Womens Perfume Gift Guide | Seasonal

As promised here is part two of my gift guides for women, if you missed part one feel free to click here to check it out. Now for the second part I have decided to go with fragrance as I did a male orientated guide and thought it was only fair to share a female one, if you are looking for a fragrance for a special woman in your life this guide may be the perfect thing for you to sink your teeth into! I have included 9 must have fragrances for all price ranges including a smaller budget! I thought I'd talk about a few of the perfumes which are my favourites before I let you loose on the gift guides.

 I am in love with Ghost, it's such a pretty scent which gives the feeling of mysterious and it's quite a strong scent which I am in love with. I can't remember what the Viktor and Rolf perfume smells like as I've only smelt it briefly in a shopping centre but the bottle sent me head over heels in love. Although I am not a huge fan of Ariana herself, the perfume is such a lush sweet smelling perfume and amazing for those on a smaller budget and the bottle is so cute isn't it? If you are looking for a new release of a perfume Marc Jacobs is a firm favourite for a lot people so it might be worth checking out, if your loved one is a huge fan of his previous perfumes it's a must have. Finally I thought I'd mention a long time favourite of mine which is by Lacoste although the bottle isn't as cute as some of the others the scent is lovely and it's by an amazing brand so everyone is a winner.

 If you are looking at purchasing any of the fragrances in the gift guide there will be links underneath so you are able to do so, enjoy!

Olivia Thristan


  1. My favourite perfume is midnight fantasy, just never really found another yummy smell

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