unable to wear Dr Martens without my feet smelling gross and being far too hot. Plus boots are so much more comfy than sandals right? 

8. Starbucks
This is by far the most 'basic' reason on this list, but by far the most important. Starbucks release the best autumn/winter menu and it is always full of gorgeous flavours like cinnamon, apple and pumpkin. So much more appealing.  

I've Changed | Lets Talk

In August marked my three year blogging anniversary and apart from my blogging break back in 2013 I've been pretty consistent with posting the entire time. Which originally started as 1 day a week, them went up to 4 and is now at a happy balance of three days a week with an occasional four. It's been three years and in those three years I've done a lot of growing up and I've changed a lot, my blog once was about beauty and occasionally random posts and it is now SO much more than that. I've used my own mental health journey and shared that on the internet, along with talking about subjects such as my own relationships and break ups, I've reached out to others on the internet and I will say that relationships are hard, but if you're struggling in yours it doesn't need to be the end. Although I didn't know this at the time, you can do things such as couples councelling online or even on your own, it is something worth looking into. I talk about my own personal struggles and illness as well as talking about other illnesses and trying to break the stigma on many things. My blog is a lifestyle blog, with a side of real talk and some food, fashion and beauty thrown in. I realise when some of my readers started to follow my blog many months ago, they didn't follow it for the real talk, but it is something that is important to me, so it's here to stay. I've changed as a person, I've gone from being a very shy and confused 17 year old to a brave, open and fun 21 year old who just about makes it through each day. But throughout everything my blog is something that has been a constant in my life, and I love you guys for that. You give me a purpose to keep writing on the internet. Whether this is the first time you've ever read a post of mine or you read my blog every week, I just wanted to say thanks.

When I started blogging, I thought it would last as long as my other hobbies (a few months) but there is something SO different about blogging, whether that's the sense of community I always find myself in when I come online or the fun of having my OWN space on the internet. I love blogging and for the foreseeable I don't see myself stopping. I have bad days with blogging where I will sit in front of a screen and write the same three lines over and over and end up closing the computer down and stepping away in frustration. But I'll also have days where I can write post after post to the point where I have 20+ posts scheduled and that feels so damn good. I've met friends through blogging who I would never of met without it. I've been given fantastic opportunities which I could of only have imagined before. I even earn enough money to be able to afford to live from blogging and my part time job. When I sat in college all of those years ago and asked my best friend to help me think of a name for my blog on the internet, Dungarees & Donuts was just a silly idea which turned into my own brand. I now live and breathe Dungarees & Donuts, it's more than just a diary online. It's my website, my brand and it's a massive part of me and without that part I'd be lost.

I've had friendships that have lasted less time than my blog, I've had a relationships end, I've realised so many different things about myself that I didn't know before my journey started. I've gained weight, I've moved out. So many things have changed but the one thing which has stayed the same is my space online to be me and I am so happy for that.

Thank you for everyone who has stuck by me throughout the last three years, I couldn't imagine my life right now if it wasn't for you, so thank you!

Student Cooking Challenge with Co Op! | Lifestyle

Hi all, how are we? Sorry for the lack of posts at the moment. I am struggling to get my stuff together, I've got so much I want to post it is just taking the motivation to post! I am finally bringing you a post which has been a long time in the making. A student cooking challenge with
The Midcounties Co-operative, a while back I was sent a box of food and asked to create some awesome meals for you lot and share how I got on. So hopefully you enjoy this post and whether you're a student or not, there will be something for you to enjoy. I will warn you in advance, I am pretty sure everything here is full of carbs!

Breakfast Ideas: 
I decided to include some easy breakfast ideas for students and although I am not a breakfast person at all, there are many ideas for you to try for less!

Boiled eggs and asparagus: 
One of my favourite breakfast ideas for when I am looking for something a bit more healthy and filling too. You can enjoy soft boiled eggs with the asparagus tips, or you can have it with toast or bread; my favourite is wholemeal toast.

Crumpets are the perfect breakfast item for students as you can get them when they're reduced in the supermarket and freeze them and then you have a cheap breakfast to go to in a rush.

Lunch Time: 

Pasta Salad: 
My all time favourite lunch time go to, it is easy to make and cheap. As well as being able to make in large portions. I usually make 3 or 4 days worth for lunches over the week. I buy cucumber, peppers, lettuce, red onion, spring onion and also sometimes put soft boiled eggs in there as well as croutons. As I am a vegetarian, I don't add meat obviously although you can add quorn chicken pieces which are a fabulous addition. If you are not a vegetarian, torn up sandwich ham can work well.

Beans on toast: 
Beans on toast is an easy, go to meal. Simple for those on a budget. Co Op does some of the best beans I've tasted and I am very much a heinz person usually. Wholemeal toast again goes well with this.


I love to make stew for dinner, especially in the colder months. It is a great investment for any student to have a cooking pot, it is a great for not only stews but casseroles and also curry. I usually grab some veg (go for fresh stuff around 7pm and it is reduced) including a bag of potatoes, carrots, swede and to bulk it out you can buy a bag of frozen mix. I usually make it up with gravy and add some pearl barley. During the day I live it on whilst at uni and then come back add some dumplings and then leave for a further half an hour. This is perfect for freezing and then leaving for as long as you want.

Mushroom pasta with mozzarella: 
This is one of my all time favourite meals to go to. I grab some large mushrooms and chop them into chunky pieces, grab a jar of my favourite pasta sauce, some herbs and mix together. Add some pasta and then rip up some fresh Mozzarella for the top. Perfect.

I love risotto for being able to make it so simply, and just make it out of whatever you want. I usually go for mushroom but there is SO many amazing combinations out there. This is a perfect meal for making in bulk and freezing also.

If you are a student you are able to grab 10% discount on food!

*In collaboration with Co Op.

Moving out, one year (and a bit) on! | Lets Talk

It's been well over a year now since I moved out of home, I have spent almost a year in a student house with some of my friends! There are so many things you take for granted living at home so I thought I'd share a little bit of a post about what I have learnt. It is a bit of a different post to my usual 'lets talk' styled posts but as it is something we all go through I thought it might be interesting to share with you all. I would love to know in the comments what age you moved out of home!

Food is damn expensive: 
Right up until I moved out I would often do the weekly shop with my mum (much to her dismay) and I would chuck stuff in the trolley left, right and centre and she would go mental about the prices of food. At the time I'd sort of shrug it off, but now I am the one paying for the shopping I am a lot more conscious of what I buy. Soz mum.

Heating and drying cost a bomb: 
Who knew how expensive it is to have the heating on?! I mean am a REALLY hot person and sleep with a fan on pretty much 365 days a year. But on occasion I want the heating on and Luke always wants it on, and in our student house it was on a lot of the time and that bill was expensive. Using a dryer is also MEGA expensive, but I am not one for a washing line (lazy life, hey I am still a student) so I am forever popping the dryer on.

There was a reason my mum moaned about lights: 
I used to get SO annoyed about the amount my mum moaned about electric bills and the lights being left on, and don't even get me started on the amount of times she said "I didn't know we were at Blackpool illuminations" but to be fair... she did have a point.

Cleaning your house: 
The strange thing about me is the weird jobs around the house that no-one likes to do I actually kind of enjoy, like cleaning the bathroom and doing the washing. Weird right? But the stuff I hate like doing the washing up and just general cleaning will get left until I do it myself. I spend so much time cleaning I didn't even think about the amount of stuff there is to do in the house.

One thing I’ve found useful, is to put clutter away into plastic storage crates and hide them under the bed. You can buy them online and in most homeware stores. Less clutter = less dusting.

I miss a dishwasher: 
In my new house, the kitchen is SO small there is literally NO room for a dishwasher *sobs* so I have to wash everything by hand, I miss the days of oh lets just pop it in the dishwasher and then take it out to use, one day I will get you back Dishwasher!

What do you miss most about living at home? 

The End Of An Era l Lets Talk

Hi all, how are we doing? I am back on a Wednesday with a lets talk post! I am trying to get back into the swing of things blog wise because lately I have been all of the place with my blog and I am hoping this post shares a little bit more into why. Back at the start of November I decided to end my two year relationship, I made that call but it doesn't make it any easier to do so. Any form of a serious relationship I've been in, I seem to bail out of it. I always seem to settle and never be truly happy. The person who I was in a relationship with was someone I would of considered my best friend. We spent all of our time together, but for months something didn't feel right. I kept trying to push it to the back of my mind, but it wasn't going away and I knew the only way to stop the way I was feeling was to end it. It's been a couple of months now, but things have come to light which I've found are more important, like getting myself better, also I have been focusing on spending more time with my friends and being young. There is no need to stay in a relationship when you're so unhappy, you can do better. For a while I felt like I was staying because it made me comfortable and that is not a reason to stay with someone.

Breaking up with someone as an adult is so much more complicated than when you're younger, for starters there is living together, me and my ex signed a tenancy agreement which we are both stuck in a for a few months yet, luckily for us we have a spare room downstairs so it's easy to deal with living together. But when things are worth trying to fix, it's worth looking into the pros and cons of couples therapy, you can read more about this over at

Now although things didn't work out between me and my ex, I am back on dating websites like Tinder (if you can count that), I am not sure what I want at the moment, and that is okay. If I find someone then great, if I don't then that is okay too. But the main point of this post is just to let you guys know, I am still here and although my Twitter presence and blog posts are lacking a lot at the moment I hope to find myself and get back into blogging and be a better version of me soon. I just wanted to thank you all again for your constant support and being there for me.

2017 is gonna be my year!

*Collaborative Post 

Weight, Where Is The Middle Ground? *TW* | Lets Talk

It's another night where I am sat up at midnight writing a post about my life which lets face it you lot probably don't want to read but I can't help myself. Over this last year opening up to you lot has become a weekly thing and I am just used to doing it now. I just wanted to add a little trigger warning at the start of this post as you know I usually do when I talk about certain issues. Today is a big one for me and it's one I've hardly spoken about on my blog but it is something I've pushed to the back of my mind and tried to pretend it doesn't exist. I can say throughout my life I've never had a healthy relationship with food when I was a teenager it was always a problem with never eating enough. I would forever be under eating, skipping meals and forcing myself to not eat to stay skinny. I am lucky it never became such a big deal because it could have been way worse for me.

But I know looking back at photos that was not a healthy relationship to have. It was after one of my exes left me I started to develop another problem with food but this time it was the other way. I found a new boyfriend and his family taught me that eating was good, in fact eating a lot was good. At first it was a good thing I was gaining weight. I needed to gain weight. But then I couldn't stop. Food became such a huge thing to me, I actually feel weird typing this out because to anyone who has never had these problems you'll probably think it is stupid but to me this is how it feels. I would literally panic if I didn't know when I was going to be able to eat next, I used to get depressed hanging out with people who didn't eat a lot because I didn't want to be judged. I could see myself getting bigger and being more unhappy with myself but it felt right to keep eating.

It wasn't until I was a little bit older when I started to notice a pattern in my eating, and it's only VERY recently that I've noticed my triggers. I would never eat a lot when I was happy, it would always be when I was stressed. I felt sad, I wanted to eat. I would eat SO much food until I felt sick but I couldn't stop. *I'm still dealing with these issues now so it's pretty raw stuff* I rely on food far too much and I am so glad it's finally something I am dealing with because I am worried for my health. I hate the way my body looks at the moment, I hate going shopping with people in case the clothes don't fit. I NEVER try them on in the changing room because when I realise I need to go up a dress size my day is ruined. The worst thing I feel like when it is an issue with food it always people telling you, OH just eat more or you know you could just stop eating. I don't think they realise it's not that simple, oh damn I wish it was. I know that my issues with food are not ok, it is not ok to be in this relationship anymore, like a toxic relationship; it is time to leave. I will forever want to go back to you but this has to be the way forward. It was in the last few weeks when I was seeing my doctor at his late night surgery that I told him, once I started I couldn't stop. He's getting me some support for this issue and I am lucky I have a doctor who understands so well. For now, I am looking at ways to deal with my relationship with food in a more healthy way and I am so proud of myself for dealing with it.

I hope this post as every other helped in someway, shape or form. 

#IWouldMiss! | Lifestyle

Hi all, how are we doing? I hope you're well. Today I am bringing you something a little different which I hope you will enjoy just as much as my other posts. The post is all about things you would miss if you lived in a remote region and I thought it would be fun to add my own little spin on to the post. Flogas recently put together a survey finding out what people would miss most if they moved to a remote location. Some of the things which people miss include Smartphones, gas and electric. BUT 80% of the people surveyed reckon they could cope living remotely. Could you do it? So what would I miss living in a remote area? 

This one had to come first being the absolute takeaway fiend that I am. I couldn't imagine not being able to order a Dominos or a Subway to my front door.  

Mobile Data/Wifi:
As a blogger I think most of us would suffer with this, I am FOREVER on my phone, checking emails, blogging, updating social media and I could not imagine being able to do this or hardly ever being able to do this. 

Similar to the takeaway thing, I am a huge food fanatic and I am always eating out, I could not imagine going weeks without being able to do so. Same with bars I love to go out and drink cocktails, life would be strange without that.

My friends:
I am with my friends a lot,  and I could not imagine going weeks without seeing them. As I am unable to drive I think I would feel stranded away from everyone. 

I would love to know in the comments what YOU would miss if you lived in a remote location! 

*Collaborative Post

5 films you NEED to watch! | Lifestyle

Back in November of last year I did a post about my favourite documentaries of all time, and it was SO popular I decided I would bring you a film version, including my all time favourite films that you NEED to watch, like right now. I am the biggest fan of Netflix, Sky and also Amazon for my documentaries on demand I couldn't imagine a life before them, the days of Blockbuster are well and truly gone, I mean how can you binge watch if you have to keep going out to get more of them. I love being able to sit in front of my TV and just watch programme after programme. I am bringing you this post in collaboration with Contact Numbers who are the BEST for providing you with an access to so many numbers you may need including Sky and Amazon. Contact numbers also created a list of films and television shows that they think you need to watch, to see their recommendations check them out here.

Mean Girls:
Mean girls can basically be classed as a classic right? It's such an amazing film which I have watched over 50 times and I am not even sorry about it, I couldn't imagine growing up without being able to relate to this film for so many things including everyday life quotes. Growing up wanting a life like Regina's including her bedroom.

10 Things I Hate About You:
I watched this film in school in one of the lessons where they stick a on DVD and just make you watch it for something to do. I loved this film for so many reasons, one of the main ones was Heath Ledger. What a gorgeous man. Also the fact that feminism was a HUGE element of this film and to be honest how kick ass is Kat?

Inside Out:
I've only seen this film a couple of times but it has stuck with me, I relate so hard to Sadness, I am pretty sure she is my spirit animal. It's such a fun and feel good film.

500 Days Of Summer:
Such a unique concept to this film, a romcom that doesn't end with happiness, I personally didn't know that was a thing but apparently it is. I love watching it and Zoey is such a fabulous actress, she is the perfect person to play this part. I love the idea behind the film and it is ace that the film has such a 'different' ending.

How To Be Single:
I saw this film on the way to America over the summer on the plain and it was one of the best films I've seen for ages. It is a great film to make you feel better. Without giving too much away it is basically a film about how to be single.

*In Collaboration with Contact Numbers

Alternative Shoes Wishlist | Fashion

Hi lovelies, I hope you're all doing well today! I am back with another addition of my alternative series, the previous two posts have gone down so well (better than excepted) I decided I would keep them coming! If you fancy checking out the two previous posts they are alternative phone cases and bags. So on to the post, I've found so many gorgeous shoes which I could put on this list but only the best of the best made it on, so I hope you enjoy my picks and let me know if you pick up any of them!

One // Two // Three // Four // Five 

Which shoes are your favourites? 

Things I've Been Loving Lately #2 | Lifestyle

Hi all, how are we? I've put the Lets Talk posts on hold for the moment I as I have SO much more content to put out and I am just not feeling the serious styled posts as I've pretty much talked about everything there is to talk about. So today I am bringing you another things I've been loving lately post and this will include just about everything from TV shows to things I've bought! I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you want me to keep creating them!

Mini Cheddars: 
Holy hell, I've fallen SO in love with these bad boys, I have pretty much been living off of these for the last few weeks I cannot imagine a life without these in!

Hollywood Mirrors:
I've been addicted to these mirrors, they have AMAZING lights on which makes doing your makeup so much easier *hello flawless foundation* and the style of them makes me want to buy them all, I definitely need one for my bedroom. Totally adding one to my Christmas list!

I've been a little bit obsessed with these for sometime, but since The Bear Grill in my town started to sell them, my addiction has become that little bit stronger. They have just added a NEW salted Caramel one to their menu, gotta try that soon!

Retro Sweets: 
I recently got sent the coolest jar of retro sweets and it is MASSIVE, I've been making my way through so many old favourites over the last few weeks. Palma Violets anyone? I've recently found a site which sells wholesale sweets in other words SWEETS IN BULK. Where you can relive your childhood dreams and also perfect for Christmas presents.

I've recently been working with a couple of brands in America who offer shipping to the UK and that means I've been able to place HUGE candle orders, and lets face it Bath and Body works offer well better candles than the UK.

Audrie And Daisy:
If you haven't seen this documentary I am pretty sure you've been living under a Netflix(less) rock for the last few months. It's an amazing eye opening documentary and although it had me in tears for SO long, it is so great that people are finally talking. Read more about it here.

The NEW Urban Decay Spectrum Palette
Urban Decay are on FIIIIRE this year with their fabulous new releases, from their massive revamp of ALL of their lipsticks to their gorgeous palettes coming out one after to the other. But as soon as I heard about the Spectrum palette coming out I knew I had to get my hands on it. Luckily for me it came through my door just a few days after coming out. I can't wait to share some fabulous 'out there' make-up looks with you all.

*Collaborative Post 

The Blogger Starter Pack! | Lifestyle

If you are a Facebook user, you will have seen these 'starter packs' floating around the internet for some time now, they're usually jokes about different types of people but I decided I would take the idea and create a blogger starter pack of all of the things bloggers 'need' (of course, you don't actually NEED these things to be a blogger but they sure do help). I thought it would be fun to create a little starter pack of my own, it would be super fun to see in the comments what you would include in a blogger starter pack.

A comfy office chair:
To start off this starter pack, I decided I would include a comfy office chair. Without one of these sitting a PC writing, editing and just doing general blogging stuff is a bit of a nightmare. I've previously bought chairs which are great for giving you the perfect aesthetic but really end up hurting your back. I recently decided to purchase myself a new chair, and their are some fabulous office chairs from Furniture at work which do more than the job. Now just to convince my office to do the same!
A camera:
When starting out as a blogger, everyone seems to use their phones especially if they don't know if they are going to be in blogging for the long haul or just a little while. I started out using my HTC and now looking back the photos were something else *awful* recently since I've upgraded to a new camera my photos are SO much better, I've got the best compact camera from Panasonic and it perfect for carrying around everywhere and my photos are now SO much more crisp. Although sometimes my Iphone 6 has to do for Instagram photos.

This is a more recent investment of mine, but I have regretted not getting them sooner. Winter is a bloggers worst nightmare as there is literally NO natural light to take any photos. Without the natural light, photos are a lot harder to edit. I couldn't imagine not having the lights now, especially during winter as they look a lot more professional. You can get some fabulous ones from Ebay on a budget.

I picked Photoshop simply because it is my photo editing software of choice, being a film student has given me the advantage of having some previous knowledge in Photoshop. I couldn't imagine life without my lovely Photo editing suite. There are some great free alternatives out there also like Pic Monkey.

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#LoveAtFirstBite with Chicago Town + Win! | Lifestyle

I love pizza. That is a fact. I love that you can buy boxed pizza which tastes just as good as takeaway pizza for the fraction of the price. I love how pizza brings people together, as it is totally made for sharing. I love how pizza can cause one of the biggest debates of the year, does pineapple blog on pizza though? (clearly not). I love how pizza can have so many different toppings and yet still taste the same sort of goodness. I love how much cheese on pizza, it makes it sort of acceptable to eat an unholy amount of cheese and not feel guilty, win. I love how Chicago Town send out the coolest boxes filled with pizza goodies and shades with pizzas on! If you fancy winning yourself a pair of pizza shades with Chicago Town all you need to do is buy one of their gorgeous pizzas from your local supermarket and input your unique code online and you could win a pair of the limited edition pizza shades and if that isn't enough if you jump into their online photo booth, upload a selfie and add tons of fun stickers to it you could be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes such Spotify premium passes, Polaroid cameras and headphones as well as of course a pair of their super fun shades. Rumour has it even Caspar Lee has a pair! I thought i'd share with you some fabulous pictures I took on my Polaroid with my cool shades. 

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10 Times I 'Won' At Life | Lets Talk

I am forever talking about important issues on my blog, which I love more than anything in the world and I will continue to do so. But today I decided I would share something different with my lovely readers on my blog and share 10 times that I 'won' at life. By winning at life I just mean 10 good things that have happened to me, I thought it would be cool to share something a bit more upbeat and hopefully you enjoy this post, I would love to know about the times you've won at life in the comments.

1. The time I got added to my FAVOURITE brands press list.
That's right, I get sent things for my blog from my favourite brand. Every time I get a package from them it feels like I am dreaming.

2. The time I got the shoes I've wanted for ages.
I looked for this particular pair of shoes all over the internet for weeks and someone finally put them on Ebay in my size for a MASSIVE fraction of what they were being sold at everywhere and the sender was super lovely.

3. The time I made a best friend.
It sounds so soppy, but this year I finally found someone who I can happily call my best friend, I could spend every single day with him and I wouldn't mind. He's made me so happy and I couldn't imagine life without him. We do so many fun things together and he's taught me it's okay to be a little weird.

4. The time I got a job.
If you had told me two years ago I would be able to go to work again and do things with my life I totally wouldn't of believed you, as somebody who once struggled to go out of the house, this is a HUGE change for me.

5. That time I made a blogger Whatsapp group.
Earlier this year I made a blogger whatsapp group which has been my life line through so many things, I couldn't imagine not having these lovely ladies in my life. Kim, Lalia, Sarah, Elena, Jess, Aoife and Georgina you are my life.

6.  That time I got the confidence to go out without makeup on!
This has been many times since, but the first time in about 5 years I managed to go out without makeup on this year, and it was a super huge step for me as I am so self conscious.

7. That time when I got 100 likes on my Instagram photo.
It feels SO good to hit 100 likes on my Instagram photos and although it probably doesn't seem a lot to some people to me it's a big deal. It's also super exciting that it keeps happening.

8. The time I got the right diagnosis of my mental health.
I was forever feeling like I was getting fobbed off by the doctors and not getting the right diagnosis for my illness, I was being given different medication after different medication and nothing was helping. Finally, I saw a doctor who got it and helped me get the right therapy and that changed my life. Getting a proper diagnosis is always super important. Some people think visiting a private health care professional helps, an example of this would be Harley Street Clinic at UCH. Finding someone who you get a long with is super important in mental health.

9. The time I moved into my own house.
I loved living in a student house for the company of my friends, but I wouldn't trade living with my boyfriend for anything. It is so much better for having my own space and chilling out.

10. The time I got my tattoo.
When I got my first tattoo it was so much more to me than just getting a tattoo, it was a step in my journey which changed my life. I am still super happy with it a year later.

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Getting Better Skin + Creating Face Masks | Beauty

Beauty is something that is often featured on Dungarees & Donuts, and I am forever looking for new ways to mix it up and step out side of the box. That is when I discovered a lovely website which is called Real Foods who have an amazing range of natural recipes which are all full of goodness. It was when I was looking around on their site when I saw a fabulous feature about beauty recipes. On there I found some amazing face masks which you can create at home by just including a simple range of ingredients which you probably already have at home. I thought today I would share with you how to create some of the recipes yourself and also a little bit about how I have managed to improve my skin care a LOT over the last year.

I didn't realise the importance of skin care until this year, I have honestly fallen head over heals in love with looking after my skin and finding the best ways to treat your skin and making it better. There is only so much makeup can do, and if you aren't looking after your skin how do you expect it to be well. It's like anything really, without looking after it; it's not going to well looked after. This year I made an attempt to ditch the face wipes, get a proper skin care routine in place as well as treat myself to more pamper sessions. I first decided to completely remove face wipes from my life, even ones with so called benefits and go for a more in depth skin care routine. For this I purchased a pack of cotton pads and a bottle of Micellar water and everyday removed my makeup properly (could not imagine sleeping with it on now, even when I've been drinking!) Next I decided to invest into a skin care routine (I did a post on it here in depth) but the basic outline of it is I invested in a Foreo which is fabulous for a deep cleanse of the skin, it is better than most of the other cleansing brushes as it is silicone and that makes it a cleaner devise all round. Also started using some fabulous skin care from Murad which had dramatically changed my skin around! As well drinking lots more water (I know it's been said so many times, but honestly it's so true) I also try to give my skin a face mask at least once a week, my favourites are from Tony Moly, Superdrug or just making your own. Making your own is fabulous because you get to decide what goes into them and what you want the mask for. I usually look for moisture masks as well as ways to get clear skin.

Some of my favourite recipes that I found on real foods are: 

I love this one for the antioxidents which are in Kiwi as well as the exfoliating properties.  It also contains Vitamin A, C, E and K which all have their own fabulous pros these include skin repairing, lightening dark circles and also moisture

Perfect for clearing skin, with a deep clean of the pores and perfect for removing pesky blackheads. A lot of things I've read online about this mask all talk about the healing properties of this mask as well as how good it is for treating acne. 

Perfect for reducing dark circles, revitalising the skin and also healing open sores. Cucumber is great for giving your skin a refreshed feeling as well as the rest of your body. Eating, drinking and wearing cucumber gives your body fabulous benefits. Plus it is super healthy as it is mostly water. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and will be making some of your own face masks soon! 

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Lets Make Crepes! | Food

Good morning all, how are we? Today I am bringing you food based post which includes Crepes! A while back I made a post about creating a pancake stack and it is still one of my most popular posts, I am a huge fan of pancakes so I decided to treat myself to a Crepe maker from Amazon (*its this one if you're interested) although I've heard that they're quite hard to get used I thought I'd write a little bit of a post about how I got on with mine and how to create your own crepes, without further ado I hope you enjoy this post!

First things first, the ingredients! For 4 crepes you will need the following:
- 125g of plain flour
- 120ml of water
- 120ml of milk
- 2 tablespoons of butter (melted) 
- Olive oil to grease the pan! 

Step one: 
Put the Crepe maker on and turn it up to max and wait for it to heat up, whilst it is heating up I would recommend measure out your ingredients. 

Step two: 
Mix together the eggs and the flour followed by slowly adding the water and milk bit by bit. Whilst you are doing this pop the butter in the microwave (it should only need about 15 seconds max) and once it is melted add it into the mixture.

Step three:
Cover the hot plate in olive oil. Jamie's Italian created an awesome infographic to show you the best oils to use for what. (If you don't have olive oil available use some light cooking spray.) 

Step four: 
Ladle some of the mixture in the middle of the plate and then use the wooden tool provided to spread the mixture. *Top Tip* Spread in circular motions.

Step five: 
Leave 2 minutes and then flip over using the wooden spatula and leave for a further two minutes. Just to make sure both sides are done flip back again. Once fully done place on a plate and roll up. Repeat until all 4 are made. Then pop the plate into the microwave and blast for a few seconds to heat up again.

And that is it, perfectly made crepes for any occasion! 

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USA Autumn Haul | Lifestyle

Can I just say I am actually so proud of the photos in this post and I am pretty sure that they are my favourite set that I've ever taken. It's October which to me as is basically all about Halloween, it is dark so much earlier, it is acceptable to crack out the pumpkins, and scary decor. With this is mind and with the help of Vyking Ship I was able to do a Halloween haul in the states (lets face it the USA do it better) and get it sent straight to my door! So for the haul I knew I wanted autumn/Halloween themed goodies, and I knew straight where to go to start, Bath and Body Works. When I was in the states back in August I missed the autumn/Halloween stuff by a few weeks so I knew I had to grab some of the gorgeous items they have to offer. Including 3 mini candles, 5 hand sanitizers and a body lotion. I wanted some of the bigger candles but was worried I wasn't going to like them and didn't want huge candles which I didn't enjoy. I am totally regretting this now as I actually love them and have nearly burnt them all out. I will probably place another order when the Christmas candles come out, as they're pretty much better than anything we have here, *sad times*. The hand sanitizers are always a win from Bath and Body works because even if they don't smell great in your opinion someone else will snap it up within seconds, I am constantly sharing them out! 

Bath and Body Works Halloween

Following this I was looking around all of the shops online for different Halloween themed sweets and finding the best offers, when browsing Walmart I found these yummy looking packs of Candy Corn and Autumn Mix, and I knew I had to pick them up. Along with a massive bag of sour patch kids (although these aren't being feature because they'd ruin the aesthetic #bloggerprobs! One of bags is just full of candy corn *dribbles* and the other contains a mix of candy corn, cola flavoured candy corn and pumpkins, I will probably use the mixed bag in another post with a pretzel idea I have seen online that I just HAVE to try! 

Now on to the way the shipping works, so what happens is when you're ordering something online instead of inputting your own address you input an American address which is provided to you by the shipping company, and then the mail gets forwarded to them, it is so much cheaper than getting it sent direct and also works well if the shop you want to order from doesn't ship to the UK. When the parcel arrives into the warehouse you will get a choice of what to do with it, as I was testing out the method of shipping I chose to see my items beforehand, as well as compressing the packages and getting a customs slip filled out beforehand. It is super useful to get the items photographed as you can check they're all good before getting them shipped out and also check they're not broken before transit etc. When I checked my items over I picked my shipping method which I went with USPS 3-5 day option which cost around $87, which isn't cheap at all but for the amount of time it took it is totally worth it. I would recommend if you want something for a particular time to prepare well in advance for cheaper shipping. I did not get charged any customs on my order which I was super happy about also.  I would totally recommend Vyking on the premise you get to pick what you want with your shipping extras and other places can add it in without your say. Use 7410 for your $5 off your first shipment also! 

USA haul halloween

Bath and body works

Bath and body works

Bath and body works

Bath and body works

Have you ever gotten any goodies from the States? 

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My Pop! Vinyl Collection! | Lifestyle

Hi all, how are doing? I am super excited to bring you this post and I've wanted to share it with you all for so long, but I've just been mega busy plus I wanted to make my collection a little bigger first. At the start of this year I decided I would start collecting something alongside Tsum Tsums and I had heard a lot about Pop Vinyls in the past and when I was in Forbidden Planet I purchased my very first one, Sadness. I later found out that she is limited edition which made me even happier. I've not been as much of an avid collector as I would like to have been but I have recently treated myself to some so I thought I'd share them with you as well as the ones which I have previous gotten from Pop In A Box and also from Vanilla Underground

Amy Winehouse: 
I fell in love with this Pop instantly, everything about her in this figure rings true to me. From the hair to the fact she is holding a microphone. I fell in love with her music when she was alive and I think this is a perfect addition to my collection.  

Inside Out: 
I am so in love with the film Inside Out and I am constantly being compared to Sadness by my boyfriend, the film is great and I knew I had to get some of the Pops from the collection. I decided to get these three as they adorable and really show of their characters. I need to purchase Anger and Fear soon too. 

Mean Girls: 
When I heard about this collection coming out I knew I needed all four them. Although I wish there was a Damien one too. I first purchased Regina and Cady when in Forbidden planet and then Gretchen in Target when I was in the states. Ever since I've been looking for a Karen, and I finally found one and have completed my collection. There is something super satisfying about completing a set of something.

I am super sad to say I only have one Disney princess, the best one in my opinion though. I totally want to get collecting all of the Disney Pops although it may take a LONG time. I think Belle or Snow White should be next.

So Ron actually came into my collection accidentally, when I first started up my Pop In A Box collection I ended up leaving Ron on by accident (not a massive Harry Potter fan, soz guys) but he is pretty adorable and I wouldn't mind getting Harry too!

Batman originally started out being Lukes pop but he couldn't be bothered to collect them anymore so he ended up being part of my collection. I think he looks super bad ass though.

I am going to start collecting the friends ones next, which Pops! are your favourite? 

6 Things About Moving Into Your Own Home | Lifestyle

A bit of a different post today, I thought I'd break up all of the Halloween stuff which has been going down on Dungarees & Donuts and feature something a little bit different. Most of you are probably aware if you follow me on Twitter, in July I moved into my own house and it is one of the best feelings in world. I thought I'd share some of my first thoughts, feelings and other stuff which you will go through when moving into your own house! P.S. it's okay to need help or feel like you're never going to be unpacked for a while. Just take a breath, you've got this!

1. Ikea will become your new best friend, I don't even say this lightly. Moving into a house is expensive especially when you have no furniture, can life be like The Sims please? Wouldn't mind a games machine and a new bed.

2. You will be unpacking for the next ten years, *ok more like 3 months* basically the same right?

3. You're gonna be so skint for a while, moving into your own house is the best feeling and also the worst. Waiting for the wages to come in each month seem to be further and further apart. It's okay to get some additional help for a while. Vivus are a short term lending solution and perfect for those who need to borrow a little bit of extra money until Payday (Only take what you can afford to pay back, of course!)

4. You'll develop your own ways. You know how when you live at home and your parents have their systems and ways of doing things? When you're younger you think they're just doing it to be annoying but you soon realise it's actually for a reason.

5. You can do what YOU want. A bath at 3am? Why the heck not. A whole room for your shoes, you can so do that. You can design your kitchen how you want it, you can make your house look and feel amazing.

6. Bills are crazy expensive! After living in a student house to moving into your own house which involves lots of bills including council tax *ouch* it sure does take some getting used to that's for sure.

What are your tips for people moving into their first home? 

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How To Throw A Spook-Tastic Halloween Party #2 | Halloween

Happy Wednesday lovers, how are we? You may have noticed if you are a regular reader of my blog that it isn't my usual lets talk post, it is infact a Halloween themed post. I have over scheduled the Halloween content to the point where I ran out of days before Halloween so I decided to share another Halloween themed post today. I did part of one of how to throw a spook-tastic Halloween party yesterday but as it was going to be SUCH a long post I decided to split it into two. If you missed part one, feel free to check it out here. Yesterday was food and make-up today is going to be costumes and mocktails  I hope you enjoy this post as much as the first and let me know what you are going as for Halloween in the comments. 

I decided I would put together my 5 favourite Halloween costumes with a twist for this section, when looking for these costumes I decided I wanted things which I haven't seen done lots of times over. If you want to get any of these costumes they are from Smiffys and still able to be purchased in time for Halloween! 

Zombie Alice:
I love Alice in Wonderland as a character and I love that there is now a haunted twist on her, the make-up would be simple to do alongside the outfit, it would just involve a lot of blood and eyeliner!

Zombie Bride:
After Mean Girls this totally rings a bell with me, I loved Cady's Ex Wife costume and I think this a fun twist on your typical bride. 

Cereal Killer:
I would say I am amused fairly easily, especially when it comes to puns. Who doesn't want to be a cereal killer this Halloween? 

Seven Deadly Sins- Lust:
I love all of the seven deadly sins costumes and Smiffys have had a good play on them. My favourite out of the bunch is the lust one.

Bride of Chucky:
I think this is by far one of the coolest costumes on the website, you can make it more Halloween styled by adding some fake blood.   


Sweet Flash Mocktail.
For this you will need:
- Appletiser (apple flavour)
- Mint Leaves
- Cloudy Apple Juice
- Black food colouring
Cocktail Shaker
- Something to serve drink in. (I went for test tubes) 

1. Pop 50ml of cloudy apple juice into a cocktail shaker along with 50ml of Appletiser and a couple of drops of black food colouring. Shake together well. 
2. Rip up some mint leaves into small pieces until they will fit into the test tube. 
3. Add the mint to the rest of the drink and shake again.
4. Tip into the test tubes. 

Vampire Blood Surprise: 
-Craft Syringes 
-Raspberry Puree
*To make it not a mocktail just mix vodka in with the lemonade 

Added extra: Buy some plastic spiders and then freeze them, this will create an extra spooky effect. 

1. Put half a tube/packet of raspberry puree into a pan along with two spoonfuls of sugar, and stir until it creates a thick paste. Then take off the heat and let it cool down.
2. Pour lemonade into the glasses which you intend to use for this drink. 
3. Add the spider ice / put the paste into the syringes. Then pop them into the glasses. 
4. When going to drink you can squirt the 'blood' into the drink for an extra shot of flavour. 

What is your favourite part about Halloween?